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Modern 90 sqm house near to Tegnérlunden Park

This lovely house in the vicinity of Tegnerlunden district, is simply stunning , to say the least. It is luxury at its best. With top of the line interiors and spacious floor plan, it is surely a head turner.

It boosts of huge walls which let ample sun light seep in. A white theme makes it look exquisite and gives it a charming flavor. Fresh plants in the rooms, add to the overall – natural theme. Comfortable and amazing furnishing throughout the house.


How to save money when buying a house?

Believe it or not, but the most delightful decision is to purchase a house. Besides assuring shelter and security, a house is also known to give satisfaction and happiness. However, as a house is a life time investment, it involves a lot of money. In addition, with the rise in property prices, people are forced to spend more and a significant portion of the investment turns into dead investment. Thankfully, there are many varied ways to save money when buying a house. Let us discuss few of them –

Look for yourself – It is a common phenomenon to purchase a house through a real estate agent. However, people do not realize that by looking on own allows one to make large savings. Ask friends and relatives to help you out. Look for “For sale boards” when you go on a drive. Go through newspaper classified as well as internet classifieds.


Amazing Stalking family homes

It’s not easy to come up with a beautiful design for a family home. Still, there are so many amazing examples out there and each and every one of them is unique. Today we’re going to focus on a particular property that we came across and we’re going to explore its beautiful design.This is the Stalking family home. It’s a very beautiful house that has an interesting design. As you can see from the pictures, the interior is stylish and yet it also has a casual look. This balance and contrast makes the property stand out. What’s also interesting is the fact that the designer opted for a seaside-inspired look even though the house is not located near the ocean.

This theme was chosen in order to create a soothing and casual décor without making it seem too simple or monotonous. The look we’re talking about was created by using a variety of patterns and accents. Even so, the influence is very subtle.


Knowing More about the Real Estate Business

Many of us think that the real estate business is easy and fun as seen on TV. Most channels that tackle real estate issues make it look an easy task to renovate or redesign homes.  It shows us that in just a matter of hours or a few days, everything is done from top to bottom, from left to right, but we all are aware that they are just TV shows and they are far from reality.  These shows, however, have attracted many people to try the real estate business.  If you are one of them, here are few advices before hopping into the real thing:

Make a thorough research about property investment

When you want to invest on a property, you should know exactly what you’re looking for.  You should, likewise, know the different laws governing the real estate industry.  There is also a need for you to study the different options and types of investments because there are just so many other options available other than renting out a property or reselling it when its value appreciates.


The Importance of Home Inspections

Whether you’re purchasing a home or you’re offering your home for sale, home inspection would be a good idea.  Both the buyer and the seller may opt for home inspection once negotiation is over and before the deal gets sealed.

People who do home inspection are called home inspectors and their job is to assess everything inside and outside of a home, from the roof to the floors, from walls to staircases, from backyards to porches, and so on.

During the inspection, the inspector will walk into all the corners of the house and looks for problems in the structure and foundation.  He peeps into every pipe, electrical wiring systems as well as ventilation and roofing systems. Included also in his inspection are the windows, doors, bathroom tiles, lavatories and garbage disposal system.  He, likewise, calculates how many years the home will be able to withstand wear and tear.


Directly Buy Your Home from the Owner

There are events in our lives when we need to vacate our homes and find a new one.  A new work assignment, marriage and migration are just some of the many reasons why we are looking for a new abode.  Whatever reasons we may have, we still ought to know a few things about buying a house.  We need to know the different terminologies and processes involved in this kind of transaction.  For instance, when you see a sign that bears “House on sale by owner”, it means that the owner of the property is offering it for sale.

If you have been longing to own a home for long time and you have actually saved up for it, I’m quite sure that you value every bit of your money that you put into it.  By directly purchasing from the owner of a house, you can definitely save you a lot of money.


Contemporary Sydney Residence

Designed by Paul Bangay,this Australian contemporary residence boasts breathtaking living areas, a magnificent infinity pool, study, steam room and gymnasium.This residence is an architectural design with state-of-the-art technology and alluring luxury featuring for bedrooms and 4 bathrooms all handcrafted appointments by Boyd Alternatives.

Also the dining area features a stunning Murano glass chandelier all of those discreetly positioned in one of Sydney’s most tightly held, premier locations. The house is large and modern, having all the necessary equipment, but also a very pleasant interior design. The kitchen for example is clean and white, large and effective, with everything in its place and some tall chairs. The living room is best described by the word “comfort”. The low sofa and low table make you feel comfortable and create an intimate atmosphere and a chatty ambiance.


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