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Whether you were born with a hammer in your hand or whether you’re scared of even picking up a paintbrush, it doesn’t matter because here you’ll find a wide selection of DIY projects and how to tips, varying from extra easy to complex. Find out how you can improve your home with DIYs, how to upcycle or repurpose everyday objects and how DIY crafts can help you turn a generic piece into something unique you’ll cherish forever.

DIY organizer for scarves and belts

I personally have a real problem with all my scarves and belts. I have nowhere to place them and they keep getting in my way. At one point I had a big box for them but it kept getting messy all the time. That’s why I rally love this organizer. It’s a wonderful and very practical idea and the best thing is that you can make it by yourself.

It’s a space-saving item and it’s also very useful. It keeps all your scarves and belts organized and uncluttered. You’ll always know where to find them and you won’t have to worry that they might be tousled or unusable. It will also free your shelves from small accessories. Let’s see what you need for this project. First of all, you need to have a piece of plywood. You can decide on the dimensions. It doesn’t need to be too big. You’ll also need a wooden hanger, a hook, some furniture lacquer and some instruments. Use the hanger to make a contour on the piece of plywood and cut it.


DIY Holliday-themed burlap pillows

Well, we-re a little late with this article. It’s about some very beautiful pillows that you can do by yourself. The pillows feature decorations such as a Christmas tree or snowflakes. It’s not quite you probably had in mind, given that it’s practically spring outside. However, the project is very inspiring and you can take the idea and create all sorts of themes and patterns. Now let’s see how you can make these cute pillows. Since they are themed pillows that you only use during part of the year, the covers should be easy to remove and swap. It would be a good idea to use envelope hacks. Zippers are also an option but it would be too much trouble to sew them by hand and then to only use them for a few months.

Here are the materials that you’ll need for this fun DIY project. You’ll need 2 yards of burlap, 2 18’’x18’’ pillow inserts and ¾ yard of whitecotton fabric. You’ll also need some white acrylic paint for the decorations. Making the pillows is easy. Start by cutting s pieces of 20’’ x 20’’. They need to be square. Cut them out of the burlap. These pieces will be the front of the pillows. Then use the white paint to create your design. Paint it directly onto the pieces of burlap that you have previously cut. The design doesn’t need to be perfect. In fact, this is what makes the pillows so special and unique.


Friendly rocking chair for kids got a makeover

Everyone knows what a rocking chair is. We usually associate it with the grandma image. This is how we usually see it on TV or in cartoon series. I still remember Muriel and how she loved to sit in her rocking chair and watch TV. But rocking chairs aren’t only for old people. Kids can enjoy them too. Here’s a very cute rocker that got a beautiful makeover and that has the perfect size for kids.

The rocker has a very chic look but that’s after the makeover. Before that it used to look very sad. It was an old piece of furniture with a nice overall look but in bad need of a makeover. The chair got a fresh new look and it’s almost unrecognizable now. The frame was painted white and this changed everything. The glossy white paint makes it look ore modern and fresh. The fabric was also a very important element. It’s chic and modern and it completely changes everything.


Top 20 ways to bring the outside in through birch

Today is a special day, a day where natures claims its place in the calendar. Thereby I propose to talk about nature and the wonderful things it has to offer. Among  them there are trees, wonderful building materials and the base for many of the decorative ideas. Today we’ll focus around birch , a tree closely related to the beech or oak . This type of wood has been the subject of many wonderful projects, made by specialists or simply by any of you.  You wouldn’t imagine how many possibilities of creating original decorations  and useful items that could surround us  in every second and in any type of activity, exist.

In the first part of the material we’ll take a look at some wonderful ideas and objects build with or from birch wood, and then in the second part we’re actually going to see step by step how could you do similar projects by yourself.


Easy DIY Desk With Ikea Table Tops and Legs

This nice project , like many others was born from a necessity. The need of a grater working space that would run the length of those big windows pushed the owner to an custom made individual project. Already knowing what she wanted, Jenny  picked some wooden table tops and matching legs and start working. First she assembled the legs and tops to look like a desk. The three leg design turned out great, looking really stylish and modern. The next step was to paint the wooden structure with some water based paint. Because she wanted to be able to see the knots and some of the grain in the wood through the paint job a little more water was added so the paint layer was not necessarily thinner but less dense.

It all took around 10 minutes and then  was left to dry. To achieve a cool bras look on the legs Jenny used  a foam brush and a drop of metallic parlor gold. NO primer, just two or three coats sealed with Polycrylic  should be enough for you too.As we can see the setting is perfect for the finished product and I love the combination of pickled wood with modern brassy legs.After you jum see more Diy desk ideas.


Modern upholstered bench made from a table

We’ve noticed the weather has become more friendly lately so we decided to show you something a little more appropriate. Since spring is just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of all the fun things you can do outdoors. If you have some outdoor space available, we have a nice project that you’ll love. We’re going to show how to turn a simple table into a cozy and modern bench. For this project you’ll need an old coffee table with straight sides, some measuring tape, ½’’ plywood, ¼’’ double strength glass, sandpaper, a 2’’ piece of foam, one yard of Dacron, spray adhesive, a yard of fabric, a staple gun, spray paint three 1 ½’’ wood screws and a drill. Now let’s see what can you do with all those materials. First you need to decide on the dimensions for the seat and the table. Then cut the wood and glass so that they fit those dimensions. Next attach the pre-cut foam to the wood using spray adhesive.

You’ll also need to cut a piece of Dacron to place on top of the foam after applying spray adhesive. Then cut the fabric and make sure it fits around the Dacron covered bench top. You’ll need some extra 2-3’’ for stapling. Then upholster the fabric on the wood and foam insert. Use the sandpaper to smooth off the edges and then cut the glass, clean it and let it dry. Spray one side of the glass with spray paint, let it dry and repeat. Do that until it becomes opaque.


Creative DIY rug railings

Traditional rugs are not very fashionable these days. In fact, most homes don’t have any rugs at all. Most modern and contemporary homes prefer wooden floors of tiles. And since we all have to adapt to these changes, we often find ourselves with old rugs and we don’t know what to do with. But if you have a house of lots that include a stairwell, we have an idea of a very creative project for you.You can use old rugs or even blankets to create rails for the stairwell. It’s actually a very interesting and original and for me it’s the first time I hear about it. It’s not a bad idea at all. This way you don’t have to throw away the rugs that you have used for so many years and you can repurpose them. The project is actually very simple and no instructions are needed.

All you have to do is take the rug or blanket, preferably more than one if you want to cover the whole stairwell, and figure out the dimensions and a way to cut them. Then cut them in smaller pieces and staple the pieces to the stairwell. It would be very easy if the stairwell is made of wood. For metal or other types of materials it’s going to be a little more complicated but not impossible. You’ll just have to adapt your design and ideas to the circumstances.


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