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5 ways of turning wine corks into unique Christmas decorations

On special events there is always used a special wine for their celebration. A glass of wine is real necessary for these types of events like anniversaries, birthdays, announcement of a wedding or the arrival of a baby. Those who love the sweetness of a good wine perhaps are also the owners of many wine corks too.

The next DIY project refers to the use of some wine corks for 5 DIY Wine Cork Christmas Decorations. if this year your budget is too affected and you were forced to cut your decorations on your list perhaps you still have a hope and a chance to find some funny decorations for your home Usually winter decorations are special as they make our homes glitter and create a magic atmosphere full of warm and peacefulness.


Sweet&Delicious DIY Candy Cane Vase

December is also called the month of presents and the little ones are so exciting waiting for their presents from Santa Claus. They try to prove him that they deserve these presents, they are good, learn poems and songs, and help their parents and so on.

Many of their desired presents are related to sweets, toys, and clothes and lately I have heard that they even expect to get jewelry too.Santa Claus figurines made of chocolate, candy canes and chocolate candies are among the favorite sweets that everybody expects to get even if we refer to kids or adults.Candy canes seem to be specific to these winter holidays and they have always reminded me of my childhood.


Stylish entryway makeover

This is a lovely home. All the rooms are inviting and stylish, except for the entryway. At last that’s the way things were until Linda, the owner of this house, decided to give it a makeover. The entryway was seriously lacking functionality and it was also looking bad compared to the rest of the house.

So Linda decided to change all that by giving it a more dramatic look. She started by changing the colors. The brown and blue were replaced by gray and black. Also, the white trims look beautiful. The door has also been replaced. And now for the functional part. In order to make the entryway a little more functional, Linda added some much needed coat hooks along the walls.


Christmas Sparkling DIY Snow Globe

These days all the people were busy to buy some presents for dear ones. Tomorrow is Saint Nicholas’ Day and tonight he is supposed to come to each house and fill everybody’s cleaned boots with presents, sweets and even some sticks for those who were not so good this year.Today the sores were full of people who wanted to find the perfect present for each member of the family. Toys of all kinds, various types of sweets, fruits, cosmetics or decorative objects are among the most common things which can be found in the boots tomorrow morning.

If you are not ready yet with a present perhaps you can improvise and create a wonderful, sparkling DIY Snow Globe. I remember that when I was little I was fascinated by these snow globes. Now you can make one of your own which you can keep it as a beautiful decorative item for your house or you can put in a boot tonight so that you can bring happiness and a smile on somebody’s face tomorrow morning.


DIY Mason Jar Chandelier

The moment we decide to clean our house we may notice that a lot of empty jars occupy a lot of space in our lumber room. Whether they were received with all kinds of sweets from our grandparents from the country side or we bought them with all sorts of types of food from the supermarket these jars seem to bother us in a way. Although we manage to reuse some of them as we can filled them with sweted fruit or other traditional types of food that we can prepare for winter they still remain a lot of them unused.

There is an ingenious idea which can help us create a wonderful DIY chandelier made of Mason jars. Six pint sized jars and lights are the main materials that you need for this project. Three of them are clear glass, one is pink, another one is green and the last one is yellow. Their arrangement and nice glow make it perfect for any space of your house. You can hang it from the ceiling with hooks and comes with twelve feet of chain and cord. It can also be plugged into any outlet.


Diy Christmas Candles For A Warm Atmosphere

It is December already and all the stores, squares, restaurants and homes are decorated with all sorts of decorations and lights which make you turn your head and admire them. All these decorations represent the charm of these lovely winter holidays and the people’s joy that manifest themselves towards these special moments. Wreaths of branches of Christmas trees, glass balls, candles and lights appear at almost every window and make feel closer to the spirit of Christmas.

If you ran out of budget or you want to make some original decorations of Christmas candles here it is a very nice DIY project which presents 10 lovely DIY Christmas Candles .They can make your room look warmer or sparkling or make your Christmas dinner look more attractive and charming.


Nice DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

I remember those wonderful summer holidays that I have spent at the country side at my grandparents. The fresh air, the nature, all the animals and birds, the natural and tasty food were things that composed this entire wonderful rustic universe. All the day long I was outside and trying to help my grandparents at different things like: feeding the animals, bringing them water too, cleaning the yard or helping them preparing the breakfast, lunch or dinner.

One of the inconvenient was that dust was everywhere and all the time my hands were not so clean. Perhaps a soap dispenser was a real need since my grandparents were using just a simple soap which needed to be put in a special place.The next DIY project reminded me of this problem and its nice result which can be perfect for such a situation.


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