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DIY Valentine’s Day Love Signs

Even though we don’t need a special holiday to tell us to be romantic and to show our love, it’s nice to have such a thing. It gives us a reason to plan something special for the loved one. So let’s get in a festive mood and make something special. How about a love sign?

Let’s start with some string wall art. You can basically design anything using this technique so making a love sign should be fairly easy.{found on site}.


Top 14 DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts To Try This Year

We’re all excited about Valentine’s Day and I’m sure you have something special planned for this year. But what about the little things? Valentine’s Day is more special if you make some of the things yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything very elaborate. It’s the little things that matter.

Let’s start with something simple. Take a candle and carve your initials in it. Use a linoleum cutter. Then trace the design with a golf leaf pen.{found on henryhappened}.


17 Valentine’s Day Crafts From The Heart

A gift that you’ve actually made yourself is more valuable than anything you can buy. So for Valentine’s Day you can try to craft something for your loved one. We have a wonderful collection of DIY projects you can try. They’re also things you can use as decorations to set the mood or simply to change the atmosphere in the house.

An easy craft would be a heart garland. To make one, you can use fabric or paper, glue, string and card stock. Cut out a bunch of hearts and glue them together like shown in the pictures.{found on themotherhuddle}.


11 Sweet Gift Wrapping Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day means nothing without the right gift for the loved one. But the gift alone is not enough this time. It has to be wrapped beautifully because Valentine’s Day is about beauty and love so you have to carefully think of every little detail. If you’re not great at wrapping gifts, don’t worry. We’ve prepared a few ideas you can use.

For example, you could choose to use boxes. Depending on the dimensions of the gift, choose the right box. Then decorate it. You can use washi tape to make some lovely designs.


10 Fun DIY Doormat Hacks To Spruce Up Your Doorway

I personally find the doormat very important because it’s the element that welcomes the guests into your home and the element that sets a mood and creates an image of your home before the guests actually get to see it. It’s why it’s nice to have a personalized doormat, one that says something about you and your family.

One easy way of personalizing a simple doormat is by painting it. You can write a nice welcome message for the guests such as “hello” or “welcome”.{found on thehappyhomebodies}.


10 DIY Pendant Light Designs To Try This Weekend

Last Friday we showed you 10 easy DIY projects for the weekend and they were very inspiring. If you haven’t tried them yet there’s still time. This week we though we’d focus on something a little more specific. We gathered for you 10 lovely pendant light designs you can do yourself, a perfect project to occupy yourself with this weekend.

Enameled Colander.

Let’s start with this simple project. You’ll be using an enameled colander. Considering this, it would be an interesting pendant light for the kitchen but nothing is stopping you for using it in any of the other rooms. Making it is very simple. Drill a hole in the bottom for the wire, insert it and attach a light bulb socket inside.{found on micasarevista}.


15 Innovative Ways To Repurpose A Light Bulb

When you have a creative mind you can come up with all sorts of ingenious idea. The trick is to think outside the box and to see beyond the typical use which has been designated for a certain item or idea. For example, think of light bulbs. There’s not much you can do with them besides light up your house. Or is there? Take a look at these projects and you’ll understand what I’m saying. They all feature ways in which you can recycle and repurpose light bulbs.

Valentines’s Day Light Bulb

If you haven’t thought of a Valentine’s Day gift then you’re in luck. We’ll show you how to use a light bulb to make a lovely gift. Take the light bulb and pull out the contact and crack the glass insulator. Clean the bulb and remove everything inside it. Then make heart filaments using red wire, attach them to a piece of wood and then fit the glass bulb over the filaments.{found on saleenamarie}.


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