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Special Interview: Montana Labelle Talks About Her 700 Square Feet Toronto Condo

Montana Labelle is a young interior designer from Toronto and has plenty of things to offer in this field. Not only she decorates a certain space, she tells a story about it and each detail has a meaning. In 2013 she launched her design and lifestyle firm, and although she is still at the beginning, she has a huge success. We believe the Uptown Loft is one of her best works so far and we are grateful that she accepted to share with us important details about this tiny residence.


Tiny Tack House: Living Large In A Tiny House Interview

Have you ever considered down-sizing? How about down-sizing to a 140-square foot home on wheels that you’ve designed and built yourself? That’s what Christopher and Malissa Tack did, and the end result (their Tiny Tack House) is a completely customized architectural and multifunctional marvel that meets their needs and enhances their lifestyle.

Ever since Homedit initially spotted the Tiny Tack House two months ago, we’ve been inspired by the simple magnitude of the Tack’s tiny-yet-oh-so-efficient living space. Homedit was lucky enough to interiew Malissa Tack about her behind-the-scenes experience with the design of, construction of, and lifestyle afforded by the Tiny Tack House. Read on for amazing photos of and commentary on this enchantingly back-to-the-basics home:


Huge Multi-Functional Living Potential In A Tiny 420-sq-ft Apartment – Exclusive Interview

If you’ve ever looked around your home and wished for more space, you’re certainly not alone. It’s easy to want more space to store more of life’s stuff. But what’s not easy is to take a tiny apartment space (let’s say, oh, 420 square feet) and design it to provide highly functional living in that very little space (comparable to an 1,100 square foot home).

That’s two Romanian architecture students named Catalin Sandu and Adrian Iancu did in this Life Edited apartment in Soho, and it is an architectural and home design marvel! Let’s take a brief tour of this amazing space, shall we?


Moving Walls & Secret Furniture: The Delightfully Flexible Architecture Of A Didomestic Apartment

That’s right. You read that right. Moving walls and secret furniture. It sounds like something out of an old sci-fi movie, doesn’t it? But the truth is, this compact apartment in Madrid is both ultra-modern and ensconced in reality.

The apartment, created within the loft of an old building, was designed by Spanish studio Elii Architects to maximize the limited square footage by creating flexible rooms and furniture. Each space can be rearranged or adapted for different purposes – a one-person tea time or a many-people party.


Talking About Decorating A Small Apartment With Designer Jennifer Prugh Visosky

Small home living is on the rise as homeowners are living more sustainable lives and moving into overpopulated cities. What is your advice to the first time apartment home renter for making their small apartment feel like home?

– People who want to make their space feel like home, whether they own or rent, should treat it as if they plan to live there long-term. If you think it is a temporary situation then it will feel temporary to you and the people who visit you. Move in! Make it a home with personal effects, a colorful rug, spaces that are used in the way you live.


Interview: Swedish Interior Design Accents With Daniel Franzen

Architectural and interior design influences come from different areas of the world, and what inspires one designer can help create a new way of looking at our built environment. Today Homedit interviews Architect MFA – Daniel Franzen – a Swedish designer and architect who is the brainchild behind Bunker Hill design firm. A healthy and inspiring mixture of design genres from interiors and architecture to jewelry. Learn what makes this Swedish designer different from the rest and why Bunker Hill is continually evolving into an inspiring world-renowned design firm.

Bunker Hill is a creative and eclectic mix of interiors, architecture, furniture and Swedish design inspiration, where do you pull your ideas from for your creations?

The answer is of course inside my head somewhere, and it´s not the same for every project. Sometimes I have things stored and it can take one day or three years to know what to do with all loose fragments I collect all the time. The best way is of course when I have a deadline for a exhibition or a meeting with a customer. The short answer is: I see things everywhere!


Why do You Want to Be A Designer? – ‘Advice for Young Designers’

When choosing a design career, one of the first things to ask yourself is, “Why do I want to be a designer?” Everyone has different influences in their life to form their opinions about choosing a career. My advice for young designers is to think about what inspires you into a field of designing? Whether you want to be an architect, fashion/jewelry designer or culinary chef – all these careers require a mindset to enjoy what you do, even though it will require years of hard work, research, and tenacity. Here are tips to consider for young designers today:

designer lamp

Advice for young designers

Soak up knowledge from life:

One of the hardest areas for young designers to understand is that knowledge and skills don’t only come from a formal education, but can be soaked up from life around you. From traveling, reading, listening to music, learning other cultures lifestyles, these are the best ways to prepare for a design career. Choose the design profession you like and learn what tools, resources, and background you need to be successful in this career before pouring your life and soul into it.


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