Who can resist the fluidity of a curved back sofa, or the voluptuousness of a velvet tufted wingback, or the classic appeal of an Eames lounge chair? (Answer: Very few of us.) This Furniture section highlights a variety of furniture types, styles, finishes, and pieces, just to name a few. This Homedit section is a definite must-read.

Modern Living Table by Lisa Tischer

The Living Table is a piece of furniture designed by Sweden-based Lisa Tischer. As its name suggests, this is not an ordinary piece of furniture. The table was designed as a multifunctional unit that would instantly become a central piece for the home. It’s a stand-alone unit that becomes the perfect piece for a variety of activities.

The table can be used as a dining table but also as a desk, a work area and a platform for socialization. It does that not just by being big and beautiful. The table is also a modern piece of furniture that understands our lifestyle and tries to make our lives easier by being useful is a variety of different situations. It has a simple, comfortable and very functional design. Also, it has many ingenious details integrates in its design that make it unique and particularly practical.


The Ingenious Wall Mounted Table from MASH Studios

If the three legged table seemed unusual and the two-legged table seemed to reinvent a design that we were all comfortable with before, this table will come as an even more surprising creation. The philosophy behind this design seems to be ”why have table legs when you don’t need them?”. In a way it’s true. When you have a small space everything that’s unnecessary tends to become annoying, even something as fundamental as the legs of your table.

MASH Studio came up with a design for a table that has absolutely no legs. The table is not simply floating above the ground. It has to be mounted on the wall. This makes it less flexible because it can’t be moved from there but that’s not even necessary for many of us. This ingenious table was designed by Bernard Brucha. The table has to be attached to a wall and then it simply seems to be floating there.


Gym Mat Coffee Table

Now this is one example of a think that I don’t necessarily like very much. Not because they don’t suit my taste, or because they don’t look good but because it’s something that doesn’t fit very well in its new purpose. There are tons of great examples of salvaged things that still look very good, they kept their authenticity and are currently used as something else. This one for instance I don’t think that will make such a great coffee table.

It has the right colors, the right size but it lacks something, I don’t know yet what exactly doesn’t make this a great coffee table. Probably the fact that the table’s top was a 20th-century gym mat. Of course this entire thing is a reproduction but somehow I still don’t feel like serving any drink from it.


Artistic accessories for the home by Petite Friture

Petite Friture is a French design company that creates beautiful and unusual housewares. There are many interesting pieces that deserve to be admired but we have only selected a few. These are some of the most inspiring and intriguing creations and they are beautiful, chic and fun. Their creations don’t follow a specific pattern. They address different needs and are designed for different purposes.

One of the most interesting elements is the Loop Shelf. It was designed by Amandine Chhor and features a simple look. However, it impresses with the ingenuity of the design and the versatility of the shelf itself. It’s something that you might use in the living room, in the bedroom for storing books, in the dining room for displaying decorations or maybe even in the kitchen for tools and supplies.


Hope Chest in Western Walnut

In the times long gone young girls prepared for marriage and while doing this they gathered linen and table cloths, all sorts of things that she made herself and that were supposed to be part of her dowry. All these were kept in a chest until the happy event happened. Well, now young brides do not have this habit, but it is always useful to have a chest in your home because you can find so many things to store and you usually do not have enough cabinets for that. For example I think this Hope Chest in Western Walnut is perfect for storing my blankets. I have quite a large collection of blankets that was gathered in time and which are very useful when winter or late fall come. But they just stay in the way in summer. They are too large to be stored some place else, but this chest is the perfect size

Hope Chest in Western Walnut

First of all this chest is made of Western Walnut, a natural wood that looks great and which makes our homes a bit closer to nature. The boards used to make this chest are put together in a very clever way, using an old carpentry trick that only uses glue and a funny way of joining the sides of the boards as if in a zipper. So you will not see any nails used. The sides of the chest are a bit curved near the bottom, so as to make something looking like four legs, attached to the boards. It is an interesting element of design. The chest may seem a bit sturdy and big in size, but it is perfect and you can use it as a seat when the lid is down. The item is only made to order for $1,925.

Formula 1-inspired bed by Ora-Ito

The most common race-car-inspired beds are those usually designed for children and that re actually shaped like a car. However, those have a specific type of user in mind and don’t target a sophisticated public. Recently, Ora-Ito decided to change that perspective and to make the transition from a playful design to a sophisticated piece of furniture designed for a more elevated public.

This bed has a minimalist design and it was created as a homage to Ayr¬ton Sen¬na. The bed is a part of the Frighetto collection and it was designed in 2007. It can be easily distinguished by the shape and the masculine design. Moreover, this is not actually a bed per se. It’s in fact a combination of furniture pieces. The designer incorporated the bedside tables into the structure of the bed. This way the result was a bed with an orange key shape.


McKinley Table

I have small children so I have a thick carpet because I want to protect them against the coldness under their feet. But what I hate most about this thick carpet is the fact that it shows the place where the table feet used to stay for a longer period of time. When I move the furniture, the ugly marks of their feet show up and make me mad. Well, this time I needn’t worry as this beautiful and pretty unusual McKinley Table has only three legs and they are so thin the marks will certainly be barely visible.


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