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Read all about what you can build for your home, how you can upcycle or repurpose an item, or when it’s beneficial to turn a generic piece into a beautiful, customized item that you’ll love forever. This DIY section is full of helpful how-tos and creative ideas for everyone, from people who were born with a hammer in their hands to those who break a sweat at the thought of picking up a paintbrush. You’re sure to find a project that will make your home happy.

6 Ways To DIY Your Initials

It’s something that represents you. It’s your little mark on the world. So, why not use it to decorate!? I’m talking about your initials of course. You can literally add a bit of yourself throughout the house just by creating some of these adorable DIYs. So, take a look and decide if one is right for you!

1. Yarn Letters.

Show off your letters on the mantle, bookshelf  … in any nook or cranny. All you need are some wooden or Styrofoam letters and some yarn in the color of your choice! Then start wrapping. It’s a quick and easy way to create something playful and fun that represents you or your family. It’s also great for a nursery or home office!{found on weddingbee}.


7 Easy DIY Ideas For Reusing Empty Bottles

Whenever you buy something in a glass bottle and empty the content, the empty bottle becomes useless. But that’s not entirely true as there are lots of things you can use the bottles for. One idea would be to turn them into a nice decoration for your home. It’s something that you can do without much effort and that doesn’t require a lot of time. We have prepared 7 such projects for you to analyze and choose from.

A very simple project is to turn an empty glass bottle into a vase. It’s a great example that shows us that even something as simple as applying some washi tape to a bottle can result in a rather stylish decoration. As you might have guessed, all you need for this project is an empty bottle and some washi tape, preferable of different colors. Start by taping around the base and then simply work your way up. You can create your own design.{found on sweetpaul}.


5 Ways To Decorate With Tinsel And Merry Christmas !

Sparkly bits of festive decoration, tinsel is one of the most fun and vibrant holiday home accessories. You can adorn the tree with the shiny strands, but you can also make a lot of others things and places sparkle with a bit of Christmas cheer. So, let us show you how! With all it’s vibrant metallic shades, mimicking icicles of all colors and sizes, tinsel is a great source of holiday decoration and DIYing for around the house!!


May the spirit of Christmas bring you love,The pleasure of Christmas give you hope! Merry Christmas!!

1. DIY mini Christmas Tree.


5 DIY Projects with Paint Chips

Have you ever been itching to do some sort of creative arts project but, for whatever reason, didn’t? Maybe purchasing supplies wasn’t in the budget, or specific ideas were scarce, or time was limited, or color options were a challenge. If this has been you in the past, may I suggest using paint chips as an excellent resource for an artistic project? They’re free, they’re colorful (hello, every color under the sun!), they’re easy to pull out and put away as needed, and there are a bazillion ways to use them. Here are just five to get your creative juices flowing so you, too, can add personality and individuality into your space:

Here, a huge variety of colored paint chips were circle-punched and overlayed, like fish scales, on a red background. The effect is modern and abstract and impressive. Leaving a wide strip of unadorned red here helps to define the artwork and give the paint chips some visual “breathing room.” The graphic punch of color by this artwork overall is fantastic, particularly in this neutral-heavy space.{found on lansdownelife}.


5 Small, Easy, Homey DIYs

Whether you’re a professional with the glue gun or you’re a novice who doesn’t know the first thing about what kind of staples go in the staple gun, these DIYs will work for you. Everyone loves simple little things that’ll spruce up your home. And with this list of small, easy and homey projects, you’ll have new and improved spaces and home accessories in no time. Let’s take a look!

1. Morning time mugs.

Make yourself some adorable coffee mugs. Every morning you’ll wake up to a hot cup of coffee, in a mug that makes you smile. Create a pair to go along with your significant other and leave them on the counter tops or in a glass cabinet to show them off to your guests. They’ll surely want to know how to make them too! All you need in a white mug bought at the dollar store, a sharpie and time to bake them in the oven to let the ink set.{found on abeautifulmess}.


5 Ways to Decorate with Fabric Scraps

Many of us have them. Boxes, shelves, tubs, drawers full of fabric scraps. There’s something about the fabric scrap that says, “Please don’t throw me out! I’ll be perfect for something you’re doing… someday.” And we keep the scraps and buy more fabric to use on other projects that in turn create more pleading scraps. And the cycle continues, project after project, until our fabric storage is literally bursting at the seams. Sound familiar? (Oh, please say this sounds familiar! Don’t let me be the only one!)

The good news is, there are clever and chic and creative ways to use said fabric scraps in ways that beautify our surroundings and free up some space. Consider the following:

How about this wall vignette using an embroidery hoop collection filled with vintage-inspired fabrics? I adore this sweet grouping, especially when paired with the vintage suitcases and sky blue vintage fan. Quite a delightful nook. I would like to see the hoops lowered to actual eye height (and to work a little more closely with the other items), but this is a lovely use of fabric bits.


Ingenious Household Project That Can Help You Save Some Space

There’s no limit of space that can dictate how small or how big a home can be. However, whether it’s a tiny apartment or a large mansion, we always seem to run out of space. The more space you have, the more you use. With time, you have to come up with new space-saving solutions and you have to be more and more inventive as you do so. Here are a few inspiring ideas.

1. DIY bike hanger.

A bike takes a lot of space in a home and most often that space could be used for something else. But if zou hang the ike on the wall, then the problem gets solved. It wonşt take zou more than 30 minutes to complete this simple project. Zou need a 2×4 cut to the siye you want. Drill a home in one end and insert a long lag screw. Add some stud hooks and you’re done.{found on mike}.


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