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Interview With Turkish Interior Designer Gülşah Cantaş

Few weeks ago we coverd an office and we was impressed about design. It was a 1300 square meter space that was then turned into a contemporary office for a youth agency with nine departments.We got the chance to speak with Gülşah Cantaş from Kontra.So, learn more about Gülşah Cantaş and their company in this awesome interview:

How did you get into this field?

We are three partners me Cem and Pelin and we were working together before establish our office, then we decided to continue with our own company.


Interview with textile designer Supon Phornirunlit and house tour

Textile designer Supon Phornirunlit always wows with him bright color palettes, bold patterns and must-have pillows.He started his first business- Supon Design Group-with just $1,000 at age of 25, working out of one -bedroom apartment in Washington,D.C.The first pillow Supon designed-Live live a Queen-was a tremendous success.After the success of this product, Supon launched a smart, savvy line of home accessories in 2007 called Naked Decor.We love his stuff so much, in fact, we just had to interview him to see how he does what he does.

How did you get into this field? When did you know you wanted to be a textile designer?

For many years, I served as the founder and creative director of an award-winning graphic design firm in Washington, D.C. We designed corporate branding for Fortune 500 companies. When I sold the company and began designing decorative accessories for my own home.My family and friends admired my creations and I realized that there was consumer demand for my designs. My first collection included several decorative pillows that were a hit with the press and customers. That’s how Naked Decor got its start.


Interview with Alia Bengana a Paris-based architect

We’re going to keep this intro short and short so you can get straight to reading this interview with Alia Bengana, an architect from Paris.Born in Algiers and educated in Paris, it’s often said that her talent comes from their family.

Please share your background with us where are you from?

I was born in Algeria and moved to Paris when I was fifteen. I finished high school in Paris and then started my architecture studies.Moving from Algeria was a great change in my teens, but French was already my mother tongue so I never felt I had to adapt to another culture since French language was already part of my culture. I really started to feel comfortable in Paris at architecture school, surrounded by very open minded students and teachers. During my studies I spent one year in Rome and had my first work in Barcelona. Today I have both citizenships,French and Algerian, and I really feel European with a strong North African heritage.

How did you get into this field? When did you know you wanted to be an architect?

I had the chance to grow up in a house designed by a very talented French architect, Fernand Pouillon, who was working in Algeria in the 70’s. He was a friend of my parents, and helped them to turn an old north African traditional farm they had inherited into a contemporary house, keeping at the same time the spirit of the old construction. Furthermore my parents were great art and architecture lovers,even though they were both lawyers. So I believe I was sensitive to that field since I was a child, and when I had to choose a university after high school I didn’t hesitate.


Interview with Interior Designer Alexandra Lauren

Born into an American family of designers, Alexandra’s unique aesthetic has evolved from a diversity of projects throughout the U.S. and Asia. As an interior designer Alexandra optimizes space in a manner which expresses the client’s own sense of personal style and taste.But we’ll let you find out more about her in this enticing interview taken by us few days ago.

Tell us about the moment when you decided to follow a career in the field of interior design.Also let us know few things about you.

I have always been passionate about design and home interiors.  My mother is an interior designer; and ran her own business from our home so I was surrounded by fabric samples, drafting boards and creative energy growing up.  Even as a little girl I would tell everyone that I wanted to be a designer like my mom when I grew up; and would sit in her office with her for hours playing with coloring books.


Interview with a Romanian textile-interior designer Alina Dobre from care?cutare

We’re going to keep this intro short and sweet so you can get straight to reading this interview with Alina Dobre  from care?Cutare, a creative textile-interior designer from Romania.

What was your first step into the interior design ?

Beside raising 7 children, my grandmother also weaved carpets; my mother worked in a knitting factory and to add some extra money to the monthly  income , she also made embroidery for bed sheets. When we were kids , my brother made espadrilles with an „Illeana „ sewing machine, that i have also used to sew my first clothing items, back when i was a teenager. At kindergarten i was talented at drawings and in school I liked the manual work classes. After high school I ran to France , where I studied visual communication and later on, fashion in London.

I came back in Romania due to an overflow of information and the desire to pass on all that i had learned. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do, but I always knew that I want to do something personal, as unique as possible and not repeated.  I wanted to treat objects like individuals in their uniqueness, to tell the stories I  imagine , but most of all, back in Bucharest,  I saw the need of color and joy in peoples houses. So I decided that I wouldn’t dress people, i will dress up houses.


Exclusive Interview With Martha Angus From San Francisco

Few days ago we have talked with an interior designers Martha Angus from San Francisco  who shares here tips for refreshing your home’s look.She belives that bright throws are one of the easiest ways to spruce up any room and create richness through layering. And they keep you warm!

Tell us about the moment when you decided to follow a career in the field of interior design.

I always felt like an artist growing up. I moved around constantly for my father’s career, so the whole idea of ‘home’, a place where you feel comfortable and can settle into, is the most important thing in the world to me. When I was a child, I absolutely fell in love with color, especially coloring books. I became so passionate about art and color, I thought “Oh, wow!” this is all I ever want to do, which led me to eventually study painting at Carnegie Mellon and the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris.

When I came out of college the options for a female artist were quite limited yet art has always been a driving force in my career. As a young artist fresh out of school, I got my start as a fashion illustrator and textile designer in New York City. That eventually led to store design and high-end residential design. My work and interests are always evolving but I never abandoned my first love –painting and contemporary art. To this day, art is the most important feature in my designs. It’s usually the first thing I discuss when starting a new project.


Interview with Kristin Drohan Who Love Classic Traditional Style

Kristin Drohan, one of America’s most versatile interior designers, offers complete design services,ranging from space planning and project management to kitchen and bath renovation and selection of fabrics and flooring. Also own a furniture line to elite clients throughout the country.

Enjoy her portfolio, as well as the enlightening answers and in the end, feel free to leave you opinions in the comments section below.

Tell us about the moment when you decided to follow a career in the field of interior design.

Getting involved in an interior design career was a happy accident. I spent over a decade in the corporate world as a dept store buyer and then later in sales and marketing management.  After I had children, I was looking for something different.  I had the opportunity to start a home decor business which eventually led to offering furniture along with the accessories.  With the success of those lines, customers starting asking where to put these items.  I had a business degree and did not have a formal interior design background I felt was necessary to be a credible design resource.  That is what prompted me to study interior design and eventually add those services to my business.


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