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Whether you were born with a hammer in your hand or whether you’re scared of even picking up a paintbrush, it doesn’t matter because here you’ll find a wide selection of DIY projects and how to tips, varying from extra easy to complex. Find out how you can improve your home with DIYs, how to upcycle or repurpose everyday objects and how DIY crafts can help you turn a generic piece into something unique you’ll cherish forever.

Glass bottle turned into a flower vase

Whenever you need something to put your flowers into but don’t have a vase, you need to improvise. Usually the easiest way of doing that is by using a glass bottle. It might be perceived as a temporary solution because it lacks the beauty and style vases usually have, but that can be easily changed.

So let’s see how you can turn a simple glass bottle into a lovely bud vase by using the decoupage technique. You can use either a glass or a plastic bottle. For that you’ll need a glass or a plastic container, a mod podge, a paint brush or sponge, scissors and some colored or patterned paper. First you need to wash and dry the container. Than use the paper to cut it into ½ -1 inch strips or squares. Next, take the pieces of paper and place them face down on a flat surface. Use the paint brush or the sponge to cover the back of the paper with mod podge.


Simple way of turning a wooden table into a colorful item for the house

When it comes to furniture, simpler is better. However, sometimes your home needs a touch of color. You can add that hint of color with a creative DIY project. For example, we’re going to show you how you can easily transform a usual wooden dining table into an eye-catching piece of furniture for your home. This way you can personalize your home and turn the table into something a little more original.

You might be surprised how easily you can turn your dining table into a colorful and fresh piece of furniture with a brand new look. For this project all you’ll need is some adhesive tape of different colors and, of course, a table. After you have chosen your colors decide on a design. All you need to do is glue the tape to the table in any way you like. You can either create stripes of different colors, a rainbow or something totally different. Just play with the tape and come up with something original and creative. It’s a project that allows you to personalize your dining table and, this way, the whole house.


DIY rope headboard for a personalized bedroom

There are lots of ways in which you can personalize your bedroom. It all depends on your preferences. The furniture you buy is not everything you need to worry about. There are also other elements that can be adapted and there are even things you can do by yourself to change the décor of the bedroom. For example, you can make a beautiful headboard by using a minimum of materials.

This is a very simple and fun project. All you need is a simple wood frame. All you need is carefully drill some holes around the edges and then use rope to create a random pattern. It’s so simple and the result is so interesting. You can choose whatever color of rope you want. It would be even more interesting to use two or more colors for contrast. There’s no real pattern here. Just follow your instinct and create a random criss-cross pattern. Just take a piece of rope, make a knot on one end, introduce it through a random hole and then pull the other end until you can knot it again.


Top 10 Easter DIY Crafts

Easter is almost knocking on our doors, so what do we do to prepare for its arrival? I know that the first thing that comes to my mind is food, lots of it. Food is a major component in any holiday, as well as traditions. But our homes don’t deserve a special treatment for holidays? I think they do, let’s take a look at some cool ideas to decorate your home for the upcoming Easter.

A modern approach to the Easter Egg.

On top of my favorite decorations ideas for this spring holiday is this wonderful and simple project but with a tremendous impact in the décor. The Easter tradition involves painting eggs usually red, but recently the modernism took over and therefore eggs are painted in various bright colors. Similar to eggs a great decoration idea for your home is to paint some round rocks in different sizes and colors.


Creative DIY project: changing table turned into an office desk

When you have a particular piece of furniture that stopped being useful to you it’s always a good idea to turn it into something else. Find a new purpose for it and allow it to be useful once more. For example, this office desk was once a changing table. The table has been customized and now it has two functions: it’s both a functional storage unit and a work area.

The table features practical storage space underneath and it also includes a display area for the laptop. It’s a great solution for working parents that search for a way to successfully combine work with their duties as a parent. This table is a nice and simple example that shows where to start from. The changing table got a new and fresh look and the project was quite simple. All the table needed was some fresh paint, some shelf-liners and fabric containers. It was quickly turned into a practical work area.


Top 30 Planters – DIY and Recycled

Flowers have always been a part of our live, whether we just like to receive them or having them in our homes. What do you do when your plant need more space to grow or simply what do you do when normal planters aren’t enough for your specific needs? My suggestion would be to make your own planters or why not recycle some other planter you may have and use them. If you think that making your own planter is rocket science you can’t be more wrong.

Let’s take a look at time interesting planters and projects, and then we’ll comment about what we liked and what not.


Turn Your Old Window Frame Into Jewelry Display

This frame is perfect for your hand made jewelry when you need to display them in a proper way. The jewelry display is hand made, from a reconditioned old window frame. You could insert in the window frame bolts or something more beautiful, where you could put earrings and bracelets. This is not a hard job, but not so easy, it will take time to complete, but the final job will be rewording.

First you have to find an old window frame. Second of all you have to turn the damaged window frame into one that will go well with your jewelry. You have to clean the window frame up, remove all the dust and the surplus and then paint it, if you want, in any color you like. You should now that old windows may contain lead paint so you will have to exercise with caution when refinishing them.


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