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Lovely DIY Terrarium Magnets

People are bound to nature and its beauties. The moments spent in the middle of nature are like the air they need to breathe. Nature represents an example of living, a way of relaxation, a source of food, materials and other natural items that can provide us a normal life. A green spot has always proved to be an excellent oasis of feeling nice, close to nature and an item which inspires you life and optimism.

For all theses particular reasons people enjoy to have near their house and in their house plenty of flowers and other plants which embellish their home and make it more welcoming.The next DIY project is perfect for those who love to have some green spots in their home. The advantage is that they are very cute and do not need too much space. The project refers to some lovely DIY Terrarium Magnets created by Ruffled. It represents a way of creating yourself a magnetic vertical garden which will bring you joy and make you feel nice each time you will see it.


Decorative DIY Snowman

It is chilly outside and I play a lot with my little daughter inside. She is at the age when she does her first steps and I am impatient to see her when we prepare the Christmas tree. I am imagining all those sparkling decorations and funny things that she will distract her attention and how she would like to catch them all in her hands. Since we need to play a lot, I have discovered that I can do some lovely Christmas decorations just by playing with some things.

There are so many symbols of Christmas and winter and snowman is one of them. Recently I have seen an article which showed us how many things we can do using a sock and a decorative snowman was one of them. It is a really funny DIY project that even kids may do it. All the materials you need to have are: a sock, some beans or rice, some rubber band a marker or some buttons.

Now you can start by filling the sock with beans or rice, tie or use a rubber band for the first tier, and then repeat the process again and again if it is possible until you get a two or three tiered snowman. You can make its face with a marker or use some buttons or other items which can help you get a joyful face.{found on hubpages}

Easy DIY Curly Christmas Tree

Since the global crisis seems to affect our budgets we could find ourselves in the situation of cutting some of the things on the Christmas list and even think of the idea of improvising something to replace those things.It is a hard year and sometimes our creativity and ingeniousity seem to save us from some unpleasant situations or even make us create some incredible things which can make us proud of our abilities and originality.

For those who cannot afford a natural Christmas Tree this year or would like to create their own Christmas Tree here it is a nice DIY project which can help you create a funny DIY Curly Christmas Tree. Kids will adore it as it has a funny design and will also bring some color into your interior.It is a project which will definitely remind you of your childhood and the moments when you used to improvise and create all sorts of things like that.


Stylish dresser update

This is Nicole’s dresser. She had for quite some time and at one point it started to clash with the other furniture in the house. It had that old look that didn’t really match with anything else. So Nicole decided to give it a makeover.

She didn’t want to simply throw it away because it was still a very good dresser. It just needed some adjustments and she decided to do that by herself. Nicole got the dresser as part of a three-piece set. The other two pieces were some nightstands and they got their own makeover. Now it was the dresser’s time to shine. Since the dresser was in great conditions structurally, all it needed was a fresh new look.


DIY chickadee tree topper decoration

I can’t wait to decorate my Christmas tree. I love all the decorations and the lights. Of course, I always try to be original and to come up with a fresh décor. It’s easier to do that when you make your own decorations. It’s actually a very good idea. It’s both fun and practical and at the end you get some lovely Christmas decorations that you’ve made by yourself. Today we’re going to learn how to make a chickadee tree topper.

For this you’ll need a printer, scissors, a chickadee tree topper template and ornament template, some printable paper, tape, string and any additional fun art supplies such as markers or paints. First print out the pdfs. It’s better to use heavyweight paper or cardstock because regular paper tends to lose its shape and consistency. Then cut the shapes out and flip them over. Cut a piece of string about 6 inches long, loop and knot it then tape it onto the paper.


Nice DIY Ruffled Christmas Trees

There are only a few weeks till Christmas is coming and everywhere you look more and more Christmas decorations seem to appear at every window. People love to express their joy and happiness that Christmas brings them and try to embellish every corner of their home or store with beautiful wreaths, garlands, Christmas trees and other decorations of this kind.

For those of you would like to add more originality and feel proud of their handmade crafting here it is a interesting DIY project which might help them create something real nice. If you get some cones, some ruffled fabric scraps, two wooden candlesticks, some hot glue, a stripped ribbon and some red and green paint you will be able to create some nice DIY Ruffled Christmas Trees. They will look great on your dinner table or anywhere you would like to put them. Their presence will bring more color to your place and will make you feel closer to the spirit of Christmas.


Easy DIY Paperback Christmas Trees

Christmas offers you a great opportunity to express your imagination, creativity and abilities. You can make splendid Christmas decoration of various materials which are usually cheap and imply an easy process. Wood, fabric or paper are among the most common used materials and the products seem to be extremely nice and attractive.

Another DIY project may also attract your attention. This time the paperback seems to be the main materials. The project refers to some lovely DIY Paperback Christmas Trees. There are three variants that you may choose, depending on your tastes and preferences.


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