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Sally Field’s Malibu Home

If you hear about the name of the famous actress Sally Field and her Malibu house, you can already imagine that it is not just a simple house, which belongs to a celebrity. And indeed, it is not just an ordinary house, as besides the building itself, there are also other attractive things such as parking spaces,  a tennis court, a swimming pool, an office space and a guest house. Besides the fact that the owner is a famous person, the house has other advantages also; for example the fact that it overlooks the Tuna Canyon Park and that it is a short drive from the Pacific.

It is surrounded by a very beautiful landscape, great views over the hills and mountains. The interior is very pleasant, the wide glass windows and doors let the natural light enter the house and wash everything in a warm light. There are both traditional and modern objects that contribute to the beauty of the general atmosphere: the fireplace, which unites the two tendencies, the large table with comfortable armchairs in the living room and the pieces of furniture in the bedroom.


How To Buy A House With No Credit

Oh no, I m not joking! You read it right. A bad credit, bankruptcy or foreclosure cannot stop you from owning a house. Gone are the days when only the “solvent” could afford to buy a house. Nowadays, even a person with no credit can dream of owning a house. Of course it comes with a little more price, but something is better than nothing, right?

When can you actually start seeking a loan?

1.There are certain rules which you need to follow after your bankruptcy to be able to seek a loan. These are:-

2.The period between two bankruptcy filings is seven years but the credit report demands at least ten years.

3.FHA Guidelines list a period of two years after foreclosure to be able to qualify a down payment of just 3-4%.

4.You can get a loan even after six months of filing your bankruptcy but you have to approach hard money lenders for that. However, they demand a down payment of 20-35% and the interest rates are also very high.


In the Land of the Long White Cloud

The Land of the Long White Cloud is New Zealand, a country that seems to be taken to earth from the sky, thanks to its beauty. In Auckland everything seems to be perfect,the houses being a total inspiration. You have the feeling that you are not on earth anymore, but somewhere in heaven, as every little thing around is ideal.

The environment definitely makes you think about summer, about holidays, about spending your free time in the best way possible. What could be better than choosing this dream place? Everything is centered around the idea of heaven on earth or a place that is more appropriate for gods than for human beings…The pool seems infinite, the outdoor fireplace is something you would not expect, the kitchen is fabulous, the outdoor light is amazing.


Sell Your House Now or Rent It Until Market Improves?

In today’s real estate market, many homeowners are trying to find a suitable answer to their query – Sell your house now or rent it until the market improves. Well, the answer to the query is dependent on your priorities and needs, and it is totally a matter of choice. However, according to the real estate experts, renting is a better alternative than selling today. Selling your house now can be a challenge and even impossible.

Frankly speaking, it is just not the right time to dispose properties. Property prices are still very down and demand is sluggish. Property downturn is quite evident and owners are now considering putting their properties to long term rental program. The idea of generating income from property is also very promising to many home owners.


Tips For Settling In At Your New Home

Purchase of a new house is unquestionably one of the most exciting events a family can experience. One definitely feels very overwhelmed while moving the boxes, bubble wrap and other fixtures. However, besides a smooth moving process, there are several other factors which if considered will assist you in settling in at your new home quickly and efficiently.

Fill out the address form – an official change of the address form is very important because this is how you will be receiving all your mails. The address change can be easily executed by visiting the local post office. Alternatively, you can also visit the website of the post office. In addition, financial companies and banks should be intimated directly about change in the address.


How to Find Home Insurance in Canada?

All of us want to keep our homes safe and secure as it is one of the most prized possessions. And the easiest way to keep it secure, it is to avail home insurance. If you are living in Canada or planning to acquire a new house in Canada, you will not face any hassles in finding appropriate coverage, as the number of companies offering home insurance is simply vast. Varied companies are offering varied insurance packages to safeguard the home against various factors such as natural disasters, theft and fire. Besides getting the entire structure insured, you can also get your belongings insured.

Finding home insurance ottawa forms the basics of home insurance. First of all, you need to understand and evaluate your needs.  Try and determine the type of coverage you would want for your property and against what factors. In addition, also make a list of the valued possessions you would like to have covered.  Needless to be mentioned but an insurance company would definitely like to know what kind of home insurance ontario you are looking for, where do you live, what is your lifestyle, if there are any security features installed in the house, etc.  Having this information in hand will make the experience of finding home insurance vancouver much more smoother.


Tips to Sell a House in a Down Economy

Selling a house has always known to be a stressful and challenging process, especially when the economy is down. The fact cannot be denied that the real estate market is today in a slump. Property prices are extremely low and tougher mortgage requirements have made it difficult for the prospective buyers to seek home loans. So what does a seller do?

Well, of course, you can’t change the economic situation, but you can easily be proactive and employ some clever ways so that your house gets sold quickly. Here is a list of few helpful tips to assist you sell your house in a down economy –

Prepare your house – You can’t afford to overlook the details of your house in a buyer’s market as you will be getting only one chance to create the lasting impression. Get a quick clean up of the house done. Try and beautify the inside and out of your house by way of repairs and paints because curb appeal really counts. Clean the front porch and invest in few small potted plants so that the house appears attractive.


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