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Read all about what you can build for your home, how you can upcycle or repurpose an item, or when it’s beneficial to turn a generic piece into a beautiful, customized item that you’ll love forever. This DIY section is full of helpful how-tos and creative ideas for everyone, from people who were born with a hammer in their hands to those who break a sweat at the thought of picking up a paintbrush. You’re sure to find a project that will make your home happy.

Diy A Beautiful Spring Wreath

The spring has just started so you will need to bring a little life to your home. One thing you can do is a wreath, knowing that if you buy one from the magazine you will spend a lot of money, here are some steps so that you could use what you’ve got in your home to make one.

The steps are not so hard, so anyone can do it with just a little time spent on this. You will need an old wreath, o page ripped from an old book, you will need and embellishment punch or you could cut one yourself. You may also need a beautiful twine or a ribbon, glue, scissors or paper cutter and fabric flowers. You could paint the wreath in what color you want, but the thing is you should use a happy color to reflect the beautiful nature colors.


How to paint a knob

I love hand made or hand painted things because they remind me of childhood. Even though I wasn’t at all a little artist in my early years, now all these creative instincts, if I can name them so, come back to me. I am one of those who prefer to do something on their own than buying one.  This is why when I saw what a great job a china cabinet owner did with the cabinet’s knobs, I thought I should share it with everyone.

The owner had an old china cabinet which she restored by painting it, but she still wasn’t happy about the old knobs. Instead of buying some new ones, she had a great idea: to paint them two. And the process is not difficult at all. First you should clean the knobs and spray them with a matt paint. After this first layer has dried, you can spray a base-coat color on your choice.


How to make your own bed

It seems that people began to understand that buying the stuff they need is not always the best way of resolving problems. It is true that every specialist must be let to make his job because he knows best how to do it, but sometimes it’s best just to do things on your own. After all, people are creative and as ‘homo artifex’, they actually need to create, to assemble things.

An ingenious couple decided to build their own bed, as none on the beds on the market satisfied their needs. The result is amazing as you don’t notice the frame isn’t made by specialists and the bed looks just great and fits the room perfectly. They opted for an airy model which wouldn’t allow the mold to settle.  This way they also prevent the room from looking too crowded.


The Best Way To Organize Cords

By definition organizing means that you take some elements and order them by categories. In this case we are organizing cords. I think you have a problem with all your technology cords organization because they all look alike and you don’t know how to make a difference between them.

You will start by gathering all the cords in the house. The cords from your phones, from your play station, from every little item till your headsets. After you bring them into one place you will now have to fold them, one by one, so that it will use little space when you store them and most essentially they will not be confused with another part. The boxes come very handy in your apartment or house, because it makes your life much easier. You need just one hour to make this work, and after that you will, start organizing different types of item in your house.


How to make a cork-tile pinboard

However tidy you were, there’s always something on your desk that shouldn’t be there but from which you can’t dispose. Whether it is something important or something with emotional value, you feel uncomfortable to putt it anywhere else but in front of your eyes. In this case a cork-tile pinboard should do the trick.

You can buy this pinboard or just do it yourself, but then again you should already know I will always go for the second option. One model for a cork-tile pinboard is given by another hand made things lover.  The author opted for a simple schematic diamond pinboard, very easy to make. For this model you will need cork tiles, a painter’s tape, white paint and a paint brush. Tape the bands on the board so you’ll create some diamond. Paint the remaining cork in white and waits until it dries. After that, peel the tape. The left model will be straight and smooth.


Paint dipped ceramic pots

The ceramic pots are perfect for your first painting and designing job. You can get the ceramic pots from IKEA. They are not expensive at all, in fact they are very cheap 2$ or 3$ per pot.The ceramic pots can be, like in this case, painted. One way to do that turning over the pots and just fill in the back of the pots with paint until it will glide over the board. You should not use paper to dry the paint because it will stick to the ceramic pot. Instead use wood or just a piece of tile.

You can now make your own garden, with beautiful colored flowers and, of course, beautiful colored pots. You can use the pots for other things, like holding your pencils. The pots are perfect made for flowers, and the designed pots could fit everywhere you want. It could fit perfect in your bedroom, living room, and I think the perfect position is in the balcony.


How to build floating night stands

Night stands are perfect for depositing useful stuff in your bedroom. Interior home furniture for your bedroom includes night stands, lamps, dressers, and beds. If you have a very large bedroom, you could create a sitting area with a table, lamp and chair.

The night stand is designed to fit your alarm clock, perfect made for your late time reading (you can deposit your book on it), and of course, fits a good night lamp. The night stands come usually with drawers, so you can deposit all kind of stuff that you need right away, when you’re sitting in your bed.


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