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13 Home Furnishings that are Seriously Wrong

What I love about interior design is that you never know what you will find next.  Then occasionally we are stopped in our tracks, we are stunned, we are appalled.  What we assume as being ‘taste’ seems to know no boundaries and there it is, a product that shocks and surprises us.  I have searched the globe and found 13 Home Furnishings that are Seriously Wrong.

1. The Dog Poop Lamps.

Designed by the artist WhatsHisName they were designed to make the user feel a little uncomfortable, and I think he succeeded.  I just hope they don’t come with a scent!


Add Dimensions And Perspective To Your Bedroom With Mirrored Bedside Tables

Have you ever thought of having mirrored bedside tables in your bedroom? It’s true, they’re not very common, but they can be surprisingly wonderful options. The nightstands, also called night tables or bedside tables, serve the role that coffee tables usually have in the living room.

Eclectic bedroom with an ornate design and lots of mirrored surfaces

by Two Art Directors from Etsy.

They are designed to be placed beside the bed but can also stand elsewhere in the bedroom as well if the design or layout require it. Depending on their design and material, they can differently impact the interior décor of the room. Mirrored nightstand, for example, can add depth to the room and make it seem more spacious and bright.


Minimalism And Functionality In A Unique Piece Of Furniture: Noon Studio’s Steel Stool

We live in a world where time and space are probably the most valuable aspects of our life. That’s why it’s vital for us to preserve them, as much as possible.  We are the only ones responsible for the way we organize our schedule, but things are quite easier regarding the space we live in. If you live in a small apartment, we have two words for you: modular furniture.

February 2014 came up with a unique project created by Noon Studio designers, Gautier Pelegrin and Vincent Taiani. There are some details that we have to think about when we are looking for a new piece of furniture.

For example, design is very important, but we shouldn’t neglect other fine points like functionality or versatility. Noon Studio designers combined all of these and this is what it came out: a multifunctional steel stool! Apparently it’s just a chair, but looks can be deceiving most of the times.


Low Coffee Table Designs – The Most Popular In Modern Homes

Coffee tables are very common and very popular pieces of furniture all over the world and lots of different styles and designs are available.However, low coffee tables seem to be the biggest trend in modern interior design these days. They are appreciated for their simplicity and usefulness as well as for the fact that they have a low construction and don’t obstruct the rest of the décor.

Such minimalist, clean and sharp designs are very common in modern homes

Thought to originate in Renaissance England, coffee tables have always had a low design but the modern ones really use this feature to their advantage. Usually featuring simple lines, clean designs and perfect angles, modern coffee tables impress with their minimalism. They preserve the functionality of the piece while also transforming it into a sculptural and stylish focal point for the room.


Saving Space Becomes Natural With Vertical Storage

Vertical storage is at the top of my list of things I want to have in my home when I move in. That’s because I find it very economical and practical. Theoretically, it’s not that much different to have a vertical drawer instead of a horizontal one but you’ll see that it’s much easier to fit vertical storage in the room, no matter its function.

In the kitchen, vertical racks are perfect for storing and organizing spices and other things. They take little space and they easily fit in the kitchen island or wall cabinets.


TV Swivel Concepts – Very Practical And Perfect For Modern Homes

There’s not a day when I don’t have to move the TV a little bit so it sits at the right angle. It gets frustrating although it’s such a simple thing to do. It would be much more easier and more practical to have a TV with a swivel. This connection would allow the TV to rotate horizontally or vertically, making it easier for the user to find the perfect angle.

This unit serves as a dividing wall between the living room and another social space

There are numerous ways in which you can achieve that and they don’t all involve a cylindrical swivel. For example, you could have the TV mounted on a platform or on a surface which rotates or you could mount it on a rotating wall.

The swivel allows users to watch TV from both rooms

You could have to think about these options before you decorate your place although it’s possible to find the perfect solution even after everything is decided.


Transparent Lucite Furniture And Interior Design Elements For A Seamless Touch Of Modern

Lucite, also known as plexiglas, is a synthetic organic compound and a material with high stability and good resistance to shock. It’s colorless and transparent and largely used in aircraft canopies and windows, boat windshields, car taillights, camera lenses but also ornaments and furniture. Because lucite is very resistant and also transparent, it’s widely used in modern interior design to add depth to a space and to make it seem more airy.

This modern nursery has a plexiglas crib which looks particularly interesting. It’s safe and secure but it’s also transparent and this means that you can easily take a peak at your baby without disturbing him/her and the baby can look around without an obstructed view.


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