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Breathing New Life Into Old Furniture – What Color Will You Paint It?

Are you getting bored with the furniture you have in your home? It’s only natural. As time passes, what was once new and exciting starts to look familiar and boring. But the solutions for that are numerous.


For example, have you thought about painting your furniture? It could help you give it a fresh new look. Try bold colors if you want a particular piece to become a focal point or something more subtle if you’d rather have it blend it.

This dresser looked cute and elegant but its age started to show. The new color suits it beautifully. It complements its delicate design and it’s a beautiful shade for the bedroom.{found on mouseandhinge}.


29 Cute And Comfy Furniture Designs For Modern Pets

A while ago we showed you 21 furniture ideas for indoor pets and now we’re back with even more cool designs. Your pet will definitely love an upgrade. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your pet comfortable. After all, you don’t buy furniture every day. So choose something that’s durable, good-looking as well as fun and comfortable for your pet and you’ll both be happy with the investment.

Cat scratcher/console.

Cats have certain instincts like climbing or scratching that they can’t ignore and they shouldn’t even try to because that’s what makes them special. It’s us who should try to accommodate them the best we can. This console table has a built-in scratcher and a shelf for cat toys or items you want to display.Available on 379$.


Exquisite Ideas for Tables

From the dining room and kitchen table to the coffee table, don’t find yourself in a situation where all your tables look the same! Here are some ways to make them more distinctive and stylish.

Chalkboard Tables.

Table Notepads Add Quick Creativity

A fun idea for a kitchen or children’s bedroom table is to have a chalkboard table that you can write or scribble on. Make lists, leave fun messages or quotes, or leave it blank for a sleeker look.


Hot Trend: Coffee Table Art

Your coffee table might be the place where you store clichéd coffee table books or perhaps it’s hardly the focus of the room. Here are design ideas to make your coffee table much more interesting, and perhaps also help you with a few organizational skills.

Turn the Tables.

Don’t have a coffee table for the living room? No problem! Use wooden stools or kitchen barstools as a resting place for a cup of coffee or books. This is a great way to breathe new life into seating options you no longer want. Voila! You have a cool coffee table.


10 Alternatives to the Traditional Coffee Table

Coffee tables are central pieces in living rooms around the world. They give you a place to put drinks, books and other items and they can also be decorative design elements. But traditional coffee tables are no longer required. There are plenty of other options available to cover both the practical and visual aspects of coffee tables.



Large ottomans and footstools can do a lot to take up the space of a traditional coffee table, and they can even add a little extra seating to your living room. Just add a tray or two to balance drinks or other items.


6 Interactive Furniture Designs With Unique Features

How would you like your furniture to communicate with you and to send you messages? It actually sounds very futuristic and it makes you think of furniture that talks and moves. We haven’t got the technology to make that for our homes yet but we’re getting close. For now, your furniture can only communicate with you through shows of light, colors and through their intelligent and fun designs. Here are 6 interactive furniture designs to keep in mind the next time you go shopping.

Thermochromic Table.

Heat stains on furniture are not something you should want to see in normal circumstances. However, this collection is nowhere near normal. This is the “Linger a little longer” table designed by Jay Watson.


Fun and Wonderful Ways To Use Barcarts

Little tables full of sipable treats, barcarts are incredible versatile and fashion-forward. You don’t have to fill the cart up with alcohol every time, instead use it to spruce up the nooks and crannies in fun and functional ways. From holding the mail to holding your magazines, these tables on wheels can really jazz up the dining room, den or kitchen.

1. In the craft room.

Use a cute little barcart to organize your supplies in the craft room. It’s already on wheels so it can tag along to any corner you need the scissors, construction paper and glue. These carts are fabulous for keeping areas tidy and neat, so the craft room is a great place to use it! Especially for the small stuff like stickers, glitter, beads and ribbon!{found on apumpkinandaprincess}.


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