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Creative chalkboard table&chair set makeover

Sometimes when you’re looking for something specific you don’t always find it. At that point all you can do is either tp settle for something similar or try to do it yourself. This project is a combination of those two. Erin bought this lovely table and chair set for her daughter Rose. She likes the size and the shape but she wasn’t quite happy with the looks.

She felt like the set was a little too boring and she wanted something more colorful and fun for her daughter. So she decided to do something about it. Someone suggested that she combine the shade of her favorite color with a chalkboard top and she thought it was a great idea. Since it was a design for Erin’s daughter Rose, everyone thought that pink would be a nice color to incorporate into the new design.


Make a cute mini vase in less than a minute

Just look at this cute and tiny bud vase. It’s so lovely and small. It’s also something everyone can do with very few materials and in less than 1 minute. It’s probably one of the quickest projects you could do. And the result is not disappointing at all. In fact, I’m sure your guests will notice it and admire it.

It might look like ceramic at first but if you look closer it’s not even close. It has a modern look and it very simple-looking and extremely simple and easy to make. To create this tiny vase all you need are 2 materials. You’ll be needing a 2’’ glass votive holder and a balloon. The great thing about it is that it can be made in all sorts of colors. And since there are so many types of balloons you can also make it look more colorful by choosing some with a pattern or even draw something on it yourself. However, you can leave it as such and it would look perfect.


Guest Bedroom Before and After by Brook and Jason

Sometimes I get bored with the arrangements that are in my house and I try to make some changes in order to get a new fresh décor. In time the colors become fading; the furniture gets old and out of fashion and everything seems to be more uncomfortable. It is the reason why sometimes these changes are very benefic. Besides the fact that they help us get a new mood they are also necessary to get a more comfortable and healthy ambient.

Beds may need some repairing, the dresser looks old or the colors of the walls can exhaust you instead of creating a beautiful and attractive room.Brook’s guest room came to be in the same situation. The white and black combination became dull, the bed did not look too comfortable and the entire room was not attractive enough. So everything was in need of a complete makeover in order to get a whole new and beautiful guest room.


A Splendid Ombre Stained Dresser

There are things that we might consider them too old or out of fashion. Usually we do not pay them too much attention when we throw them and thus we get rid of some wonderful objects that still can be useful to us. Think of the old wardrobes, the vintage dressers or the out of fashion sofas or chairs which can be transformed into great items after some reconditioning and some painting. All these pieces can become excellent materials for some new items and become useful again.

The same thing happened to Julia from 551 East Design who transformed an old dresser into a gorgeous piece of furniture using some various shades of wood stain. The ombre technique she has used gave this old dresser a new appearance which cannot be compared with the use of some usual paint. Actually the owner of this dresser whom Julia has bought the dresser was very happy to hear the choice that Julia made using some shades of wood stain instead if paint.


How to create a floor-to-ceiling TV entertainment center

Some people don’t really like putting holes in their walls either because they’re afraid they’re not going to be able to cover them after that or because they’re not allowed to do it. This piece is the result of exactly one of those situations.

The owner of this apartment needed a way to mount the TV somewhere but the apartment complex had strict rules about that. This is an entertainment center that was created without putting a single hole in the wall, ceiling or floor. The materials used to create it include a Broder shelving system and some Lack wall shelves.


Minimalist and stylish TV bench

This lovely and stylish TV unit or TV bench has been created using a regular bench, a door and an underframe. It came out perfectly. The unit is perfect for storing all the electronics from the living room. You can hide them inside and this way the room will look so clear and airy that it will take you some time to adapt to the new décor.

It’s a very clever and functional solution and it also looks great. This storage unit was made using regular benches that have the perfect shape and design for this and they also present plenty of storage space inside, one of course they are transformed into a TV unit. You can store there all the electronics and the big items and they will be nicely hidden. A metal underframe was then used to lift the bench a little. It also gives the unit a lot more style.


Puffy chair makeover

This is another spectacular makeover and it involves a chair that used to look like a huge pink stain. Lucky for us, someone decided to give the chair a makeover and now it looks significantly better. In fact, the chair still has some of its old charm. It’s an inspiring and creative transformation.

At first, this was a lovely but very pink chair and, even though these elements would normally look nice separately they didn’t look that good when out together in this case. After the makeover, the chair is now a very lovely and very puffy piece of furniture with a significantly better look. Transforming it wasn’t that difficult either. The chair was simply covered with some blushy chenille faux fur and it looks great.


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