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Sparkling and Colorful DIY Hot Air Balloons Christmas Ornaments

I come from a family that is in love with planes, parachutes and things that can give you wings and feel the touch of high sky. I remember how much I loved my first flight by plane. I was preparing myself to visit Sweden as an exchange of experience between Romanian and Swedish schools. It was a fantastic experience which had marked my whole existence and made me become a different person.

As I love all the flying devices the hot air balloons are also among them. Their lovely design and the experience that can offer you it must be fantastic. I have never had the chance to travel by them but who knows maybe one day I will succeed.


Easy DIY Vintage Paper Wreath

This time of the year reminds me a lot of my beautiful moments of childhood. I remember the time when I was with my brother and mother around the Christmas tree and try to dress it up with all sorts of sparkling decorations. Perhaps the most beautiful moments were when I was creating something on my own made of paper, cardboard or other materials and brought so much satisfaction and happiness at the end. These DIY projects were easy to be done and could fill our free time with something useful and funny.

The next DIY project is similar and you will discover the joy of creating original and beautiful things just using your hands and imagination. It is a lovely DIY Vintage Paper Wreath which you can hang everywhere you want. for this easy DIY project you will need some materials like: some sheet music or pages of an old song book, a glue stick or some masking tape, a cardboard circle, a ribbon, some hot glue, a medallion or decoration,  some glitter glue and a ruffle.


Precious DIY Fabric Card Tree

On Christmas or on New Year’s Eve people make all sorts of wishes for their beloved. Everybody expresses all the best wishes, for the others and try to send the dear ones all their love and happiness. A few years ago and perhaps even now people used to write all these wishes on Christmas cards. Nowadays the use of internet made us more practical and an e-card seems to be more convenient although I guess is not the same thing. Things have changed and people try to be more comfortable, win more time and adapt to the new challenges.

For those who are nostalgic and still have some Christmas cards at home, now it is the moment to use them and create something nice for them. It is a DIY project which refers to a DIY Fabric Card Tree which you can hang it on your door.


DIY Button Covered Christmas Ball

December is the month that enchants our sights with all sorts of Christmas decorations. The beautiful wreaths, the colorful and sparkling Christmas balls, the lovely candles or Christmas Trees seem to invade each space and make us turn our head each time we notice them. All these ornaments and decorations are the symbols of Christmas and are part of the charm of these wonderful winter holidays. Their appearance seem light our soul and make us feel happier and perhaps more optimistic for the following year.

Among all these ornaments the Christmas ball is one of the most popular and favored items for each space. Its sparkling appearance creates this magic atmosphere specific to the winter holidays and makes each space become more colorful and nice.


Joyful Kid-Made Doorbells

Winter comes with joy and Christmas holidays and everywhere you go you might hear so many beautiful carols or sounds of bells which announce the arrival of these special moments.In my country kids go from door to door and sing carols on the Christmas ‘Eve Night. In exchange they get sweets, money, apples or nuts. On the New Year’s Eve night they prepare their bells and do the same thing but this time they prepare a different type of carol which resembles more with a list of best wishes for the next year.

It is a special night when bells are heard at every step and make you feel wonderful.I guess everybody knows that wonderful carol called “Jingle Bells” but definitely not everybody has heard about these beautiful kid-made doorbells which are perfect every doorknob in your home.

This is a nice and easy DIY project which requires only a few moments of your free time and some simple materials like: an egg carton, paint, glitter, glue and yarn so that you can create some lovely doorbells. Their colorful and sparkling appearance will make your room look more attractive and joyful. They are some nice Christmas decorations that everybody will love them and remind them of “Jingle Bells”.{found on}

Sweet Christmas DIY Candy Cane Chandelier

This time of the year, people are anxious about decorating their homes for Christmas and preparing every corner of their house for this important event. There is not too much time left and everything must be clean, shiny, warm and sweet. Kids are also waiting for Santa Claus and his sleigh to bring them all sorts of presents. Many of them wish to get toys and sweets but there are also some other preferences for clothes or even jewelry for those who adapted so well to modernity and non traditional gifts.

If we have mentioned something about sweets perhaps you may be interested in creating something nice, original and sweet for your home. It is a nice DIY project which presents you a sweet Christmas DIY Candy Cane Chandelier.


Lovely DIY Terrarium Magnets

People are bound to nature and its beauties. The moments spent in the middle of nature are like the air they need to breathe. Nature represents an example of living, a way of relaxation, a source of food, materials and other natural items that can provide us a normal life. A green spot has always proved to be an excellent oasis of feeling nice, close to nature and an item which inspires you life and optimism.

For all theses particular reasons people enjoy to have near their house and in their house plenty of flowers and other plants which embellish their home and make it more welcoming.The next DIY project is perfect for those who love to have some green spots in their home. The advantage is that they are very cute and do not need too much space. The project refers to some lovely DIY Terrarium Magnets created by Ruffled. It represents a way of creating yourself a magnetic vertical garden which will bring you joy and make you feel nice each time you will see it.


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