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Read all about what you can build for your home, how you can upcycle or repurpose an item, or when it’s beneficial to turn a generic piece into a beautiful, customized item that you’ll love forever. This DIY section is full of helpful how-tos and creative ideas for everyone, from people who were born with a hammer in their hands to those who break a sweat at the thought of picking up a paintbrush. You’re sure to find a project that will make your home happy.

10 Upcycle Ideas That Give Simple Items A Second Chance To Be Extraordinary

A creative person with lots of imagination always has great ideas of how to repurpose items or how to improve certain designs and decors. It’s all about thinking outside the box and being able to see the potential in something as simple as a spoon or a piece of rope. In case you need some inspiration for that, we have made a selection of some wonderful upcycling projects.


Let’s start with something easy. Let’s say you have some rope somewhere in your house but don’t know what to do with it. What you could do is dye and then wrap it around a vase or any other similar object. You can easily determine the amount of rope you’ll need by test wrapping. You can alternate colors or go for a simple look.{found on delightfullynoted}.


10 Chic DIY Burlap Projects

You can make lots of things with burlap. It might not be a fancy material to work with but it has a special charm. It can give your home a very chic vintage touch and that can be done easily and without much effort. All you need to do is take a look at some of these DIY projects and maybe you’ll find something that you like.

Dining table.

You can easily make burlap placemats. These ones are 14″ x 20″ and if you want to make similar ones you’ll need 2 yards of burlap fabric. It has to fray easily so that you can get the fringe as shown in the pictures. If the color is not exactly what you had in mind then you can stain it. Apply a little clear fabric glue to the underside of the placemats if you don’t want them to over-fringe.{found on thefinalboardingcall}.


A very beautiful and relaxing window nook makeover

When decorating a house, everyone first focuses on the main spaces. Those are the main rooms. But in every house there are also secondary spaces and those are usually the hallways, closets and nooks. They might not be perceived in the same way as the main rooms but they are also very important for the overall result. They make a home feel complete and they can often change the way the whole home feels like when they’re used to their full potential.

This is the story of how a simple, empty space near the window was turned into a cozy and very lovely reading nook. It was a one weekend project when it was rainy outside. The first step was to rip down the original baseboards and to make a rectangular box with a divider and some shelves on the front. A portion of the baseboard was replaced and a piece of trim was added to give it a rounded edge. Then everything was painted white.


DIY Projects Featuring the IKEA Lack Table

We often find all sorts of projects which are considered IKEA hacks. They are usually cases when someone tries to copy a certain piece produced by IKEA using cheaper materials on projects where an actual IKEA piece is given a makeover and a different look. This time we’re going to focus on the IKEA Lack Table and we’re going to take a look at 5 DIY projects.

Beach themed table.

For this project a regular table got transformed to match a beach themed décor. The materials used included nylon woven placemats and sisal rope. White glue was used for the tabletop but it wasn’t a good choice for the legs. Contact cement was used for those parts. Four placemats were enough for the table. Rope was wrapped on the uncovered part of the led and the table got a new texture and a new look.{found on whatelsemichelle}.


13 DIY Headboards Made From Repurposed Wood

The headboard is the element that gives character to a bed. It’s an important element also for the room’s overall design. But the headboard doesn’t have to be fancy in order to impress. In fact, the simpler the better. A simple headboard made of wood will be more cozy and charming than one with all sorts of unnecessary features. It’s also very easy to build such a headboard. Just take a look at these lovely headboards that were made from repurposed wood.

You can use pieces of wood leftover from other projects. They don’t have to necessarily be match perfectly. Of course, once you stain them, they might feature irregularities as different cuts of wood take to the stain differently. Anyway, this will just give the headboard more character.{found on dearemmeline}.


8 Creative And Easy DIY Bookends

The bookends give a shelf or bookcase a more interesting look and, if they have fun designs or shapes or if they are colorful, they also stand out and can be considered decorations for the room. We’ve selected a few creative and interesting bookend designs that we want to share with you. They are simple and ingenious and you can adapt them if you want.

Gold bookends.

These bookends are made of rocks. If you want to create something similar you’ll need rocks of different shapes and sizes, hot glue sticks, glue, gold leaf adhesive and gold leaf, a hot glue gun, toothpicks, an old paint brush, soap and a toothbrush. First scrub the rocks and let them dry. Then spray paint them gold. Pick the rocks that are flat on one side and make the base for the bookend. Then attach some more rocks and make a pile.{found on designsponge}.


Diverse Storage Ideas For Your Belts

Usually it’s not the clothes that pose problems in closets but the accessories. You can’t just throw them all in a drawer and then spend 5 minutes looking for a certain item each time you need it. You have to be organized and to put everything in its designated space. Today we’re going to focus on ways in which you can store your belts. Here are a few ideas.

For girls.


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