Who can resist the fluidity of a curved back sofa, or the voluptuousness of a velvet tufted wingback, or the classic appeal of an Eames lounge chair? (Answer: Very few of us.) This Furniture section highlights a variety of furniture types, styles, finishes, and pieces, just to name a few. This Homedit section is a definite must-read.

White balcony furniture

Most people live in houses, whether they live in a town , village or a city. However, there are plenty, myself included, who live in flats. But we try our best to make this flat a pleasant home. So, when summer comes and the weather is fine, we go on the terrace or on the balcony instead of going in the garden. It is a compulsion people have to get out when it’s fine and breathe fresh air.

Fortunately my balcony is big enough , so it serves many purposes, so I turned half of it into my own retreat, a corner where I can relax and read or have a cup of tea  while admiring the sunset. Of course, I needed some furniture for this and the best choice was the outdoor furniture. This White balcony furniture is great and it also gives you the feeling the balcony is larger than it really is.


Brown Leather L Shaped Sofa

I just love smart people. I love the ones who come up with new ideas and innovations that seem obvious and so simple once you know them but you would have never thought of this. Such people make society evolve faster and faster every minute and make our lives easier and a lot more beautiful. For example there used to be only rectangular beds or sofas because this was what sofas were supposed to look like. But once you wanted to buy furniture for a bigger living room and you wanted to place the sofa in the corner you realized you actually needed two of them that will be placed next to the walls, making a square angle. Well, then a brilliant mind thought to glue those two sofas together and get a sectional. This Brown Leather L Shaped Sofa is the perfect illustration for my words.


Andy Martin’s Undergraduate modular shelving units

Modular furniture is currently one of the most appreciate and successful concepts. It allows the user to adapt and create his own design by organizing and arranging his furniture in a way that best suits the home and personal tastes. Modular furniture includes everything from tables, sofas and storage units. One of them is the Undergraduate modular shelving created by London-based designer Andy Martin.

He designed a series shelving units that are composed of colored blocks. The blocks can be stacked and used to build an unlimited number or designs and forms. The units are built using the blocks, rubber pads and sheets of wood. The process is very similar to playing with Lego but this time you get a functional piece of furniture instead of a miniature structure. These simple materials allow the user to create a personalized and original storage system to sit him and his home.


Gold Base Colette Side Table

Continuous designs have always been something that caught our eye. There’s something about them that is very appealing. The Colette side table also makes use of this principle but in a more delicate way. The table has a very simple design and this makes it stand out. Its elegant simplicity allows it to make a splendid addition in ay room of the house. Moreover, it makes it very versatile.

The Colette side table features a gold leaf base with a sinuous and continuous shape. The lack of details is compensated by the dual character of this element. The base has a delicate shape with soft curves but it’s also very strong and stable. The gold leaf base is complemented by a gold-trimmed glass top with a round form. The base is the main attraction of the design. The top is transparent and allows us to focus on the base while it only complements the design. It also suits it well since it also has the same characteristics as the base but in a different form.

The table is simple, elegant and versatile and it could be used in the living room or in the bedroom where it could serve as a bedside table. Its overall dimensions are 25″ diameter x 21″ high, another detail that makes this table versatile. It’s made of iron and glass and has a simple and timeless design. It can be purchased at the price of $495.00.

Modern organic-style storage piece

The modern mom tries and most of the times succeeds to keep everything under control. This includes the kids’ room which is a battle field when it comes to keep it clean, as the parents demand cleanliness and tidiness while the kids have fun only when the room is messy, with all the toys spread around. Well, this storage box might be the perfect solution for all parties involved, as it is easy to get to and also very handy, as you can store all the toys there in a matter of minutes. This Modern organic-style storage piece is the perfect tool for any modern mom.


Kartell Ghost Buster Storage Cabinet

I saw the movie “Ghost busters” and I loved it, but I seriously do not see any connection between it and this beautiful piece of furniture called Kartell Ghost Buster Storage Cabinet. Or maybe its name refers to some ancient habit of locking the ghosts into nice cabinets. Any way, the point is that this cabinet looks amazing and it can be used for storing different items in it, making your living room or bedroom a beautiful place by simply being there.


Santomer dining table, the perfect result of serendipity

Tables are more important than they might seem at a first glance. They are that thing that gets together families, friends when they drink their coffee in the morning and have dinner at the end of the day, but not only. They bring us together when we celebrate something; no matter it is a birthday, a holiday or we just feel the need to share some thoughts with a dear friend in front of a cup of coffee. It depends on each of us if the way our table looks like is important or less important.

Santomer Dining table seems to prove that it is very important the way our table looks like. It was born out of serendipity, but the result is so convincing that you like at a first sight. It has a palette of color and texture that defines Santomer’s signature pattern. You can choose either a round or a rectangular tabletop, which is anchored by a modern mahogany base made of Peroba wood and which impresses through its unique rugged, untamed beauty.


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