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Bamboo Furniture: Ideas and Inspiration

Go green with some slick and stylish bamboo furniture. It’s durable and strong, it’s even stronger than steel! It’s available in an array of colors and varieties. It holds its shape no matter the changes in climate, which makes it okay to use as outdoor pieces. And yes, that means if water hits it, it won’t ruin the look, feel or shape! Now that you know some of the great advantages to bamboo furniture, let’s take a look at some great ideas and inspiration on where and how to use it!

1.Organic Sitting Area.

This living room looks like they took the bamboo right from the great outdoors and make seats out of it. It’s pretty, light and organic in make and style.


Functional Furniture Full Of Secrets Created For The Museum Of Modern And Contemporary Art

As a person who likes simplicity and mystery I’ve always dreamed of having of home where things aren’t exactly what they seem to be. But I never really managed to come up with a clear image for this place or at least not until now. Then I found this interesting project. It’s a space furnished with creations of Harry Thaler who designed them for the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Bolzano, Italy.

As you can see, you can’t really tell which piece of furniture is which because, when not used, they basically all fold up or down and become mysterious box-like structures. It’s a very interesting concept and it’s not alluring just because of the mystery it brings but also because of the functionality of the designs.


10 Folding Furniture Designs – Great Space-Savers And Always Good To Have Around

Folding furniture is usually a great option for small spaces. It takes very little space when not used and it becomes as functional and great as any other type of furniture. But you don’t necessarily need to live in a tiny home to opt for folding furniture. It’s something that’s always great to have around. For example, folding chairs make perfect extras when you have guests and the same thing can be said about folding tables.

Folding kitchen island.

Not all kitchens are big enough to accommodate an island. Of course, a kitchen island is always useful so an option can be to have a folding one. You can use it only when you need some extra counter space and the rest of the time you can hide it behind the door for example.


Stump Tables – A Trend You Must Follow

Decorating, renovating and basically anything that has to do with interior design is definitely not easy work. But every once in a while you come across an idea or a project that’s so simple it blows you away. For example, I’m sure you’re aware that stump tables are a big focal point in any room. But did you ever stop to wonder how easy it is to actually get or make one?

A stump table or two would be a perfect addition to a patio

You basically just have to find a nice log. This is the difficult part. If you can find one for free somewhere in a forest for example, that’s even better. If not, just buy one. Once you have the log you just have to cut it.


10 Tips on How to Arrange Your Furniture

Furniture arrangement is more than just placing pieces where you think they will make the most sense (such as putting the dining table in the center of the room). It can also help to create the right mood in a room, as well as fulfil other functions. Here are ten tips to help you arrange furniture in the best way for your living space.

Focus on Function.

Think About How You Use the Room

Sometimes you require décor items to be within easy reach for whatever purpose you have in that room. For instance, you want kitchen utensils to be organized so that you can reach for them when you are cooking, and you would want your books to be available when you are studying or working in your home office. Consider what you need and where, so that you can design your furniture accordingly.


The Modular Yube Furniture Lets You Have Fun And Experiment Every Day

Have you ever noticed that when you decide to remodel or renovate, when you replace one thing it triggers a chain effect and then you have to replace everything else that doesn’t match or fit anymore into the new décor? Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just get one thing and customize it, reorganize it and use it however you want?

It’s exactly what Yube offers. Yube is the term used to define this modular furniture. It’s actually more like a collection of several small structures or cubes which you can arrange and distribute in numerous different ways. The Yubes form a modular structure and they make it obvious that the focus is on sustainability and customization. It’s the perfect concept for those who favor functionality over anything else. Of course, style is not neglected.


Marble-Top Coffee Tables – My New Obsession

Marble is a material with great potential. It looks sophisticated and elegant but, of course, it’s also a little pricey. However, if you opt for items such as a coffee table with a marble top, you get to enjoy the great attributes of the material without having to go through tedious renovations and without having to pay a fortune. So dare to make a statement with one of these beautiful pieces of furniture.

Although more uncommon in spaces such as the living room, marble can integrate beautifully into the décor. Here, for example, it complements the color palette perfectly.


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