Who can resist the fluidity of a curved back sofa, or the voluptuousness of a velvet tufted wingback, or the classic appeal of an Eames lounge chair? (Answer: Very few of us.) This Furniture section highlights a variety of furniture types, styles, finishes, and pieces, just to name a few. This Homedit section is a definite must-read.

Rain Drum Inspired Metal Drum Accent Table

This table on view here is something that can please both the traditional and the contemporary furnishing admirers as it is a cast-aluminum version of the age-old rain drums which were ever so famous in Asia. Dubbed the Metal Drum Accent Table its features a traditional relief pattern and though it is made of aluminum, the table is finished in antique-bronze. Crafted in Thailand this Metal Drum Accent Table is ideal both for indoor and outdoor use and it adds up to the aesthetic value of a surrounding courtesy of the smooth concentric patterns.

Despite the fact that it has a robust and heavy shape, it’s a quite interesting piece. Accent tables are usually interesting in terms of form, shape and details. So this is not something new. What is new is not the shape, but the fact that it was incorporated into a table’s design.

I would say this is an original piece. It’s also very versatile and it takes little space so it’s great for both small or big apartments or houses. Also it’s versatile in terms of style. So it would make a great addition to either a vintage home or a more modern one. It’s would be a very interesting piece and it also has some very beautiful details. Just make sure you don’t place it on a leaning space because it might fall.

Angelo Mangiarotti Designed Multiuse for Agape Casa

Agape Casa is offering the ideal furniture piece for modern individuals who look for items that offer ample storage and can be easily transported. Angelo Mangiarotti is the creative brain behind this effective and useful furniture piece and he has designed this item for the respected brand Agape Casa.

It is in the most simplest of terms a furnishing piece that features a structure in which seamless horizontal planes hold up the vertical elements and these are fitted with extruded aluminum cross-beams. This kind of setting allows the front doors to slide easily. There couldn’t have been a better name for this furnishing than ‘multi-use’ as it can be used as a multiple drawer rack or even as a simple table.

This is an interesting design for a furniture piece. It looks very functional but still, I have the feeling that there’s something missing. It’s a great storage space where you can hide your things. And there are those lateral spaces where you can also place some decorations, maybe even books. And on top you can even place a small tv. This is a very versatile furniture piece. It can be placed in the bedroom, and in this case you can store in there your clothes, or your other personal things. And you can also choose to place it in the living room. As you can see from the pictures, there are a lot of different color combinations for you to choose from.

C Table by art photographer Richard Bettinger and the McLaughlin Collection

The C Table is available in pure white or inky black Lucite and made of acrylic furnishings. The collaboration between art photographer Richard Bettinger and the McLaughlin Collection resulted the C Table .The furniture are durable and 100% recyclable and the acrylic scraps produced during the manufacturing process are collected and recycled into new material. The C Table is available at David Sutherland Showrooms.

The dimensions of this table are 16″w x 12″d x 22″h. As the designers have declared, there’s also a cocktail version of the table to follow. It’s a very versatile furniture piece and it incorporated perfectly in any décor.

The design of this table is actually very simple. It’s just a plain rectangular table that has some sort of picture decoration on the sides.  Other than that it’s as simple as it can be. And it’s called the C table because, as you can see from the pictures, when it’s turned on that position is resembles the third letter of the alphabet.  But if you turn it over you get a nice coffee table that can be very useful and beautiful.

It comes in two color options, the classic black and the other classic, the white. It’s interesting and beautiful but it’s not over the top. Hopefully the cocktail table, if there will be one, will include some more fun features and hopefully more color.

Modular Open Wine Buffet Finished in Mahogany

Built-in cabinetry for stacking wines has become a tad old-fashioned and the contemporary as well as the stylish alternative to the same is a modular open wine buffet. The buffet becomes all the more appealing when it is finished in Mahogany, hardwood and Mahogany veneers.

The buffet on view here from Pottery Barn includes a cabinet base and 2 wine grid bases and a single wine grid base holds 24 bottles. Also, each base has a breadboard pullout and a drawer for accessories. The wood swatches you see below are individually available for $25 each and are simple to assemble.

Calligaris Seattle Storage Cupboard with Four Doors

Calligaris specializes in modern furniture which is very luxurious and yet very functional at the same time. Italian furniture seekers who look for clean lines and with elegant curves only look for a single moniker that reads Calligaris. One of the latest offering from the brand is the Seattle Storage Cupboards which are available in five different door finishes. Depending on what you prefer, a buyer can choose from high gloss white or black lacquer, glossy mahogany, walnut veneer and wenge stain.

Talk about frame finishes and you get the work done in glossy coffee, black or white lacquer or wenge stain. The doors simply work on the push-pull format and there are no handles. The shelves on the inside are adjustable to tree different height levels. This single luxurious cupboard bears a price tag of £1,279.

Borek Sipek Offside Wenge Table Football for Skitsch

Foosball is quite the way of life in continents where football is followed as a religion. Here is an interesting table for those fanatics who cannot just manage without soccer. Dubbed the Offside Wenge Football Table and designed by Borek Sipek for brand Skitsch, this offering can function both as a foosball table and dining table.

The playing surface and the bars you see atop can be removed and hung on the wall like a painting.  For dining purposes, a wooden board can be used to transform it into a normal table and Skitsch is also offering a tempered glass table top with it.

Convertible table are quite popular these days. The most popular seems to be pool table or the poker table. But here’s another idea: the foosball table. It’s actually logic to turn a foosball table into a dining table, because the size and shape allow you to do that. It’s an easy process and it only takes a few second, maybe a minute. So you can have both functionality and fun in the same item. You can use it as a foosball table whenever you want and when dinner time comes, all you have to do is modify it a little and it’s done. It saves space and it’s a nice way of making two people happy.

Nuvola Hanging Glass shelves

This wall hanging frame from Cattelan Italia will definitely catch your eye, as it is available in natural beech, walnut, cherry, wenge, matt black, matt white and in silver stained form. The glass shelf of this wall hanging frame is either made of clear glass and it is available in frosted glass, and both exuberate great individuality to any space or memory.

Glass shelves are always an elegant and stylish choice, regardless of the style and décor of the home. But glass shelves are usually screwed to the wall. But this collection features hanging glass shelves. There’s a structure mounted on the walls that sustains the whole glass structure. The shelves are linked together and cannot be separated. This is either very good or very bag.

I can see how the structure is safely mounted on the wall by that wooden structure, but this doesn’t make it safe. The shelves are free to move around and to balance. This means that the objects placed on them are not safe. I can see how this piece is good-looking and interesting, but I don’t find it very safe. The glass is probably heavy enough to keep the whole structure in place, but a small movement can easily change that. I would rather prefer separated glass shelves that look more stable.The wall glass is available for £1,620.

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