Design And Concept

Villa in Sardinia by Antonio Lupi

This typical luxury residence is located in the midst of the shrubs and trees in a villa in Sardinia. The layout of the building has smooth marble floorings and carpeted with fresh green grass giving a fantastic view. The front part of the resort is constructed with stones adding richness to its appearance. The spacious portico gives an enhanced view of the nature which also will provide a cool atmosphere.

Villa in Sardinia by Antonio Lupi2

The side portion of the residence helps to enjoy the sunrise and sunset by a casual walk into the side portico.  The floor is furnished with limestone and slate and the living room is enriched with modern carpentry and electronic devices.


Coffee-Laptop Table

I’m sure that your coffee tables are used for work also. But what if your coffee table can be transformed in a laptop table ? For those who work at home, which is specially the case of webmasters, this combination of coffee table and laptop table is a cool and very useful piece of furniture.

The simple mechanism that brings the table closer to the person sitting can make a big difference in terms of the potential back discomfort that can be caused by leaning forward to use a laptop on a coffee table. But now you won’t be needing to do that anymore. A lot of people tend to have problems in the morning when they would normally have to drink their coffee and then go somewhere else, preferably a more comfortable place, to work. Instead they choose to bring their work to the coffee table. The reason is laziness.

But when your back starts to hurt you wish you were less lazy and went to sit on your desk. Or even better, you could have bought  this coffee-laptop-table. Do it now and save time later.

Picture Table by Ivydesign

Living in small apartments nowadays is not a problem because there are a lot of furniture pieces that can make our life easier. This product from Verena is called “Picture Table”. The neat thing about Picture Table is how it can provide a table and even a place for guests to dine on, and then fold-up into a picture on a wall. The picture looks so beautiful, and I’m sure that you can find other wallpapers to change it with. There is also a mirror version as well, if a mirror is preferred over a picture. You can find it here Ivydesign.

It’s a great way of saving some space. When you don’t use it as a table you just fold it and mount it on the wall. And when extra guests come for dinner, no problem! We’ll just use the picture. It only takes a minute. It’s original and very efficient and will make all your friends jealous, which is always good.

Expandable Round Dining Table by Skovby

Skovby, a Danish company, offers many functional and flexible dining tables. One of the most interesting of them is the nice round dining table which is patented and equipped with a unique extension system. This table is quite compact when it is closed, but when it expands it become twice bigger and could give enough places for many persons. This round table is available in different kinds of wood finishes and could perfectly decorate any contemporary dining room.

Expandable Round Dining Table by Skovby

Now you don’t have to worry about space because when it’s compact the table is quite small. Also, the extra guests are not a problem anymore. In just a minute you will have enough room for everyone. This is also a very good solution for large families for which space is essential.

Expandable Round Dining Table by Skovby2

It’s always good to be prepared. And with this expandable table you’ll be ok no matter if it’s just a small dinner, or a family reunion. And it’s round, which gives the users a more comfortable and warm feeling.

Elvis Wood Top Dining Table by Cattelan

Who dares to say  that wooden furniture pieces are not modern ? Well, the dining table from Elvis collection by Cattelan is a perfect demonstration of the contrary of that. This collection could be a modern furniture set perfect for any living room or other area .Elegant and trendy, this piece is also expendable and tin order to save some space during the day it can be easily changed into a  more compact rectangular model with curved edges.



Whenever you need more extra dining table space, you just out the edges and there it is, a brand new table design. The base is made from steel and the top is made from wood. It has a lacquered finish that brings out the natural colors of the wood and that also adds some shine and contributes to a longer-lasting finish. It’s a very functional piece of furniture that can be used in a number of different ways and for a variety of different purposes. Explore and enjoy.

Earth House by Peter Vetsch

The earth structure houses provide organic forms, their development requiring creativity and a strong sense of space and was designed by Peter Vetsch, are based on the interpretation of an environmentally conscious, ecological and progressive architecture.




The earth- covered houses are grouped centered around a small artificial lake with the entrance well hidden and integrated at the side of the settlement.



Located in Dietikon, Switzerland the Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse is build on the ground.The residential settlement consists of nine houses, three 3 bedroom, a 4 bedroom, a 5 bedroom, three 6 bedroom and a 7 bedroom house.The earth-house concept uses the ground as an insulating blanket that efficiently protects it from rain, low temperatures, wind and natural abrasion. An earth house does not have to be built under the ground, it can be placed onto naturally grown terrain. For more information of this project please check this.

Curtain Door by Matharoo Associates

High of 5.2 m, 1.7 m wide and consisting of 40 sections of 254 mm wooden swivel on an axis with 80 ball bearings, this beautiful door opens smoothly and harmoniously just like a fan. The Curtain Door by Matharoo Associates was celebrated like the best piece of design created by a young architect from across the world by Architectural Review’s Emerging Architecture Awards. It’s understandable since it’s such a nice and innovative piece.



The wood used to create the door conserves some of the vintage atmosphere that it emits, while the audacious design brings you back into the modern world. A very nice and successful combination that however needs and deserves to be integrated in a house that shares the same style. Otherwise it would be just an unusual piece in a house full of boring stuff. That is almost never good. Nobody likes when the interior of their home is not consistent throughout the entire home.

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