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The sleek Pavillion nightstand

The Pavillion nightstand is one of those pieces of furniture that has a strong presence simply because of its compact design and dark finish. Even though it features a minimalist design, the nightstand also has a sophisticated look. It lacks any unnecessary details and ornaments, even the hardware being invisible to the eye. This means that it impresses solely with its shape and form.

The nightstand has a sleek design and it also has a black lacquer finish that makes it somewhat mysterious and imposing, without having a massive look. It’s been crafted using solid mahogany and mahogany veneer and it features a recessed plinth base. The unit offers two drawers of generous dimensions, perfect for storing some books, magazines, pills, chargers and anything else you might need by your bedside. It has a hardware-free design and self-closing glides that give it a sophisticated and elegant appeal.


Modern lighting for a spiral staircase

Beirut is the last place I would thought that had one of the most interesting pieces in design and lighting fixtures. I’m expecting to see all sorts of innovative things in Milan or Paris but not in Lebanon. Now that I have these images in front of me, I will no longer start to look at things with preconceived ideas.If it’s not clear yet, I am talking about this marvelous lighting fixture above the spiral staircase made out by .PSLAB. I love the idea because a spiral staircase needs something special to go with it and to alternate. Surrounded by square rooms and straight lines this staircase needed something to complement it and most of all its shape.

I don’t think I would have thought about a lighting fixture to be the thing that goes with the stairs but know that I have seen it, looks pretty natural and very harmoniously converging towards a center core. I love the way each arm descends a little bit with each step of the stairs, keeping a very high degree of illumination upon all the steps.


4 stylish elements for a Moroccan interior décor

Moroccan-inspired interior decors are very beautiful and charming. However, you need to pay special attention to details and to carefully choose the furniture. It’s easy to get influenced by other styles so try to remain focused. In case you needed some help to form an opinion or to get started, we have selected four elements that might help.

1. The Amal storage ottoman.

This ottoman is also a storage unit as it hides a secret storage spot. It has a simple but charming and functional design and it features castors for extra mobility. It’s a custom-made item only made upon order. Its dimensions are 20″H x 20″L x 20″W and it costs $498. The colors are white and blue but most of the details can be customized.


The “Hang on!” display cabinets

Hang on! is the name of an ingenious creations that resulted during a competition in Italy. It consists of a cabinet that has a very interesting design. The cabinet is made out of several wooden hangers and they may have different depths, depending on the number of hangers sued to make it. The wooden hangers have very interesting designs and shapes. They are basically square wooden boxes framed by a symmetrical structure with curvilinear shapes.

The cabinet was crafted using waste materials so it also shows its creators concern for the environment and recycling. These modules were designed to be used as display units. They are containers that can be used to display all sorts of objects in shops but also in private and residential spaces. Their depth may vary but the shape and the design is identical. They can either be used as single units or combined in various ways to form playful compositions. This makes the cabinets very versatile and able to adapt to different spaces and situations.


The glamorous Axis floor mirror

The Axis mirror is that touch of luxury and glamour that a room needs to stand out. It’s a chic accent piece and would make an exquisite focal point in any room. The mirror is actually made of several mirrors. It incorporates a total of 15 large octagonal mirrors. They all have deeply beveled mirrored sides and they are interspersed with smaller open squares for a more dramatic effect.

This is not a type of mirror that was designed to be functional. This is a purely decorative pieces designed to serve as an accessory, as an eye-catching decoration. Given its design and look, it is certain to take center stage in any space. Such a dramatic accent piece would be an interesting addition to a chic and stylish living room. Mirrors are by definition elements that trick the eye, that can be used to create the impression of larger spaces so this one could also have a secondary advantage in a small room.

The Axis mirror could also look beautiful in a bedroom, placed in a corner. It’s not a decoration that was designed for a specific type of spaces so it could basically integrated in a variety of different areas, including offices, dining rooms, libraries, reading corners, etc. The inside mirror measures 43.25W x 75H and its overall dimensions are 43.25W x 75H x 3D. it was be mounted on the wall or placed directly on the floor, leaning against a wall. Available for 999$.

Amara Storage Tower For Wine Lovers

Wine is very well known around the world as a thing of finesse and very collectable. People drink wine with any occasion now and not many can really appreciate it at its full potential. Some just drink it because they get a kick out of I, for them it doesn’t really matter what year it is and from what kind of grapes it was made.Now, let’s forget about that category and focus on the connoisseurs or at least on the ones who understand wine and like to consume it with a good dinner or like to share a glass of wine with their friends and spend quality time.

Obviously if you like wine, you buy wine, is simple so far but where do you keep it? Buying a glass or two from the supermarket from time to time doesn’t qualify you as a wine lover. You have to be prepared with more than 3 types of wine from various producers across the world. Not to mention that special occasions need special treats, therefore some good bottles of wine should always be in your “collection”.


Wine Storage Tower by Jacob Marks

Simple, elegant and functional, the Linground Tower is a piece of furniture that would beautifully complement a variety of decors. It has a minimalist and versatile design that makes it perfect for spaces such as the living room but also for the dining room, the bedroom and even the kitchen. It has a symmetrical structure and a beautiful finish.

The Linground Tower is made of walnut timber with stack-laminated walnut door faces which are a custom option. It features three practical shelves on the top volume and three more on the bottom. The lower cabinet has pullout drawers. Both the upper and the lower parts of the cabinet also have an open section with two and respectively three tall and narrow storage spaces, perfect for wine bottles. This beautiful unit is part of the Lineground Collection designed by Jacob Marks. He managed to combine a beautiful design with fine workmanship to create this stylish piece of furniture.


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