Who can resist the fluidity of a curved back sofa, or the voluptuousness of a velvet tufted wingback, or the classic appeal of an Eames lounge chair? (Answer: Very few of us.) This Furniture section highlights a variety of furniture types, styles, finishes, and pieces, just to name a few. This Homedit section is a definite must-read.

Auto-Inspired Furniture For Car Lovers

When you have a passion and you truly like a subject then you’ll most likely be influenced by it when you make all sorts of decisions. Let’s take you like cars and everything related to them. It would be very difficult not to want some of these pieces of furniture to be part of your home’s décor. They’re not just interesting but they’re also one-of-a-kind pieces.

Bed Made from an Old Mercedes.


Modern Approaches To Dining Room Sideboards

Traditional sideboards evoke an Old World charm that can put you in mind of elegant country estates. However, modern dining rooms will also benefit from the addition of some storage furniture that is suited to the function of the room. Sideboards are great for stowing away your dinner service and cutlery, of course, but they are also useful for your other essential items. Table cloths, serving bowls, napkins and glassware all need a home. The ideal place to store these things is in a sideboard. But don’t make your modern room appear old fashioned by opting for a traditional sideboard. There are plenty of contemporary designs that update the classic look.

Even more traditional looking sideboards can be given an up-to-date makeover to feel more at home next to your dining table and chairs. Even if they don’t match, a sideboard and dining table should be able to work together with a little thought given to their coordination.


Secret drawer ideas – perfect for hiding things in plain sight

Everybody has things they don’t want others to see. They’re either personal thinks or valuable items that should stay somewhere safe, where nobody can find them. Sometimes it’s best to hide something in plain sight. Secret drawers are perfect for that. They’re right there n front of you but you don’t suspect a thing.

Stairs storage.

Here’s an idea that’s both clever and practical. Use the space under the stair for storage. You can turn that space into a secret drawer and you can use it for storage for all sorts of items. Nobody would even suspect that something could be hidden there unless you make it visible by installing drawer handles.


21 Cool Furniture For Pets

When you decide to take a pet into your home you basically agree to take care of it and to make sure it’s happy. This doesn’t mean you just have to feed the pet and maybe take out for a walk if it’s a dog. You also have to make everything you can to make it feel comfortable. And since your pet will be a new member of the family, you’ll have to get some furniture for it as well. It’s not about being fancy but about taking care of your furry friend.

Wave bed.

The Wave bed would be perfect for a small-sized dog. It looks just like a normal bed. It even has nightstands built-into the structure. The bed was designed by Cedel. It has a modern design and it’s both durable and beautiful. Your dog will definitely love it.Available for 2,000$.


11 Coffee Tables With Built-In Storage Space

The coffee table is a must-have for any living room. But in any living room there’s also a limited space you can work with and storage is always a problem. So why not take advantage of the fact that the coffee table is a must and to add some useful storage space to its design? These are coffee table design with built-in storage space and they are both good-looking and functional.

Loto coffee table.

This modern coffee table has a sleek and stylish design with a black and white finish. It’s called Loto and it was designed by Italian company it has an aluminum base with a bright white lacquer finish and a circular black tabletop that opens and reveals useful storage space for things such as magazines and other small items.


Nothing says beautiful better than alphabet furniture

The alphabet is what allows us all to communicate and to interact more easily but it can also be more than that. It’s the element that has inspired lots of interesting creations and there are plenty just in the field of furniture design alone. Here are some examples that beautifully illustrate this idea.

Alpha chest.

A Alpha Chest is a stylish piece of furniture made of mango wood. It’s a storage unit with multiple drawers and each one has a letter of the alphabet written on it. It’s great for storing arts and crafts supplies, files and all sorts of small items. It can also be a great piece for the children’s room.Available on site.


Top 10 Karim Rashid Furniture Designs

As some of you may know, Karim Rashid is one of the most successful and one of the best industrial designers in his generation. He has won more than 300 awards and his creations and designs have become legendary. He has over 3000 designs in production and his work can be seen in over 40 countries.But Karim Rashid is also more than a designer as he also got involved in fields such as interiors, fashion, furniture, lighting and art.

Born in Cairo, Egypt and raised in Canada, the prolific designer currently resides in New York where he is managing a private design studio.His work is famous for its simplicity and intrinsic beauty and also for their revolutionary designs. We have selected ten of the most representative furniture designs and we invite you to admire them with us.

Ottawa Collection of furniture and accessories.

This is the Ottawa Collection, a series of furniture and accessories that Karim Rashid has designed for BoConcept. The collection includes a dining room set formed of a table, chairs, a sideboard and a cabinet. The pieces share a minimalist style but this doesn’t make them any less unique and extraordinary.


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