Who can resist the fluidity of a curved back sofa, or the voluptuousness of a velvet tufted wingback, or the classic appeal of an Eames lounge chair? (Answer: Very few of us.) This Furniture section highlights a variety of furniture types, styles, finishes, and pieces, just to name a few. This Homedit section is a definite must-read.

Kartell Ghost Buster Storage Cabinet

I saw the movie “Ghost busters” and I loved it, but I seriously do not see any connection between it and this beautiful piece of furniture called Kartell Ghost Buster Storage Cabinet. Or maybe its name refers to some ancient habit of locking the ghosts into nice cabinets. Any way, the point is that this cabinet looks amazing and it can be used for storing different items in it, making your living room or bedroom a beautiful place by simply being there.


Santomer dining table, the perfect result of serendipity

Tables are more important than they might seem at a first glance. They are that thing that gets together families, friends when they drink their coffee in the morning and have dinner at the end of the day, but not only. They bring us together when we celebrate something; no matter it is a birthday, a holiday or we just feel the need to share some thoughts with a dear friend in front of a cup of coffee. It depends on each of us if the way our table looks like is important or less important.

Santomer Dining table seems to prove that it is very important the way our table looks like. It was born out of serendipity, but the result is so convincing that you like at a first sight. It has a palette of color and texture that defines Santomer’s signature pattern. You can choose either a round or a rectangular tabletop, which is anchored by a modern mahogany base made of Peroba wood and which impresses through its unique rugged, untamed beauty.


Solid Teak Megan Dining Table

In a table there are a few things that are important, besides the actual design and shape. It needs to be solid and strong so that it doesn’t incommode the users and it needs to be hard-wearing since it’s going to be used every day. The Megan dining table respects these criteria perfectly. Moreover, it also has a design that emphasizes these characteristics in a stylish and elegant way.

The table has a simple and very popular design. It’s a solid, dependable, hard-wearing piece of furniture that, in addition, also has a beautiful and modern design. It’s a piece of furniture that will last a lifetime and for that it also needed a timeless design. It’s why it’s so simple and yet so beautiful. The base of the table is composed of two solid blocks of wood. They are an interesting alternative to the classical table feet. They provide great support and stability and they match beautifully with the overall minimalist design.


Amazing Bed with Storage Headboard

I think it is very important to be organized, both at work and especially at home. This way you can find the exact thing that you need in no time and be efficient. If your house is a total chaos, it will be hard for everyone living in it. Well, one of the secrets of being organized is to have the right tools, meaning the right storage devices. If you know that the closet is for kitchen items, the box in the kids room only for toys and the cabinet in the living room for towels, then you are organized. Well, unfortunately, we do not always have enough storage space, so we sometimes have to look for the best solution, in this case for the Amazing Bed with Storage Headboard.


Tolix Marais Stool

Every object around us is the illustration of someone’s imagination and work. And the final product depends a lot on the skill they have and also on the way the two are combined: the design and manufacture. In this case the Tolix Marais Stool is the perfect result of a beautiful mind and a skilled company. This Tolix Marais Stool was designed by Chantal Andriot who took over the French company Tolix in 2004 and gave all its products a different angle and view and also a different and new approach. She had a great idea many people considered crazy and this was to have a perforated collection of furniture for outdoors.

Actually the classic Marais stool and chair were designed in 1934, but this time they had a new modern twist thanks to the perforated steel that it is made of and also thanks to the bright merry colours. Despite the fact that it is all perforated and filled with holes, the stool is still safe and sound and can support the body weight. The chair can be used both outdoors and indoors, but you should be careful not to leave it in the moisture because this might affect its finish. The item is available for $186 from Design Within Reach.

Metal Base Side Table

Modern homes go very well with modern furniture and there is a tendency now to make metal furniture, especially if we are talking about small items like this Random Base Side Table. It is made of stainless steel and it has a really interesting design. When you look at this side table for the first time, you think it looks just like an hourglass. The two bases are round shaped , but the top one is actually the table top and is full while the second base is only a metallic circle which is empty inside because it lies on the floor and supports the whole table, replacing the table legs successfully.


Huge Idyllic Edge Bed

Have you been in dorm room? If you don’t let me tell you in a few words how is like. First of all its crowded, smelly and with the worst beds in the entire world and am not kidding at all about this last part. In fact in some cases sleeping on the floor is actually less painful then sleeping on your bed. My back is killing me due to my collage years spend on those kinds of beds, so when I see something like this I get literally overwhelmed with emotions.

This huge bed makes you feel like drifting around on the ocean coast on calm waters in a simple pneumatic boat without any worries. In fact it feels so good that if we continue the analogy I don’t think I even want to be saved; I just want to float. Made out of mahogany veneer, reclaimed Brazilian Peroba Rosa and stainless steel this colossus is definitely going to souk up all the attention.


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