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Rustic wood furniture for Living Room

The contemporary look is highlighted by rustic furniture. Here are some unique wood furniture from David Stine or Carrie Lebber. You can start decorate your house with various interesting combinations of different interior styles. David Stine creates a truly unique furniture from natural solid wood. Combining two so different styles is very risky and you have to be very careful because the result might not be the one you were hopping for. In this case the combination was successful.

Here are some ideas of how you can incorporate some rustic elements, like this collection of tables and stools, into a modern or contemporary home. As you can see for yourself from the pictures, the shape in very important, and so is the location where you decide to place the elements. T has to be balance of styles so that none of them doesn’t look weird and out of place. This is a nice example of how you can create your own design by combining the elements you like, even if theoretically they don’t really match.


All in One Table and Light

This strange and unique looking table is designed by a German designer called Florian Kallus, which is said to be table with combination of a table lamp. The designer named this table as Tamp and Lamp and it is unique in its features. The main advantage of design is that this furniture blends a writing desk along with a lamp in one single piece.

It’s actually a very simple piece of furniture. It doesn’t even look sophisticated, not even stylish. It’s just a very simple table that has a lamp attached on one side. The lamp can be rotated in any way to provide you with light whether you’re working on your computer or laptop, reading a book, writing a homework or working at the desk/table. Even when you’re not using the table, the lamp cans till be useful if you pull it on the other side and maybe use as a soft light source when you’re reading a book on the sofa or you’re just watching the TV.

Overall, it’s a very simple but very ingenious and clever design. It’s also very convenient, because it’s quite cheap. So whether you’re looking a simple furniture piece to complement your home or if you’re having problems with the small space that you have in your apartment, this table/lamp is a very good choice.

Unusual Swimming Pools Around The World

Swimming pools are a lot of fun, especially during hot summer months. They are a great way to relax, exercise and pass the time. They come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on the basin structure, here are the types of pools you can enjoy.I`m sure that you think on the old structure of pool, but today i will presents you the most Unusual Swimming Pools Around The World.

1. Infinity Pool

Called Infinity Pool offer an extraordinary view located at the Alila Ubud, luxury boutique resort hotel in Ubud, Bali.For this pool i guess you need a pool cleaners.



2. Hotel Joule; Dallas, TX Pool

Joule Hotel is rated with five-star, 129-room hotel in Dallas famous for it’s swimming pool that partially hangs off the side of the building – eight stories up.On the summer the prices start from 229$



Slice Coffee Table magic

A slice coffee table adds beauty to your house as it adds luxury to your house. It is an asymmetrical table having tempered glass at its top and the whole structure is made of lacquered wood. The base has wooden structures, which are joined irregularly. The dimensions of this coffee table are 123 x 101 x 20 cms.


It’s an interesting, as it should be considering the fact that we’re talking about a coffee table. This is probably the most spectacular furniture piece. There are very many different designs for the coffee table and it’s always amazing how designers always manage to come up with something new. Like this one for example. The base is the detail that makes this table special. It’s like a labyrinth in there. The glass top is something that everybody has seen before, but not on an irregular base like this one.

It only comes in white so this might be a problem. But since it’s a coffee table, it’s an accent feature that can often create a nice color contrast with the other furniture pieces. Plus white is a neutral color so it’s not hard to match it with the other color tones. The design of this coffee table is modern and intriguing, not over the top but enough to make it special and intriguing.

The La Bande a All in One Seat and Recliner Modular Furniture

Modular furniture popularity grows day by day, and I try to cover all this grate furniture. The La Bande was designed by Sarah Lovgren and can be modified to be used as both a seat and a recliner. The project was developed in collaboration with Franzi Kohlhoff, the modular furniture La Bande splits up into 2 different sections at one end of the band, while the longitudinal split and the flexibility of the material allows the two sections to bend separately to form space.


I like modular furniture. There’s something about it that is very appealing, mostly because of the functionality. And this design is particularly attractive. The simplicity and functionality are simply amazing. Of course, this piece is not for everyone. It’s a very modern furniture piece, with a contemporary design. It looks very artistic and abstract but it’s actually a very comfortable and easy to use piece.


Three Sixty Table

Here’s another coffee table that you could probably just build yourself in order to save a boatload of cash. The Three Sixty Table was designed by Studio Mauerer Hendrichs and it features three sets of trucks and wheels from a skateboard. With the wheels the 40-inch glass top can be rotate just like a gambling roulette. the Three Sixty Table is available for $1,795.


It’s such a rudimentary table and it’s so simple to build that you wonder why you should pay all that money for something that you could very well create just by yourself. Well, it’s not about how simple or difficult it is to build a piece of furniture, it’s about the idea. So if you think it’s so simple, then how come you didn’t come up with this idea before the designer did?

This unusual coffee table is not the most elegant piece of furniture you could have in your house. However it’s fun and original. I honestly wouldn’t like to have it in my home. I like my coffee table to look… normal. But there are enough people out there who are constantly looking for something original, something special to include in their homes. And this piece fits the criteria. So what are you waiting for? Just buy it already.

Magnetic Floating Bed

The Magnetic Floating Bed was designed by a young Dutch architect and comes for a price tag of 1.2 million euros ($1.54 million).The flying bed measure 60cm x 26cm x 4cm and has a floating height of 8cm. Magnets built into the floor and into the bed itself repel each other, pushing the bed up into the air. Thin steel cables tether the bed in place.


A very special piece of furniture that comes at a very special price. I like this bed, I really do. But I can’t imagine myself paying that much for it. Maybe if I had so much money that I could afford to throw them out the window. Then I would like to have a bed like this. People are constantly trying to bend the laws of physics. They usually fail, but sometimes, like in this case, they are actually successful.

But this doesn’t mean that everybody likes it. Some people might even find it exaggerated. They might say that it’s not such a big of a deal to have a floating bed. But that’s only after they see the price. Deep down they know they love it, just like I like it. Maybe sometime into the future this technique will become so usual all over the world that everyone will have a floating bed. Just like in the case of the mobile phones. They were cool and extraordinary at first, but now everyone has one so it’s not that interesting anymore.

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