Who can resist the fluidity of a curved back sofa, or the voluptuousness of a velvet tufted wingback, or the classic appeal of an Eames lounge chair? (Answer: Very few of us.) This Furniture section highlights a variety of furniture types, styles, finishes, and pieces, just to name a few. This Homedit section is a definite must-read.

Grid Coat Rack

The first thing that I bought when I moved into my home was a coat rack because we did not have a closet to store the clothes, so we suddenly realized coat racks are actually important, even if most of the times nobody notices them. Well, this Grid Coat Rack is a bit unusual, something different from all the coat racks I have seen so far. It is made of iron and aluminum and it has a grid design, hence the name. It needs to be hanging on the wall, either in horizontal or vertical position, depending on your needs and the shape and size of the place where you put it. It is easy to mount on the wall and it has a nice and “invisible” keyhole mechanism that helps you with this.


Tia Convertible Leatherette Daybed from Hokku Designs

I think we need to design our homes depending on our needs. These needs are a lot different if you are single than if you are married and having one or two children. For example people who live alone usually choose to stay in small flats and not to be surrounded by too much furniture, because they do not need this. So I guess one piece of furniture like this Tia Convertible Leatherette Daybed from Hokku Designs is perfect for them. This convertible day bed is space saving and really comfortable, too, so perfect for any home. You can actually use it as an extra bed if you happen to have guests and too few beds available.


Lattice Nightstand Table

I was wondering one day how many tables you could need in a normal home. There is the dining table and the coffee table, but you might also need a side table because there are so many small things you might need to place on some sort of table in your house, because you can’t keep them stored somewhere, like a vase of flowers, your landline phone, the alarm clock and so on. This Lattice Nightstand Table is a side table I love. First i like it because of its design. It is so delicate and airy and it gives you the feeling you are traveling in time back to when the furniture in the park and some of the furniture in your home was made of wrought iron.

Secondly, this beautiful piece of furniture can be placed in any room without appearing to be out of place. It can serve as your nightstand, but also as a small table in the hallway and the table in the living room. Any way, it is elegant, but sturdy, being made of tubular steel, with a durable powder-coated finish. The table top looks more like a tray where you deposit things and it is surrounded by chainlink lattice which is great and skillful work. The four legs are crosses in two x-es and there is one adjustable leg that allows you to level the table. The product can be found at the Company Store for $349.

Nido Tufted Sleeper Lounge Chair

We all like stories where the main character turns into something unexpected. We know stories from our childhood with the frog that turned into a beautiful prince when kissed by the princess, the ugly horse that turns into a nice and strong stallion, the bad witch that turns into an old woman after drinking a potion and so on. Tat is totally true: we love those things who surprise us and become something else when you least expect. This Nido Tufted Sleeper Lounge Chair is of those things. It is actually a sleeper lounge chair that can be turned into a semicircular mattress.


Calyx Modern Bed with Curved Headboard

I like unique and unexpected design because it makes us see things differently and this way we realize we can accept things that do not have the shape and design we were used to. But that does not make those things any less beautiful, quite the opposite I may say. For example this Calyx Modern Bed with Curved Headboard is a bit different from my idea of bed, but I like it nonetheless. It is a king size platform bed, so it has a wooden platform instead of four legs to support its weight.

It is modern and sleek, with a minimalist but interesting design. The frame is made of wood and metal and that makes the bed more resistant. The special look of this bed is given by the white faux leather upholstery that is incredible and makes it look so elegant and modern. It has white foam padding and the headboard is not separate from the bed, but linked to it, being sweetly curved. This curved headboard is actually its most prominent feature. It is made in Malaysia and available for $521.00. It will certainly be the centerpiece of your modern bedroom and also quite comfortable.

The modern Aqua 2 platform bed by Presotto

Platform beds are modern by definition. They have that simplicity that can’t be denied and they are always stylish, regardless of the design and little details. Aqua 2 is an especially beautiful platform bed. Its design features stylish curvatures and an overall continuous look and these details are emphasized by the shape of the bed.

Aqua 2 was designed by Presotto. It’s made in Italy and it’s available in queen or king sizes. You can choose between 32 different matte lacquer colors for the finish. They includes shades such as red, green apple, coral, olive purple, sand, dark black, chocolate, jade, royal blue and several others. The bed is available in grey oak or walnut wood available in 11 colors as well as in white high gloss lacquer. The customizable details don’t end here. The Aqua 2 platform bed can also be entirely upholstered in your choice from 18 eco leather colors, 7 suede colors, 18 standard leather colors, 4 vintage and 3 crocodile stamped leather colors.


The amazing Bench inspired by Nature

For art lovers, the regular furniture pieces aren`t so interesting. That is because they are always looking forward to see not only innovating stuff, but a combination between tradition and futuristic views, something that brings them that feeling of approval. That`s why the homes of the artists look so interesting to us, because they always find a way to mix these two currents and they do it right. And we know about the fact that artists are eco friendly too.

This bench is perfect for art lovers and not only. It looks like Mother Nature herself made it. Like it grows from earth and it shaped like this for humans that love luxurious furniture. In reality, this extraordinary bench was designed by the famous French sculptor Xavier Dumont, inspired also by nature`s power. Now, this amazing piece of furniture is exposed Anthropologie’s gallery at the Rockfeller Center in New York.


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