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Read all about what you can build for your home, how you can upcycle or repurpose an item, or when it’s beneficial to turn a generic piece into a beautiful, customized item that you’ll love forever. This DIY section is full of helpful how-tos and creative ideas for everyone, from people who were born with a hammer in their hands to those who break a sweat at the thought of picking up a paintbrush. You’re sure to find a project that will make your home happy.

Cool Ways To Upcycle Trophies

Winning a trophy is a wonderful reward but what can you do with it once you get home? Well, you could put it up on the mantle or display it on a shelf. But you could also upcycle it and give it a new purpose. Trophies are not just for display if you have a creative mind.

A small trophy could be turned into a unique bottle top. You just need tapered corks and a drill. Take the trophies apart by unscrewing the nut. Then drill holes in the corks and insert the trophies in them. Now your bottles will look unique and you’ll also get an opportunity to be proud of your trophies.{found on decoradventures}.


Top 10 Ways In Which You Can Use Pennies

A penny doesn’t have much value but this doesn’t make it worthless. There are lots of creative and interesting DIY projects that use pennies. Some use more than one so you might want to start collecting them from now one. Get rid of the pennies you already have in your pockets or bag and put them to good use. Here are 10 wonderful ideas.

Penny ring.

With only 1 penny you can make a lovely ring. Here’s what you’ll need: a lucky penny, 2 or 3 inches of small rhinestone trim, wire, pliers and super glue. Measure the trim around the penny and cut it to size. Then lay it on a flat surface on its side. Add a small amount of glue to one side of the penny and set it on the rhinestone trim. Then keep adding glue to the side until you attach the trim. Wrap the wire around your finger 4 times and attach it to the penny. Let it dry and enjoy your new ring.{found on trinketsinbloom}.


Practical Storage Ideas For Handbags

When you first enter the house you probably just want to get rid of everything you have on you such as the handbag, your coat, the scarf and the shoes. But where do you put these things? Wee the coat goes on the rack and you probably also have a space where shoes are stored.

Store them on the back of the door.

But the handbag is usually left somewhere random, either on the sofa or on a table. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a storage system for all your handbags where they could sit beautifully organized? Here are some ideas that you might like.


Feminine, Floral Wreaths For Any and Every Home

Spring is officially in session. That means it’s okay to splurge a bit on vivacious colors and to sprinkle the house with wonderful floral prints and vases filled with fresh flowers. Today, we’re focusing on a traditional, wonderful symbol of warm weather: the floral wreath. Whether you’re decorating the front door and welcoming every guest that comes over or creating some unique wall decor, floral wreaths are a soft, feminine touch for any home.

1. Rustic.

On the front door on the house or even on the front door of the backyard shed, a simple, rustic wreath can have spring touches too. With dark branches and just a few bright yellow flowers (or even some fuchsia) you’ll have the perfect welcoming on any and every door. Of course you can use more flowers and keep that rustic appeal but just using thinner florals and staying away from voluminous blooms. Use muted colors and nothing exceptionally outlandish when you’re envisioning something that blends in with its rustic surrounding.{found on lovelycupboard}.


29 Cool Makeup Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

If you’re like me then you probably leave your makeup all over the place. I would like to be more organized but I just don’t have a system. So I just realized that if I had a practical storage space where I could deposit all my makeup items then I would probably be more organized and it would also be more easy for me to find the item I’m looking for. So here’s a list of all sorts of storage solutions you can use.

Magnetic Make Up Board.

Here’s a great first project: a magnetic makeup board. To make it you need a frame, sheet metal, a piece of material, tacky spray, scissors, magnets and a hot glue gun. Tacky spray the material over the sheet metal and place it in the frame. Then glue the magnets onto your makeup essentials and you’re done.{found on threadsence}.


11 Easy DIY Homemade Soap Recipes

Even though it’s not a common practice anymore, not so long ago people used to make their own soap rather than to buy it. Of course, it was the case when even if you wanted to you couldn’t find such things in stores or it wasn’t worth the travel. But even now, when we can basically find everything we need and more in stores, making your own soap is not a completely lost practice. In fact, you can try some of these recipes at home if you want.

Travel Tin Soap.

You could make mint and lavender travel soaps and they would be perfect for traveling but also for gifts. The recipe starts with a goat milk soap base or any other soap base you prefer. You’ll also need some tins with lids, soap dye and essential oils. If you want, you can also throw in a few lavender pieces. All you have to do is mix all the ingredients and let the soap dry for a couple of hours.{found on lemonjitters}.


DIY mirrors – chic accessories in any home

Besides artwork, mirrors are the most common decorations used in any home. They are so popular because they are both chic and functional. Every bathroom has a mirror but that’s not the only room where you can have one. You can make some really lovely mirrors which you can hang on the walls or display on the mantel and shelves.

Modern And Feminine Mirror.

For example, you could make this very feminine and stylish mirror in just a few minutes. You’ll need a mirror, a paper dolly, frosted glass finish spray and double-sided tape. First clean the mirror and place double-sided tape on the backside of the dolly. Secure the dolly to the mirror, place it down on a flat surface and then apply frosted glass spray all over. Let it dry and gently remove the paper dolly.{found on papernstitchblog}.


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