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This collection of Home Gadget articles covers the whole spectrum of readers – from the self-proclaimed techy to the land-liner, and everyone in between. You’ll find fabulous ideas on how to make your home “smarter” with technology and read about fascinating ultra-modern gadgets that you never even knew existed. You’re sure to love (and be amazed by) what you find here!

27 Practical And Ingenious Gadgets For Kitchen

We’re all familiar with the basic utensils and accessories we usually need in the kitchen, things like knifes, cutting boards and can openers. But there are many others you don’t know about or you’ve ignored until now. They have each been designed for a specific purpose: to make our lives easier.

Egg Fry Rings.

If you’re the type that likes everything to be just perfect, you’ll appreciate these egg fry rings. They’ll keep your eggs nice and round and won’t allow them to stick to each other in the pan.Available for 18$.


10 Tools For The Modern Handyman

Whether you’re a professional or just someone who likes to take care of problems by himself, you need to have a set of tools in your home in case anything needs repairs. But since everything evolves and advances, your father’s old tools might not be enough for a modern handyman like yourself. So how about you take a look at these more modern options?

Bosch GPLL5 Pen Line Laser Level.

Bosch GPLL5 Pen Line Laser Level

This is the Pen Line Laser Level from Bosch and it’s a wonderful tool that can help you with alignment and leveling. It projects a bright single line and it has a simple and friendly design. It comes with a mounting plate with adhesive strips so you’ll be able to attach the device to walls and all sorts of other surfaces. Now you can get this handy tool for only $48.64.


How To Have A Smart Home In 2013

We are currently in the era of smartphones and smart gadgets and we are witnessing a huge leap in terms of technology. Now everything seems to get smarter and smarter and this includes our homes as well. Would you like to know how you can have a smart home? Well, you could start by taking a look at some of the following gadgets:

For smart cleaning.

Keeping a home clean is crucial. But it’s not as pleasant as you would want it to be. So here’s something that could help: the iRobot Roomba 790. It’s a robotic vacuum with wireless command center. You can control where the robot/vacuum goes using a touchscreen remote and you can also schedule daily cleanings. You can control it from up to 25 meters away. You don’t even need to be in line of sight. This really makes cleaning a breeze.{found on engadget}.


5 Modern iPhone Docking Stations

Smartphones have changed our lives in many different ways. They make everything easier and convenient and they open a multitude of options. With a smartphone there are bigger things to worry about than making and receiving calls. You get to worry about its aspect and you get to find all sorts of accessories for your phone. For example, iPhone docks come in all sorts of designs and some are quite interesting. Here are a few examples.

Alarm dock.

This is the Alarm dock. It was designed by Jonas Damon and it’s available in several bold colors such as blue, green, orange, pink, red or yellow. If you prefer something simpler you can also opt for one of the black or white versions or for the model in natural beech wood. The dock measures 6.75 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches and it’s made of resin and marble.{found on site}.


12 Cool And Creative Key Holders Designs

How many times were you all ready to go out but you couldn’t find your keys? That wouldn’t happen if you had a system. Key holders are very useful in any home. You just put them in an area such as the entryway and you leave your keys there. This way, whenever you need them you know where to find them. And if the key holder also has a cool design you’ll be sure never to miss the opportunity of using it.

Invisible magnetic hooks.

Magnetter, for example, is a very simple, cool and functional key holder. As its name suggests, it uses a magnet. Magentter has a powerful ten pound neodymium magnet that is hidden behind the curved mahogany piece. All you have to do is attach your keys to the board and it will stick there. It’s simple and it’s also elegant.Available for 16$.


Five Top Tips For A Cool Media Room

Make your media room an extraordinary one by thinking about the overall design from the outset. For most of us a home theater, or a dedicated room where you can watch the sports on a large television, makes for a great bolt hole from the pressures of work life. However, media rooms tend to be put together in a piecemeal way with some equipment installed at the beginning and then added to, or upgraded, over time.

Consider your screen, audio equipment, furnishings, décor and ambience with a single design ethos in mind for the best results. Themed media rooms work well and, even with modern technology making home theatres more affordable and better than ever, recreating the warm feel of traditional cinema is very much on trend right now. Even if most people tend to go for chairs that have a little more comfort than old-time movie theatres the trend shows no sign of slowing. Follow some simple tips to make the most of your home’s media room.


Top 4 Bedroom Gadgets We Love

It’s common nowadays for people to feel as though technology should be banned from the bedroom, with many people believing that it hinders relaxation and sleep. While there certainly are gadgets that act as more of a distraction, there are also plenty that will help you ensure your bedroom remains a peaceful environment. Bring your bedroom into the 21st century with these excellent hi-tech bedroom additions.

Smart Bedside Table.

Bedside tables aren’t just a dumping ground for accessories and essentials anymore; with a bedside table like La Vella, you’ll have a full power strip built into the cabinet, meaning that the days of wires trailing all over the place are over. Plus, they come in a range of colours, so they don’t even have to look any different – unless you want it to!


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