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Leather briefcase desk by Maarten de Ceulaer

If you have some old and used briefcase you can made an interesting desk design like in this photo.The Leather briefcase desk is designed by Maarten de Ceulaer company, so I guess you could make such a desk if your name was Maarten de Ceulaer.

Nilufar mag09-3072 var_LQ

I  really like the idea of using leather briefcases put together in a pile so as to make up a modern and cool desk. But I seriously doubt this would be a very good idea because leather briefcases are not the proper surface for writing documents because it is soft and also will cost you quite a good sum of money since leather is expensive. Well, this leather briefcase desk is only a model and it is designed for the sake of designing.

Nilufar mag09-3071 var_LQ

You can use it, of course, but only after some serious adjustments:  the briefcases on top must be glued together and their surface replaced with a harder one, while the handles of all the briefcases must be used to open up drawers. So it’s a serious work, so I’d rather buy a normal desk instead. But this is a masterpiece in terms of design.

Shelving Units from Lagolinea

When you are looking for a Wall Shelving Unit for your home, office, or anywhere you need it, you will find that there are many types. There are shelving units that are very fancy and have a decoration to them, and you can find interesting and colorful furniture.The Shelving Units from Lagolinea belong to the latest shelving collection and which designed to offer a patch of color and modernity.Visiting the designer site you will find an unlimited amount of items that can be stored on these really cool shelves.


Trio Contemporary Coffee Table by Rick Lee

Choosing a coffee table can be hard. Prices can be so distorted as to be laughable.You want a table that goes well with your decor, that makes a statement worthy of the center of the room, and that will hold up to the abuse of daily use.Personally I like coffee tables which are useful with a lot of space for books or newspapers. Trio Contemporary Coffee Table is a beautifully designed piece that is both functional and versatile.


The design features a modular drawer unit which can be rearranged the way you like it and when pushed out, the cut out on the surface can serve as a magazine rack or a dish when pushed in. And since it has three separate compartments that make up the whole, the designer thought of calling it “trio coffee table”. Also, since it has a contemporary design , he added the word “contemporary” to the official name of the furniture piece.


It comes in dark brown entirely or a combination of dark brown and white in the middle. The latter option is the one I like most because of the chromatic contrast between the two colours . They show very well in a kind of a sandwich, with the white in the middle.

Elegantly sleek ribbon table

Nowadays there are many table designs, this one was made to look like a ribbon and was made by Philip Michael Wolfson and Richard Hartle for HI-MACs. I really love this  elegant coffee table, I`m sure that I can impress my friends with this table. This table is made of steel – a single sheet of steel laser cut and then painted white and lacquered. After the cutting process it was molded and bent so as to take the shape and look like a ribbon. Now when you look at it you can imagine these nice little gymnasts playing with their ribbons, all graceful and fragile.



Except that this table is not fragile at all ans can hold quite a big weight on it. Any way, the design is very well conceived and the ribbon seems to fold a bit while falling on the ground, so it shows movement, but in fact this very design makes the loose part of the ribbon be the real support, making sure the table does not fall on the side and ensuring stability. Great job!

Prefab Playhouse by Modern Cabana

One of the things that almost every kid wants as they grow up is their own backyard playhouse. As parents, we want to give them one, but those pre-fab playhouses at the home improvement stores can be extremely expensive for what you get.The Modern Cabana revealed a contemporary playhouse, KIDDO Cabana to their collection of prefabricated living spaces. Designed and fabricated in San Francisco, KIDDO Cabana structures are flat packed and ready for easy assembly and each is available for 1500$.


The Playhouse  is manufactured using all FSC certified woods harvested from sustainable managed forests in the United States, no VOC-paints and glues and natural tree oil stains. The structure does not need an expert to be put together and you can do that yourself if you follow the clear instructions. The playhouse is perfectly sized for the kids and is safe for them, too. There are no sharp edges and also nothing the kids can break or get loose or swallow or any other hazards for them.



There are three parts of the door that are flapping depending on the kids height. There is a blackboard inside and also a folding table they can use when they want to and also a little chair next to it. They can roll down paper from the scroll and use it for drawing and the windows are huge in order to let the natural sunlight in. In my opinion this is the perfect place for a kid to play in.

Very Flat Folding Table by Lodovico Bernardi

Here is another kind of furniture for small places, it`s a convertible table by Lodovico Bernardi. It is called Flat Folding Table and it’s an asset to any home, particularly in a home where you might be short of space. A convertible table is an item with a variety of uses but which is still attractive to look at.This table presents itself as a very flat folding table which could become an ideal extension of the main table.


The idea is not very new as there have been numerous tries to find out a more effective way of having a table that stretches only when you have company. But the idea and the design brought by Lodovico Bernardi is really great and also practical. You simply keep the table stored somewhere where it takes a minimum amount of space if it looks just like a simple board and you only take it out when you need it. Stretch its legs (that are conveniently places aside and you have a big and nice table that allows you to organize the Easter family dinner.  If you want more information about this flat folding table then you could find it on Lodovico Bernardi.

Nomiya Space Restaurant at Palais de Tokyo in Paris

Paris is the city of love and the city where everything is possible, so it’s a great opportunity for all kinds of businesses, especially if you are into the cuisine art. So the location must be perfect and what other better location than the roof of a museum of modern art, where you can have a direct and splendid view towards the Eiffel Tower?

Nomiya Space Restaurant at Palais de Tokyo3

The replacement of Hotel Everland located on the roof of Palais de Tokyo is Nomiya Restaurant which is simply spectacular. It has been designed by the Laurent Grasso and the place has been named and inspired after the famous Japanese Bars. This spell binding place is the creation of Laurent Grasso and his brother whose name is Pascal Grasso. The place is designed keeping the impression of the airlines in mind with the floating and transparent building.

Nomiya Space Restaurant at Palais de Tokyo

Nomiya Space Restaurant at Palais de Tokyo4

Nomiya Space Restaurant at Palais de Tokyo2

Nomiya Space Restaurant at Palais de Tokyo1

This well designed and dream like restaurant is a luring deal, situated at a lovely place. The famous French artist, master mind behind this project has brought out best in the restaurant. The diffuse violet lights and the location that seems “on top pf the world”, plus the modern design make the place a magical one – Nomiya restaurant.

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