Who can resist the fluidity of a curved back sofa, or the voluptuousness of a velvet tufted wingback, or the classic appeal of an Eames lounge chair? (Answer: Very few of us.) This Furniture section highlights a variety of furniture types, styles, finishes, and pieces, just to name a few. This Homedit section is a definite must-read.

Antique rain drum side table

Rain drums have been used in festivals and ceremonies for many many years and, even after that, they still remained precious because of their history and cultural value. They have inspired many designs, most of them for side tables or accent tables. You can find some of these designs right here on our site. Today we’re back with another beautiful side table, also inspired by a rain drum.

The table is has a design inspired by the Southeast Asian rain drum, which was renamed for the unique sounds it created. The table only borrowed the shape and the detailing. The drum itself, in its original form, had a shape and design that very much resembled a side table. Very few modifications had to be made when transforming it into an actual piece of furniture. The reproduction features intricate details, just like the original,

Besides its obvious functional side, the table also represents a great accent piece for any home. It has been taken to the rank of decorative art and it’s something that would stand out in any décor. It can be used in the living room, bedroom, guest room or in any other space. It was designed to be used indoors but it can also be placed in certain outdoor areas as long as it’s protected. The table is made of aluminum and has an antique bronze finish. Its overall dimensions are 16″Dia. x 20″T and it can be purchased at the price of $450.00.

The minimalist Vika Veine table top from IKEA

As usually, IKEA is a great source to go to when you need a simple and yet functional piece of furniture. Known for their vast selection of minimalist designs and ingenious storage solutions, IKEA still manages to impress us once more with this wonderful creation. The Vika Veine table top is a very simple product, with a minimalist design, a compact look and not even a single detail on its surface. The smooth, clean and clear surface however reveals a hint that lets us know that it actually offers more than it lets us see.

The Vika Veine table top is indeed hiding something. It was designed to be used with the top lifted at 90+degrees. This means that the surface you see at first is not the surface you’ll be working on. The lid can be lifted and it reveals a hidden compartment. The work surface is just as simple as the surface of the table top and it’s actually the other side of the lid that hides a secret. Its interior is lined in felt and it was designed to absorb sound, a feature that can be very useful.


The sleek and modern Elko coffee table

Coffee tables are very interesting pieces of furniture. They are something that any living room needs. They complete the room and they are very functional and practical for a variety of activities. But they are also great accent features for the décor. A coffee table is a very important element in any décor. It can completely change the atmosphere and it’s also usually used as a focal point. But there are models such as the Elko coffee table that also focus on versatility.

The Elko coffee table was designed to serve as a very versatile piece of furniture. It’s why it comes in so many models and versions. It’s available in numerous color and wood options, for all tastes and preferences. You can choose to add a pop of color to your living room through the coffee table or you can choose to maintain the same color palette and to create a more neutral décor. The choice is yours and the Elko coffee table gives you plenty of options.

Moreover, the Elko coffee table’s design features a combination of modern fabrication and finishing techniques and a simple, timeless shape. This allows it to be adapted to a variety of environments and decors. The table features a steel base that is laser cut. It has a powder-coated finish and it’s available in many different colors. The base is complemented by a wooden top available in several types of wood. You can mix and match the base and wood options for the top to create your own version. The overall dimensions of the table are 45’’w x 27’’d x 18’’h.

Klismos Round Dining Table

If you know at least a bit of history, then you certainly have some idea of the important role the ancient Greeks played for the whole humanity. They basically invented democracy, philosophy and many other sciences, getting their skills to the best they could get. Their ceramics and furniture for example were well known and appreciated all over the world. Klismos table was a famous and popular model of table in the fifth century B.C. and now it has been rediscovered and redesigned by those from Restoration Hardware and launched on the furniture market with great success. Now it is called Klismos Round Dining Table and it is made by hand of cast aluminum.

The table has a rich zinc finish and that makes it look great, ready for somptuous dinners and elegant people. The defining feature of this table is the base that looks like an ancient urn and that is clearly inspired from the old model. The table allows six people to seat around it and offers comfortable place for everyone. They join together and get the opportunity to talk to everybody as opposed to the square or rectangular coffee tables where you can socialize only with your neighbours. The nice antique design and the beautiful patina convince you to buy the item for $795 – $1155.

Yaroslav Galant Football Table

The Design Fair held in Milan each year brings towards the entire world unique pieces of furniture for everyone.At this particular event people expect to see the latest trends and innovations from all over the world regarding design and home furnishings.As you can imagine among the traditional items and materials there are a few eccentrics who build a little off charts, on their own standards and vision.One designer, Yaroslav Galant brought to our attention a strange and unique combination of various elements.

Lets start from the beginning, the “foosball table” is a very well known way of spending time having fun with friends and family at any moment of the day straight in your living room but the way this particular table is presented is unique.If we look to the sides of the table we can see some interesting patterns and motifs specific to a certain area in Europe. I know this kind of patterns very well because I am myself from an area where these graphic elements dominate the traditional crafts.


Grid Coat Rack

The first thing that I bought when I moved into my home was a coat rack because we did not have a closet to store the clothes, so we suddenly realized coat racks are actually important, even if most of the times nobody notices them. Well, this Grid Coat Rack is a bit unusual, something different from all the coat racks I have seen so far. It is made of iron and aluminum and it has a grid design, hence the name. It needs to be hanging on the wall, either in horizontal or vertical position, depending on your needs and the shape and size of the place where you put it. It is easy to mount on the wall and it has a nice and “invisible” keyhole mechanism that helps you with this.


Tia Convertible Leatherette Daybed from Hokku Designs

I think we need to design our homes depending on our needs. These needs are a lot different if you are single than if you are married and having one or two children. For example people who live alone usually choose to stay in small flats and not to be surrounded by too much furniture, because they do not need this. So I guess one piece of furniture like this Tia Convertible Leatherette Daybed from Hokku Designs is perfect for them. This convertible day bed is space saving and really comfortable, too, so perfect for any home. You can actually use it as an extra bed if you happen to have guests and too few beds available.


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