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Simple and spectacular dresser transformation

No matter how much you love a piece of furniture at first you eventually reach a point when you wish it was different. So you either try to change it or you simply throw it away and buy something new. But just because you don’t like it anymore this doesn’t mean someone else can’t use it.

This is a lovely miniature dresser that someone found sitting alone in a storage unit waiting to be rediscovered. The dresser was in pretty good shape but it has an old look so it needed a makeover. So after deciding on a new color of paint, the work started. Most of the process was done outside to avoid dust, smell or paint. The dark and outdated wood stain was first removed using a coarse-grained sand paper and a small power sander. Then the process was repeated with a finer sand paper to smooth everything out.


Before&After Chocolate Shop Design

From times to times we get used with our old place and it doesn’t excite you  anymore.Than you know that is time for a change.A change that can mean many things.An overal painting, changing furniture  or simply moving things around to create a little bit different look of your surroundings.

A way to do this and to highlight the difference even more it can be done with a Before&After  project.At least this was the choice for Ashley Hubbard and Robert Ludlow owners of the Fleurir Chocolates.

When a decision was made to open a retail  shop and after they found this great place used before as a modern jewelery boutique the time came for fixing it according to their business.Clearly a lot of time was spend tinking about decoration and design.Helped by a friend whith with education in this field and some experience they have managed to create an extraordinary place.


Easy Holiday DIY Snowman

The charm of Christmas atmosphere consists of many things like: special music, specific Christmas decorations, the appearance of Santa Claus, the presence of Christmas trees everywhere, the lights that glow at every window and the list may go on.

Perhaps decorating your house is one of the things that you love most and nowadays you have many options to do this thing. You may choose some modern and extravagant Christmas decorations or you may create your own original Christmas decorations. If you choose the second variant you will find out that DIY projects are very useful and may give a lot of ideas too.


Simple DIY Miniature Christmas Tree

Once the winter holidays are closer every corner of our house gets a special touch of them. Although we refer to window wreaths, decorative candles, miniature or big Christmas trees or other Christmas decorative items everything is touched by the magic spirit of these wonderful holidays. Sometimes the way we decorate our house reflects our mood, personality, preferences or even hobbies.

Those who love things that are simple but nice here is an idea of creating a DIY Miniature Christmas Tree which can add a certain holiday touch to their interior design. Though the process is very simple you still need some materials like: thin wooden rails, small saw, hot glue gun, some white paint, a small brush and a glitter star. The result will be a lovely Christmas tree that you put it on any table or other place you choose and enjoy your work and its beautiful design.

Sometimes these simple things are more practical and seem to bring us more joy than some sophisticated, extravagant and glamorous items. It is said that we should enjoy our small, happy moments of our life which make us feel really accomplished and truly human. Try to fill your house with such creative and simple things and see how much satisfaction and happiness can bring you!{found on decortrunk}

Joyful Snowman CD Christmas Tree Ornament

These days I saw so many things that can become Christmas Tree ornaments from dried fruits, candy canes, toys, even photos so that the traditional Christmas Tree ornaments seem a little bit out of fashion even if they are still favored by everybody. All these images gave me some ideas and made me think of the way I would like to dress up my Christmas tree this year. Perhaps I will preserve the traditional lights, Christmas balls, sparkling garlands and candies even if I am tempted to add some original ornaments which can be handmade.

The next DIY project gave me an idea. It refers to the use of some old CDs which can become some beautiful Christmas Tree ornaments .The whole process is very simple, you do not need too many materials, does not take you too much time and the result is amazing.All you need are some old CDs with shiny sides, snowman graphics and some Aleene’s Glitter Snow. On each side of the CD you need to glue snowman graphics and then on the edge of the CD you need to add some Aleene’s Glitter Snow. The joyful faces of these snowman graphics make them look funny and nice and are the perfect Christmas decorations for a cheerful Christmas Tree.{found on dotcomwomen}

Sparkling and Colorful DIY Hot Air Balloons Christmas Ornaments

I come from a family that is in love with planes, parachutes and things that can give you wings and feel the touch of high sky. I remember how much I loved my first flight by plane. I was preparing myself to visit Sweden as an exchange of experience between Romanian and Swedish schools. It was a fantastic experience which had marked my whole existence and made me become a different person.

As I love all the flying devices the hot air balloons are also among them. Their lovely design and the experience that can offer you it must be fantastic. I have never had the chance to travel by them but who knows maybe one day I will succeed.


Easy DIY Vintage Paper Wreath

This time of the year reminds me a lot of my beautiful moments of childhood. I remember the time when I was with my brother and mother around the Christmas tree and try to dress it up with all sorts of sparkling decorations. Perhaps the most beautiful moments were when I was creating something on my own made of paper, cardboard or other materials and brought so much satisfaction and happiness at the end. These DIY projects were easy to be done and could fill our free time with something useful and funny.

The next DIY project is similar and you will discover the joy of creating original and beautiful things just using your hands and imagination. It is a lovely DIY Vintage Paper Wreath which you can hang everywhere you want. for this easy DIY project you will need some materials like: some sheet music or pages of an old song book, a glue stick or some masking tape, a cardboard circle, a ribbon, some hot glue, a medallion or decoration,  some glitter glue and a ruffle.


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