Who can resist the fluidity of a curved back sofa, or the voluptuousness of a velvet tufted wingback, or the classic appeal of an Eames lounge chair? (Answer: Very few of us.) This Furniture section highlights a variety of furniture types, styles, finishes, and pieces, just to name a few. This Homedit section is a definite must-read.

3Blocks – Multifunctional Wooden Cubes

Playing is very important for kids because it develops their intellectual and physical skills and also develops their imagination. When we grow up we do not play any more and this is a shame because we might need the fresh perspective of a child’s mind every now and then. These wooden blocks that come together as 3Blocks are perfect for any creative mind or for those who like a challenge and want to make a change every day in their home design. They are actually three pieces of furniture that are pretty similar , but rather different at the same time, three blocks of wood that can be used as stools, side tables, storing units and so on, depending on your imagination.


Eileen Gray inspired side table

Modern furniture is mostly made of metal. Somehow metal is associated with modernism while wood, though warmer and nicer to touch, is considered old fashioned. That is why this beautiful minimalist Eileen Gray inspired side table is quite a representative item for modern furniture. It is indeed a beautiful side table and it surprises you from the first sight with the shining metallic frame and interesting design. First you will notice the two sides of the table, one serving as table top and one as base. Both are circles and the base one is actually only three quarters of a circle and this makes it pretty stable.

These circles are thick rings that are made of stainless steel and they are connected by a strong stainless steel leg that is doubled by a thinner bar that is added for further support and also allows you to adjust the height depending on your needs. The upper side , that is the table top is made of tampered glass, so it is pretty safe even if it happens to fall and break. It is a beautiful modern side table and it is now available for £85.00  on Coco interiors web site.

The Geos bedroom furniture collection by ZG Group

Geos H08 is a beautiful furniture collection with simple and yet eye-catching pieces. It was designed for ZG Group and all the components of the collection have similar characteristics that allow them to stand out. The collection was designed to be used in hotel bedrooms because of its clean designs, simplicity of the lines and clarity of the details. The selection of materials is also interesting. The collection includes a headboard, wardrobe, desk, luggage stand and low bench.

The Geos collection as a whole and all its individual components are characterized by a simple and yet eye-catching style. All the pieces from this elegant collection have details that are emphasized through the use of certain materials. For example, the aluminum details found on the headboards but also on the bedside tables and the desks allow them to stand out without being opulent. It’s the simplicity of the design that makes them elegant.


White Croc Bar Stool

I think all the knowledge gathered by our ancestors is inherited by us at some unconscious level, maybe in our genes, maybe in our DNA. The fact is that people nowadays still love animal skins very much, I could say as much as back when they were forced to hunt in order to have something to eat.

Now they can have all the ecological clothes and shoes there are, all made of materials that do not harm animals, but they still want something at least remotely similar with animal prints, animal skin and so on. This White Croc Bar Stool is very popular and my guess is because it is covered with White Faux Croc Leather.


The table that has only two legs

Have you ever imagined a table with only two legs? Well, the designers from Ercol invented one, in their Prices Risbrough factory. But you need to make sure you put it near a wall, that’s a condition. The Quello Table has a contemporary design and with his minimalistic look, it fits very well in your room and it takes a few space for you to well place it. Even if you use it like o place to put your things on or you match it with a three legs chair to function like a desk, this table will resolve all your problems.

I say that because it has also a storage place. The top of the table slides and you got yourself a drawer to put your books or to put things that you can’t keep outside. And because it slides both ways, the things that you put above won`t be disturbed.


The Awesome Hackberry Desk

A very hard thing to do when you decorate your house is to choose your desk. That’s because is a place where you spend a lot of time and you need to have a lot a space for your papers and of course a lot of deposit space for your things. And they come in so many shapes and colors that is very hard for you to find the perfect one. When I first so this desk I immediately felt in love with it

Because of his peaceful color and his nice and simply form, the Hackberry Desk is the best I saw so far. Because is a combination between modern and antique. I say that because the top piece is made from massive wood and gives it a stylish an serious look as far as the drawers brings in the modern allure because of the color and the type of wood they`re made of.


Crystal polyester table

Contemporary furniture no longer aims at impressing with the help of small details, accessories and decorations. The designer’s attention shifted towards the shape and the design itself. The simplicity and minimalism have become an important rule these days. So pieces such as the S Table have a very simple design and yet they are intriguing.The S Table was designed by Xavier Lust for MDF Italia. It’s a very stylish table with a design composed of a round or oval top and an S-shaped twisted stand, the element that also gave its name.

The shape of the base with its delicate form and curves is the star of this design. It was created by placing the mix in a mold and then finishing it with a glossy coat. The top can either be round or oval and both versions work great in combination with the base.


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