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This collection of Home Gadget articles covers the whole spectrum of readers – from the self-proclaimed techy to the land-liner, and everyone in between. You’ll find fabulous ideas on how to make your home “smarter” with technology and read about fascinating ultra-modern gadgets that you never even knew existed. You’re sure to love (and be amazed by) what you find here!

12 Clock by David Weatherhead

I wear a normal but very simple watch that has some nice small rubies instead of the usual numbers telling the time. I like these watches because they are a bit unusual and you need a bit more attention to realize what time it is. That is why my daughter hates my watch, as she is small and only knows the numbers. But since I like unusual stuff which don’t have be be easy to understand either, I loved the 12 Clock by David Weatherhead the minute I saw it. It is actually a normal clock, except the fact that it does not have numbers and has 12 sides instead.

12 Clock by David Weatherhead

What is amazing about the design of this clock is its simplicity. It’s nothing more than a black or colourful dodecagon with white arms that tell the time when they get to the sharp edges of the 12 sides. And since one day has 12 hours and the clock has 12 edges, it’s pretty simple. The clock looks great on any wall in any room and has a clock mechanism powered by an AA battery. It’s just as simple as that. It is made of plastic and can be bought for £25.00, directly from GOODD, the producer.

Napa Wall Vase

I love flowers and I think all people do, too. They are nice and delicate and they bring a special perfume and look to your home. That is why I like having vases filled with flowers in my home in all seasons, even if I know they will eventually wither and dry. Any way, I normally place the flower vases on the table, just like any other sensitive person, except for the moments when my son plays football indoors and I have to remove all breakable things in sight. But today I have found something really interesting: there is a vase that can be placed on the wall, in a secure place where footballs can rarely go. I love it! It’s the Napa Wall Vase and it looks great.

Napa Wall Vase

The vase is made of borosilicate glass and is totally transparent, which is perfect since it will be hanging from the wall. This way your attention will be focused on the flower only and not on a colourful and strange shaped vase. It is supported by a zinc holder and hangs from a nail. The vase is handmade and it would be better to wash it by hand in order to avoid breaking it. You can choose small flowers with a colourful shade or even tall grasses for display in this unusual vase and this will add a plus of elegance to the design of your living room. You can purchase the item now for $28.50.

Ingenious beer bottle X lamp

When it comes to wall lamps and basically any other type of lamp, the existing designs are unlimited. Still, there are some designs that manage to stand out either by their shape, material or combination of colors. One of those intriguing models is what is known as the X lamp. The name is not very suggestive when it comes to anything other than the shape.

Ingenious beer bottle X lamp

The most interesting detail about the X lamp is not the shape but the materials used to create it. The X lamp is made of galvanized 3.4” plumbing fittings and four beer bottles. With a simple structure like this you could easily create your own version for your home. This particular lamp measures approximately 25 x 25 x 5″ but the dimensions could be adapted according to the space you have available or the fittings you can find.


The 4th Dimension Concrete Clock by 22DesignStudio

We all have wall clocks in our homes. It’s such a basic item we don’t even think about it. But this is also something interesting. If it’s such a basic object and everyone has one, it means it’s also an opportunity to create something unique and intriguing that would quickly become popular. Among the infinity of clock designs, we found this one. The 4th dimension clock offers something that no other clock did until now: a new perspective.

4th Dimension Concrete Clock

The clocks are individually handmade using concrete and they are order made only. This means you won’t be able to return it and you’ll also have to wait up to a month for the delivery. Still, it’s worth waiting for such a unique clock. The clock was designed by 22DesignStudio and it’s made of high-density cement. Its dimensions are Diam.5.9 x W3.3″.


Barbecue Thermometer

I am not too much of a cook, but I do try and when I do that I am rarely experimenting, but rather following instructions. There are a lot of good recipes that are so easy to find and if you follow every step of the way you cannot be wrong and the result will be the one expected. Well, one of the problems I encountered was the fact that some recipes said to set the oven for a certain temperature or to cook the food, especially the meat for a certain amount at time at a certain temperature. But I had no means of measuring this temperature. So I started looking for some utensil to help me with this. And I found this Barbecue Thermometer at Barrel and Crate and I think it is just what I was looking for.

The thermometer is the perfect kitchen gadget that will help you find out the exact temperature inside the barbecue meat. It has a long stainless probe that is attached to a thermo resistant plastic handle and this allows you to stick it in the barbecue in order to find out the temperature. You can use this thermometer either in the oven or outdoors when having a barbecue and everything done with extreme safety, as the probe locks when it is unused. It is made in China and has a digital display for a better reading, but you can’t immerse it into water; just clean it with a sponge. You can have it now for $19.95.

Chalkboard Globe

I love Geography and I have always had a passion for this. I wanted to know all the countries of the world since I was a little kid and I can see this is my daughter now. That is why I decoded it would be a good idea to get a globe so that I could show her what our world looks like. Of course, the normal globe with all the continents and countries colourfully painted on is very interesting, but I found something even more interesting, this time for myself. This  Chalkboard Globe is the perfect gift for a person like me who loves Geography and would love to have notes on a chalkboard globe instead on a normal post-it. Or maybe it could be the perfect gift for an extravagant person who wants to have a cruise around the globe and does not know where to start. Any way, the point is that this is a great gift, no matter what you decide to do with it afterwards.

You can use this globe as an unique accessory for your desk or living room and it will make your room more interesting. It is indeed a chalkboard globe, so you can write on it using chalk, but all the outlines of the continents are already painted in permanent white paint. As for the rest of the black background, you can use it for making notes, calculations or for leaving funny messages to your boyfriend or husband. A great gift for $112.

Antler Chandelier

Ever since they first appeared on Earth, people had to hunt animals and pick fruits because he needed food to survive. So, in time, turned hunting into a noble hobby, something reserved for rich people. The best hunters were very proud of it and wanted to show everybody this, so they displayed trophies from these animals like their heads or antlers. Well, this is no longer cool, but rather barbarian, but I guess there are still some nostalgic people who would like at least one of these Antler Chandeliers. The antlers are, of course, fake, asthey are made of ceramics and have different colours, but the design is pretty similar to the original one and shows several pairs of deer antlers woven together as chandelier.

The designer of this chandelier is Jason Miller and the model presented in the photo has 12 antlers, but there are also different other models with a different number of antlers. These antlers have small light bulbs on top, so they look pretty cool. You can have this model of chandelier with 5,900.

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