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The multifunctional Mägi Bench, a sculptural piece with plenty of room for storage

Each piece of furniture has a primary function, the one that defines it and that probably also gave its name. But this doesn’t mean it can’t also incorporate other functions that aren’t specific to it in particular. For example, a sofa can also be a bed, a table an also be a desk and a bench can also be sued for storage.

The Mägi Bench is an interesting example in this case. As you may have guessed or noticed, the bench is not just a simple piece of furniture to seat on. Its design also incorporates several storage compartments. In addition to that, the bench’s design and shape also makes it a sculptural piece and a wonderful element that contributes to the overall décor of a home. This gives it a third function, that of decorative or accent piece.


10 Of The Coolest Coffee Tables Ever Designed

The coffee table is the centerpiece of our living room and, most often, it’s also the focal point of the room. So if most of the attention is inevitably directed in that point, at least make it interesting. By choosing an eye-catching coffee table you give character to the whole room. There are lots of cool coffee tables to choose from and we have selected 10 designs that we think would stand out in any home.

Dual Arcade Table.


A Look at Furniture Legs

If you took an elephant’s legs and put them onto a flamingo, it would be quite a distracting thing…to say the least. Same thing if you saw an alligator’s legs on a monkey or an eagle’s legs on a kangaroo. My point here is not to dive into the realm of what-animal-combination-would-be-weirdest (although I’d recommend playing this game with your young children; it makes for a wild Friday night party), but my point is that legs on a thing are incredibly important in how that thing is perceived, how it functions, and how it looks.

The same idea (although arguably to a less extreme sense) goes for furniture legs. Although a small part of a space overall, a piece of furniture’s legs play a key role in the all-around vibe and aesthetics. I’ll show you what I mean:

Each piece of furniture here is very leggy, and charmingly so. Tall, simple wooden legs work well on solid cream-colored furniture and paired with a colorful, graphic rug. The legs here have modern sensibilities (straight, clean lines that emphasize white space) but also produce a timeless look. The vibe is minimal and simple…yet anything but boring.


Effective Living Room Furniture Arrangements

If you’ve ever walked into a space and hovered at the doorway, not quite knowing how to proceed (or even not knowing if you were welcome to proceed at all), then you have an idea about how important the layout of a room is. How we choose to arrange furniture in a space is a significant indicator of what we value and how comfortable we want our guests (or family members) to be.

As the traditional gathering mecca of households (aside from the kitchen, of course), the living room’s furniture placement is particularly critical. Here are some ideas of effective living room layouts with a variety of furniture combinations:

Two sofas – The architecture of this room is unique and fantastic, involving lots of corners and some non-right-angles. Using two identical sofas, the homeowners here wisely brought down the large space into a smaller, cozier seating area. Set at right angles to the main walls, the sofa placement highlights the 45-degree-angled fireplace, which also helps to make this space feel warm and inviting. Easy walkways to the right or left allow visitors to access the seating. Ottomans under the sofa table are also available for extra seating when needed, which is another nod to the “welcome, guests” feeling.


15 Interesting coffee tables for all tastes and styles

The coffee table is often the focal point of the living room. It’s a piece that sits in the center and automatically catches your eye. Lately it has become more of a decorative element that a functional one and sometimes it’s even features sculptural forms that make it a unique accent piece. We have selected a few coffee table designs that we find interesting. They represent several styles and they are all unique in their own way.

In a modern living room, a simple and more casual coffee table is often needed. This one, for example, has a transparent glass top that goes well with the whole airy and bright décor. The table sits on wheels which makes it even more practical and versatile.


5 Low Bed Designs For Modern And Contemporary Homes

A low bed is something you might want to opt for various reasons. It can simply be a choice based on style if you prefer something a little more casual that makes it seem like you didn’t even try but that was actually intentional, if it’s something that goes well with your bedroom’s décor or if you just like the design. It can also be a choice based on functionality but, in the case of modern and contemporary homes, I think we can agree this detail is secondary to style.

This bedroom, for example, features a low platform bed and an overall casual and simple interior décor. The window shades that open from the top are an element that also contributes to the overall simple yet very chic décor.


How To Choose Furniture That Fits Your Small Home

You love your new apartment or small home but you are quickly realizing that your furniture from your last home is too large for this cozy new abode. Whether the problem is your small home has not enough room or that your old furniture consumes the entire room, either way you will need to choose new seating and tables that will fit comfortably and will still welcome guests. If buying furniture challenges you, here are a few tips that will help. Before you buy pieces that don’t fit, look to these ideas for guidance.

small space furniture

Keep your interiors light for smaller rooms

Measure and measure again:

Regardless of the color, pattern or style of your furniture if your piece is too large it will be disastrous once it gets to your small home. Before making buying decisions walk through your home and draw out the dimensions of each room and allow space for walking comfortably around furniture. Consider only furniture pieces that are essential, if you fill your interiors with too many items it will have the same effect as buying over-sized furniture.  Use these dimensions when choosing furniture online or at your favorite furniture retail store.


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