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Read all about what you can build for your home, how you can upcycle or repurpose an item, or when it’s beneficial to turn a generic piece into a beautiful, customized item that you’ll love forever. This DIY section is full of helpful how-tos and creative ideas for everyone, from people who were born with a hammer in their hands to those who break a sweat at the thought of picking up a paintbrush. You’re sure to find a project that will make your home happy.

How to make an entry mirror

Have you ever thought that the door occupies space that could be exploited in a more useful or aesthetical way? Then why not transforming your door in a mirror, for example? The process is very simple and it contains a few clear steps.

First of all you should make your own frame for the mirror from wood and assemble it with glue and clamps. When the glue is dry, sand the mirror frame with 120-grit followed by 220-grit sandpaper. Then glue the filler strips around the perimeter of the back with the edges flush. After that you should use a mirror adhesive to secure the mirror into the recess created by the back assembly filler strips. Want more? Let’s attach a shelf!


Easy DIY Terrarium

As we accustom our readers, here we try to reveal secrets and ideas about a great variety of things. DIY projects are an important part of our uninterrupted quest for answers. Lets now take a look at a very simple project with simple tools and materials. You can create a planter from almost anything, as this example over here proves it. To do this on your own you will need: a glass container, some gravel, dirt, twigs and some little plants to grow there.

First, put the gravel at the bottom of the recipient about a half a centimeter thick, then get some dirt from another plants or from the garden if you have one and press it until it mimics the earth density and texture. Then to cover the top of the cup, get some moss, clear all the dirt and put in water until little new roots appear. Fit a small plant in the ensemble and make sure that its roots pass the moss  and touch the soil.


Make your own Wooden Floor Mat

We are all different and most of us are happy about it. We try to make it even more visible by being original both at home and in public. Here’s a simple way of distinguishing yourself from everyone else right from the entrance. Greet your guests with this colorful wooden mat.You can make it yourself and it’s not even so difficult.

The parts can be crafted using simple tools but it would all go faster and easier if you would use a drill press for the 76 holes. Let’s see the steps you’ll need to take for this project. First cut 1’’ x 2’’ boards into 4 pieces. Sand the faces and the edges of each board with sandpaper and cut them into 9’’ long pieces. Sand the edges. You should also consider making extra piece in case you make some mistakes. All the pieces need to be cut to identical lengths.


Easy DIY Coffee Log

Interior decoration trends does not focus on only one thing therefore people come across a great variety of ideas and objects. One of them is represented by the coffee tables, an indispensable item from any household. If some people concentrate on more modern, even futuristic tables, with the latest synthetic materials, others decide to incorporate in their design basic natural elements in their simplest form.

This project is about a simple log transformed into a coffee table. After cutting the log in the desired height all you  have to do is let it sit out for a few days to see if it has any bugs, if the proves to be clean  mount on the bottom of the log a set of wheels for moving it easily around the house. Basically the only tools used was a simple screwdriver. Well, that’s about it.


DIY Curtain- tree branches

Curtains are a must have in any interior design. It doesn’t really matter if the interior is cutting edge modern or if is more traditional-inspired. Despite the fact that these simple items look very good they provide also a great amount of privacy, keeping our private life far away from the people’s eye. Curtains were always a subject of great debates between different family members and most of the time women win this battle. Let’s take a look at this unique way to hang a curtain, hoping that nobody will fight over it.

The materials are simple, curtains, some fairly straight branches, but big enough to support the curtain’s weight, gardening loppers, some sand paper a saw and some screws. Start by selecting the branches to match the curtain length and a few extra inches for the margins, then trim all the tiny twigs so you’ll be able later on to slide de curtain. Sand a little bit the trimmed branch but not to ruin its natural look, sand them so nothing would cling into them.


Stylish and modern hallway ceiling makeover

Whenever you feel like your home needs a makeover or that a certain part of it could use some changes, don’t hesitate to search the internet. There are lots of articles that will give you plenty of ideas. This one for example will show you how to make your hallway ceiling modern and attractive. This ceiling used to be simple but also boring. It didn’t express much. Tat was until the owner decided to do something about it. The idea was to create a simple graphic pattern using tape.

The whole project was completed in a few hours. An hour should be for preparations, two for painting and two more for waiting for the paint to dry. At the end you’ll need around 10 minutes to clean and take off the tape. This is probably the best part. As for the budges, it was almost zero. That’s because the owner already had some paint, tape and all the painting supplies. You don’t need many supplies anyway, just lots of painter’s tape, a paintbrush, a roller brush and, of course, some paint. It can be any color you want. In this case the owner opted for a subtle contrast between white and gray.


Minimalist and modern DIY coffee table

When you either can’t find the thing that you’re looking for or it’s just too expensive for you to buy it, there’s always another option: make one by yourself. This is a coffee table made from parts taken from other pieces of furniture. It features a very beautiful design, minimalist and modern just how the coffee tables in the shops are.

This particular coffee table is made from doors and drawer fronts taken from a storage unit with legs from another piece. All the owner had to do is add some screws and glue and it was done. Well, it wasn’t exactly that simple. Here’s the whole story. The owners of this apartment were looking for a suitable coffee table for their home. They already knew what they wanted but finding something to fit their description was difficult. After a while they decided to take matters into their own hands.


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