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Oriole Lane-Soothing House in Los Angeles

If you are on property search this next house is going to leave you speechless. Located in Hollywood Hills neighborhood, Los Angeles, Oriole Lane was renovated by Darryl Wilson Design. The house was built in 1958 and it got a beautiful upgrade.

This contemporary house is fabulous not only on the inside, but on the exterior as well. It offers stunning views and superb features. The Oriole Lane presents a master suite, two additional bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and a pool cabana. Siting on a 2,700sqf plot, the single-family home has large windows that allow you to fully benefit from natural light and the views.


Stunning House with Breathtaking Views in California

The Razor Residence is a first class property in La Jolla, California. This next masterpeice is another stunning design by Wallace E. Cunningham, who surprised us once again. This house is a real piece of heaven and has been on the market for quite some time.

Located on a 10,000sqf site, the house is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Designed by one of Architectural Digest’s Top 100 Designers, the building is mainly made out of white, polished concrete, steel and glass which allows you to soak in the breathtaking views of the ocean.


What is the best time of year to sell a house

According to property agents, there are several times of the year when one can get a better price on the house than at others and when they sell comparatively quicker than other times. It is a well-known fact that the sale of properties is highest during the spring months, from April to July. It has been observed that the number of houses that sell during spring and summer months are double the number of houses which are sold during the fall and winter months. One of the reasons for this is because parents tend to take advantage of the time when the kids are off school.

However, this is not necessarily the best time to sell. This is because of the simple reason that everyone has the same thinking and they try and sell their homes during this period. As a result there are a number of properties on sale in the same peak period. In winter months, the number of houses for sale is much lesser than what they are in the summer months. According to estate agents, if one sells his house between Halloween and New Year’s, there are chances that the house will be sold faster and fetch a price closer to the asking price. According to agents, the autumn buyers have waited through the entire busy season for a better deal.


Things to know about home ownership

Nothing can be more beautiful, than having a house of your own. Well, for some it is a distant dream, and some work hard to live it. For all the sections in the society, everyone wants at least a space of their own. Whether small, or big, one room or a four room apartment we just wish to have something we can call our own. Buying a house isn’t tough, with so many home loans and mortgage schemes coming up. It isn’t tough but its easy if really push us to make it true.

Home ownership has its positive and negative points. Though you will find it only better, that now you have an asset of yours but if you have taken a home loan to buy it, you need to check in.Giving monthly installments of your new house is like an added burden to your standing expenditures. So when you opt for a home loan, you have neither the property nor the money. And then you have to shell all your income in something which you will get in future- till you give your last and final installment.


Advantages and disadvantages of selling a house without agent

Many of us often wonder whether it is a good decision to hire the services of a real estate agent to sell a house. This is often quite debatable as it depends on a number of factors and the answer might be different in different situations. One example could be if someone lives at a place where it is not possible to search for a potential buyer or even a person is not good at exploring then he could talk to a real estate agent to help in searching for a potential buyer. Contrary to this, if it is easy to get offers from the interested buyers then it is useless to employ the services of an agent.

There are a number of advantages as well as disadvantages of selling a house without a real estate agent. The main advantage of selling without hiring an agent is that one can have complete control in the pricing and marketing of the house and there will be no need to share or pay anything to the agent. The marketing costs are also reduced due to no involvement of the agent. One can be in direct touch with the buyers and this helps in talking to them freely while negotiating prices.


New York Apartment Design in Stockholm

If you wish to see New York in Stockholm, well this is it !This apartment is designed in a complete modern fashion. It has interiors which are out of this world – simply best in the business and nothing less. The place is designed to perfection .

With lovely white walls adorned with vibrant art pieces, chic furnishing, color contrasts in living room, cute staircase in the middle of the house, hammock right in the living area, cuddly room for the young ones and so much more. This house is perfect for a small family.

It is an ideal blend of charisma and style – any young couple would be impressed by the modern designing and use of top class materials. Everything from bathroom to the bedroom is designing in a very minimalistic yet modern way. You will love it.

Modern Tall Ceilings House in Stockholm

This surely looks like a home to a family who does not compromise on any amenity / luxury !This place is splendid – what with 15 foot tall ceilings and romantic fireplaces – it looks like its come right off a romantic movie. The setting is just stunning. It overlooks scenic snow covered grounds  – huge wide , white spaces which you can just watch for hours while sipping coffee.

The dining area is vibrant with an array of color contrasts throughout. Bold colors on carpet and art pieces on the walls. Everything adds to the aura of perfection.


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