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Very Flat Folding Table by Lodovico Bernardi

Here is another kind of furniture for small places, it`s a convertible table by Lodovico Bernardi. It is called Flat Folding Table and it’s an asset to any home, particularly in a home where you might be short of space. A convertible table is an item with a variety of uses but which is still attractive to look at.This table presents itself as a very flat folding table which could become an ideal extension of the main table.


The idea is not very new as there have been numerous tries to find out a more effective way of having a table that stretches only when you have company. But the idea and the design brought by Lodovico Bernardi is really great and also practical. You simply keep the table stored somewhere where it takes a minimum amount of space if it looks just like a simple board and you only take it out when you need it. Stretch its legs (that are conveniently places aside and you have a big and nice table that allows you to organize the Easter family dinner.  If you want more information about this flat folding table then you could find it on Lodovico Bernardi.

Nomiya Space Restaurant at Palais de Tokyo in Paris

Paris is the city of love and the city where everything is possible, so it’s a great opportunity for all kinds of businesses, especially if you are into the cuisine art. So the location must be perfect and what other better location than the roof of a museum of modern art, where you can have a direct and splendid view towards the Eiffel Tower?

Nomiya Space Restaurant at Palais de Tokyo3

The replacement of Hotel Everland located on the roof of Palais de Tokyo is Nomiya Restaurant which is simply spectacular. It has been designed by the Laurent Grasso and the place has been named and inspired after the famous Japanese Bars. This spell binding place is the creation of Laurent Grasso and his brother whose name is Pascal Grasso. The place is designed keeping the impression of the airlines in mind with the floating and transparent building.

Nomiya Space Restaurant at Palais de Tokyo

Nomiya Space Restaurant at Palais de Tokyo4

Nomiya Space Restaurant at Palais de Tokyo2

Nomiya Space Restaurant at Palais de Tokyo1

This well designed and dream like restaurant is a luring deal, situated at a lovely place. The famous French artist, master mind behind this project has brought out best in the restaurant. The diffuse violet lights and the location that seems “on top pf the world”, plus the modern design make the place a magical one – Nomiya restaurant.

Conceal Bookshelf from Umbra

Floating bookshelves are not exactly new and there are now a lot of different building instructions for them. The book-keeper of Conceal umbra is almost invisible behind a stack of books. That is because it is carefully hidden so as to make the books seem to float. The bookshelf is designed by Miron Lior and is made of powdered coat steel and it has a special support that gets inside the book, right under the book hard cover.


The designer is said to be “notable for the elegant balance he achieves between form and function, while keeping his pieces exciting and engaging”. The cover gets fixed in a special indentation and then you can stack up to ten books on top of this one. Conceal is easily mounted on the wall and occupies minimum space. The book holder is available in two different sizes – large and small books – available. You can now purchase it for €15 if you want to have a special bookshelf.

Staircases design by Edilco

The staircase is a beautiful architectural element in any house, regardless of its design. There are numerous types of staircases and they each have their charm. The spiral staircase is one of the most popular ones because of its beautiful shape and the visual effect it has on the entire décor. Of course, the design means more than just the actual structure and shape. It also includes all the other details such as the guardrails, the materials used, the colors and everything else.


Embrace By John Green

Great furniture stands out for all the tight reasons. It’s comfortable, functional and it also looks good. These criteria must be satisfied every time. However, it’s difficult to find and maintain a balance between them. We often see furniture that looks good but lacks comfort while other times function is more important than the looks. A very nice example of a piece of furniture that meets all the criteria equally is the Embrace chair.

The Embrace chair was designed by John Green. Even though it’s mainly a chair, this piece is actually a multipurpose item. It’s made of two pieces. These pieces interlock and form the chair you see in the image. It’s actually a sort of bench made from two very simple tables. When put together, they form a shelf in the center.


Trellis Garden design by Arik Levy

Flora is a company, which specializes in production of high-quality, long-lasting garden tools and equipment. The solution proposed by designer Arik Levy has designed this garden trellis design called Comb-ination. Its octagonal forms follow directly from cells of a beehive. In this structure very graphic, just let them grow climbing plants to create a wall of vegetation at home. You could make different creative combinations on your wall from its several pieces and could find the most right one for your outdoor design. Any climbing plant could look cool on such garden trellis.


Digital Wallpaper by Strukt

The Büro Hirsberger event agency with the headquarter in Vienna has created what is called “digital wallpaper”, a kind of installation where colors and images are moving on the walls. The idea was to illuminate the walls in coordinating multiple projections of colored light, through a program generator designed by the team. A showcase that draws the eye to discover in the demo now!


It’s not a wallpaper per se. It’s probably based on the same principles: to decorate the walls and to refresh the décor. It’s

the modern version of the wallpaper. There are several differences, one of them being that, unlike the traditional wallpaper, this one is more difficult to replace. So one you’ve decided to include it in your interior design, you’re going to have to enjoy it for many years to come.

But it’s not like this is a disadvantage, because you’ll probably have no intention of replacing it anyway. It’s a creative and interesting way of decorating the walls. The effect is surprising. And there are a lot of options, in terms of colors and images. It’s a very dynamic creation. Your home will have a completely different look one you incorporate the digital wallpaper into the design. So have some fun and take the wall decorating to another level. You’ll instantly have a more modern and fun home.

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