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Read all about what you can build for your home, how you can upcycle or repurpose an item, or when it’s beneficial to turn a generic piece into a beautiful, customized item that you’ll love forever. This DIY section is full of helpful how-tos and creative ideas for everyone, from people who were born with a hammer in their hands to those who break a sweat at the thought of picking up a paintbrush. You’re sure to find a project that will make your home happy.

24 DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas That Will Charm Your Guests

Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner and we’re all grateful and happy that another year has passed and has brought us all sorts of great experiences. But Thanksgiving is not all about being grateful, although this is the main idea. It’s also about being a good host and part of that is creating a beautiful décor for your guests. The centerpieces play an important role in this whole concept so we came up with a few examples you might like to try this year.


This is a centerpiece idea that takes only a few minutes to make once you’ve gathered all the supplies. Here’s what you have to do: you print the letters and then you them out and you tape to the inside of the vases or the jars you want to use. Then you use a paint pen to trace and fill in the letters, you take the letters out and you stick some moss, rocks and a candle in each vase.{found on moderndaymoms}.


How You Can Repurpose An Embroidery Hoop – 16 Creative Ideas

If you’re the type that enjoys occupying any free time with fun DIY projects, then I’m sure you’ve at least once looked around you and tried to find something in the house that you could transform or repurpose. Even something basic or something with a very specific purpose can be used for such a project. For example, here are a few things you can do with an embroidery hoop.

Message board.

You could turn an embroidery hoop into a message board. You need foam core, cork roll, a cutting knife, a marker, painter’s tape, glue and embroidery hoops. Cut the cork, insert it into the hoop and paint a nice pattern.{found on paintmeplaid}.


A Few More Fun And Easy DIY Projects For Halloween

Halloween may be a special event but this doesn’t mean you have to ignore everything else and focus on redecorating. There are lots of very easy projects you can do which will make your home look amazing for Halloween and they require very little time, allowing you to conduct your life as before. Here are some examples.

Skull string art.

String art has become very popular lately so how about you make something special for Halloween using this technique? For example, you could make a string art skull. You’ll need a piece of wood, white nails, black paper and white string. Paint the wood, print out a skull photo, tape it down, space out the nails and tie the string creating a pattern between the nails.{found on abeautifulmess}.


8 Halloween DIY Projects to Make with Pom-Poms

Are you in charge of a Halloween-themed party? Are your kids so anxious for Halloween that they can hardly sit still and need something to do to pass the time? Does your home need a last-minute touch of festivity (or two or three)? Pom-poms to the rescue! We’ve rounded up eight adorable DIY Halloween projects that involve, in some way or another, pom-poms. The supplies for most of these are simple, and you can enjoy a few minutes of DIYing before you get back to the important stuff. Like eating potato soup out of mini pumpkin shells.

1. These adorable pom-pom fruit spiders are more cute than creepy, despite their mutant three eyes. They could actually adorn any type of food for the holiday, not just fruit. All you need are some black wool, googly eyes, and cardboard/cardstock, and you’ll be in business. Spider business.{found on titicrafty}.


8 Small & Simple Halloween Décor Ideas that Make a Big Difference

With Halloween fast approaching, you may start seeing neighbors and friends pulling out all the (décor) stops to prepare for the festive night-of-the-dead. Which is fun for the masses and definitely creates a great Halloween ambiance and experience. However, you may not have the inclination or time to go crazy with your own décor this year. It happens. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do some simple things around your house to lend an aura of spookiness to the holiday.

Here are some fantastic decoration ideas that share one common theme: small simplicity. Maybe they’ll inspire and encourage you to add a unique-yet-simple touch to your soon-to-be-haunted home…{found on site}.


10 Haunting Lights for Halloween

A big part of the essence of Halloween is the darkness, the blackness, the spookiness. Which is why I think that lighting fixtures – the opposing force of such darkness – have such a great opportunity for setting the stage for the season. Whether you have grandiose plans to deck your halls in cobwebs and candles or you simply enjoy looking at others’ Halloween décor, here are ten hauntingly clever lights for the holiday:

1. DIY Candelabra.

Isn’t this a show stopper? Built out of parts of several different lights and other odds and ends (tutorial included), this beaded candelabra is classy and decorative. Black spray paint makes the piece’s “ingredients” seem cohesive, and I love the chunky white candles as a finishing touch.{found on tatertotsandjello}.


Not Just For The Front Porch: Other Creative Jack-O-Lantern Ideas

It’s no surprise that jack-o-lanterns are abundant at this time of year; after all, I think they were invented specifically for Halloween. (Don’t quote me on that, though.) It’s definitely fun to carve a jack and place him, where else?, on the front porch steps. But if you’re looking to do something a little different this year, consider these alternatives that are just as festive:

Admittedly not a far cry from the traditional front porch placement, jack-o-lanterns perched on or near a home’s perimeter set a celebratory tone for the whole property. These jack-o-lanterns greet all who pass by or enter through these Pebble Beach entry gates. What I like about this idea is that the smiling gourds provide a simple touch of festivity without going over-the-top.


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