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The metal-paneled Spitfire Desk

Even though it might not seem very impressive at first, this desk has a unique and quite unusual design. It’s called Spitfire and it’s a piece of furniture has a design inspired by the mid-20th century aircraft with the same name. The similarities between the two might not be immediately apparent but the symbolism is very strong.

The Spitfire Desk can be purchased at the price of $1,799.00 and it’s made on special order only. It has a very simple design and a minimalist shape. The desk is made of solid wood but it’s been entirely covered with metal panels so it has a rather deceptive look. The panels have been riveted together in order to create an apparently random patchwork effect. The exposed steel screws are a clever accent feature. The panels are made of aluminum and have a matte finish with a slightly distressed finish that creates a vintage look.


The flexible and versatile seat by Benno Zindels

Very few pieces of furniture are as flexible and versatile as this one. This is Kursi Java and it’s not even a piece of furniture in the true sense of the term. It’s more like an accessory. This sitting shell was designed by Benno Zindels and it’s small but extremely flexible and adaptable.

The seat resembles a shell in terms of shape and structure. It’s made from natural rattan, a flexible material that is extensively used for outdoor furniture. The seat has a design inspired by Asian elements. It’s very simple and has a very modest look but it’s also very versatile. It’s the design and size that make this product so versatile. It can be sued everywhere. It’s a great extra seat and it allows a large variety of seating positions. It was designed to be used directly on the floor.


The nostalgic Turner Lift Top coffee table

This coffee table is one of those items that is both innovative and nostalgic. It’s a traditional lift-top coffee table and it once was very inventive, clever and had a visionary design. The model is still clever and smart but it has become more and more common and the system itself doesn’t impress that much. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful piece of furniture and a great vintage item that makes us remember the good old times.

The coffee table is now available at the special price of $159.98. It has a traditional design and a classic look and it’s made from engineered wood with real wood veneers. The best part about it is the top. It can be easily lifted without disturbing anything sitting on it and it reveals a very practical and functional storage compartment. It can be used to store books, magazines, pens and all sorts of items that you usually sue and want to keep close to you. The felt-lined bottom of the storage compartment will keep everything safe and hidden.


Bed with Storage

We work so hard and so much every day that we can’t wait for the night to come so that we can go home and get some rest. We need quality rest in order to be able to start all over again in the morning and that is why we, people, are more and more concerned about the quality of our beds: we want them as big and comfortable as possible. Now there are ergonomic beds and mattresses and they are meant to keep you comfortable and fine the whole night. This Bed with Storage from Viesso is both comfortable and very useful for storing different items, as it has some special compartments underneath where you can store different items you might need handy.


Acanthus Leaf Mirror

A house with bare walls is like an empty house , a deserted house with no people living in it. That is why many people use different things for decorating the walls. So when you can find a thing that is both useful and decorative, it is a lot better for everyone. This Acanthus Leaf Mirror is beautiful and decorative, but you can use it for its original purpose, too, and check out your reflection in it. The name of the mirror comes from the Acanthus leaf-shaped decorations that are glued to the frame of the mirror, making it so beautiful in design.

The frame of the mirror is made of hand cast resin and is also hand painted in a blue hue that makes it look great against a white wall and leaves the brownish accents underneath reveal themselves when the light falls on them. You can match this mirror with some light blue or even turquoise accessories in the living room or on the wall next to it and you will have an incredible  home design. The item is available to purchase from Wisteria and you will find it really easy to place the order online and wait for the product to be shipped directly to your doorstep.

Occordian Coat Rack

Usually when you enter someone’s house and outside it’s cold, you look for a place where to put your coat or umbrella if necessary. That is normal because you do not get into the living room all dressed up, but keep only the clothes for indoors. So you normally look for a coat rack that can be fixed on the wall – a kind of board with many hooks where you hang your coat or maybe a tree-like coat rack. Well, sometimes you will be surprised to find out that some coat racks do not look like what you can expect, but rather unusual, having an interesting design. This Occordian Coat Rack is the perfect example, as you would never guess its use unless you know it already.

In my imagination this original coat rack looks like pairs of hand cuffs, linked together and made of wood. They are connected and can be placed both horizontally and vertically and the oxidized dark knobs that are used to keep the halves together are the ones that serve as coat racks. The item is made in USA and the manufacturer used white oak for making it, which makes it look great in any hallway. You can choose whether the shape of this coat rack to be round or oval and this can be done by simply choosing where to place the hardware. Quite an interesting design I might say, offered by Lostine.

The Transformer table by Quentin Kelley

When you have a small place it’s difficult to fit everything inside. You often have to rely on multifunctional or expandable pieces of furniture. The Transformer Table takes those concepts to a whole new level. This table, as its name very well suggests, has a rather deceptive look. That’s because it’s an expandable table.

When it’s folded, the Transformer Table is only 12’’ wide. However, this is just one of its faces. The table can easily be unfolded and then it turns into a spacious dining table. The folded version of this piece of furniture makes it ideal for small spaces. Measuring only 12’’ wide, the table can be easily integrated in a small room. It can be used as a console table, a sofa table or a display area. It sits quiet in a corner waiting for guests to come and for it to shine.


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