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VONDOM Vertex table by Karim Rashid

Geometrical furniture becomes more and more famous nowadays. It is the coolest thing to decorate a particular place like bar of house with strange and uniform shapes. The VONDOM Vertex by Karim Rashid is a set of table and chairs featuring triangular planes that meet dynamically to create comfortable forms suitable for dining or meeting rooms. The pieces are manufactured by rotational molding, the main characteristic of this technique is that the material is 100% recyclable and it can explore never-ending possibilities in terms of shapes.

VONDOM Vertex table by Karim Rashid 1

It’s an unusual furniture set but that’s to be expected one you hear the name Karim Rashid.  He is known for his original pieces and designs. And this one makes no exception. It’s a very interesting idea that sits at the base on this collection. Plus the recycling is one more reason why you should choose this furniture set. Although it doesn’t look at all like a recyclable material. But you might be surprised what talented designers can come up with.

The geometric lines create a very interesting shape. The pieces share a very modern look that reminds me a little of the origami technique. It’s definitely an original idea that combines the functionality of the table and chairs with the stylish look of decorative pieces.

iTables by Mirko Ginepro

If you are a big fan of iPod media players then you must have in the living room an iTable. Designed by and Italian artist Mirko Ginepro for Milan Design Week, these iTables are awesome.


They share the structure of the iPod and they turn it into a very functional and fun table. It’s a very versatile table as well. Because of it’s unusual design, there’s not a rule that says it has to be used as a certain type of table or only for certain activities. So you can use it as a very fun coffee table or even as a small dining table. The shape allows it to incorporate a very useful storage shelf where you can store some magazines, books, cigarette packs, a bag or anything else you might want to.


It’s definitely an unusual table and it will make a very fun piece of furniture in your living room. It’s obviously modern and this can be either good or bag. It’s good because now it’s something new. But there’s also a big disadvantage. The problem is that technology advances very fast and  there are permanently new concepts and designs that replace the old ones. So in just a few years there’s a real risk that you’ll end up having an outdated iPod table which represents a model that has disappeared long ago from the stores. Think about that before making a decision.

Stacking Nesting Table by Florian Kräutli

lorian Krautli creates furniture that can perform several functions either simultaneously or not. Convenient here, if you decide to use Stacking nest table is that you can adjust both the size and height. From the pictures you can see how it looks and how does the whole system work. This furniture can be easily used as a table, chair or shelf.


It’s a very good idea in the case of small apartments. There’s a constant struggle of how to save some space, because there’s never enough. And furniture pieces like this one are very handy. Not only that it can be adjusted in terms of size and height, but it can also be used in a multitude of different ways. Sometimes you need a coffee table, other times you need an extra seat or just some extra storage space or even a nightstand. This nesting table offers them all.


It’s a great way to save some space when you’re not using and it, plus it’s very versatile. It’s a convertible piece that can often quickly solve your problems.  The process only takes a minute or less and everyone is happy. It’s such a simple piece that however manages to surprise you with its versatility and functionality. A great choice for small spaces.

Book Pills by Je Sung Park

bookshelf of your choice helps you organize your collections in your manner or pattern. You can arrange them alphabetically or you can put books of one author in one rack or shelf or in any other way. For example, the Book Pills by Je Sung Park looks so modern and are made of flexible inner materials and a little bit more flexible material, plus the outer shell of plastic. The best part of this project is that you can move them all around the outsides or put them right in the middle.

Book Pills by Je Sung Park1

It’s a fun collection that challenges you to use your imagination and creativity. These individual pieces, shapes like a pill or just like an oval, can be placed anywhere you want in the house. They can be stacked or hanged on the walls, used as an individual piece or as a collection, the choice is entirely yours.

Book Pills by Je Sung Park

They are colorful, but in soft color tones. They definitely don’t look like the usual bookshelves but they are as useful as those ones. Maybe even more useful and functional since they can be easily moved around the house and placed in different shapes and combinations. This way you can create your own structure that fits your personality and that achieves your purposes.

Contrast Collection by UBICA-ID

Called Contrast, the collection designed by UBICA-ID is a series which includes extending coffee tables, side tables and an armchair with a bookshelf incorporated in the back. In total there are seven furniture pieces which have been created from pure volumes and geometric forms, looking for a formal line between them and a clear visual simplicity, without sacrificing details and solutions that has made them into practical and special furniture.

Contrast Collection by UBICA-ID6

Contrast Collection by UBICA-ID

It’s surprising how simple these pieces can be. The well defined design looks like it’s trying to make a statement. The geometric shapes kind of join them all together, creating a very fresh image. The colors used are the very clean tone of white and the natural wood color, in most of the cases. There’s also a brightly colored side table that adds some fun to the collection.

Contrast Collection by UBICA-ID2

Contrast Collection by UBICA-ID4

The name of this collection is very suggestive for the pieces included. The contrast refers on one hand at the materials used that are put together in a beautiful way. On the other hand it refers to the colors: there’s the pure white mixed with the beautiful and natural wood color, and then there’s also that colorful side table that creates a contrast compared to all the other pieces.

Fragments Of Nature by Lex Pott

The designer Lex Pott Holland presents the Fragments of Nature which is a collection of furniture pieces that keep the integrity of the original material. The collaboration between industrial design and natural elements work perfectly all the time. Simple and elegant the design is easily reproduced and maintains a grounded, organic feel that harkens back to nature.


The collection includes tables, benches and storage spaces. They all share a rudimentary look that not everybody appreciates but that’s the whole point of this project. It’s main purpose was to preserve the natural details of the wood. This way you can bring a piece of nature inside your home.



This type of furniture pieces doesn’t look good in any kind of environment. You have to be careful when including them in your home design. It’s not enough just to like them, they also have to look good in your home.  So think about this aspect before purchasing them. You might end up with a bunch of beautiful and really interesting furniture pieces but with no place to store them because they just don’t go well with the rest of the furniture or with the overall interior design that you have created in your home.

Ink Calendar by Oscar Diaz

Here is an interesting idea for a calendar by Oscar Diaz. The ink is absorbed slowly, and the numbers in the calendar are “printed” daily. One a day, they are filled with ink until the end of the month. Each month has another color, the colors range from dark blue in December to, three shades of green in spring or orange and red in the summer.


It’s an original idea that I have never seen before. And it involves something that everyone is using every day. Calendars are one of the oldest concepts that people came up with. At first we were able to tell time by the position of the sun and then someone came up with the idea of creating a calendar, a structure that helps us keep track of time. Everyone uses them regardless of the type.


The most common type of calendar is the one that usually hangs on the wall where everybody can see it. And this one is more or less based on the same principles, although it’s a lot more attractive. Still, as beautiful and interesting as it may be, it still takes a lot of space that not everybody has. But you can’t have it all.

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