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Flower Vases Shaped Like Lab Beakers

I have never been a huge fan of Chemistry and I actually felt rather strange when handling all those lab tubes and substances because i was not so sure what i was mixing there and if the result will be spectacular or just a catastrophe waiting to happen. But I would have never imagined them to be beautiful. Or at least I haven’t until I saw these amazing Flower Vases Shaped Like Lab Beakers. These are actually vases that are almost shaped like lab tubes, but not entirely, as lab tubes have a round bottom and these don’t. They have a flat bottom and they serve as flower vases, even though they still stand in a wooden lab stand. I guess this is just for the visual effect.

So these beakers look pretty nice if you fill them with water and use them as vases for many pretty flowers you want to surround you. This is the proof that even a scientific world can be embellished and brought to nature, at least every once in a while. It might remind you of your high school Chemistry lab, but this wooden support is really helpful, as it keeps all the five small vases standing and it makes an unusual and yet pretty decoration for your home, too. And also available for the price of €32.00.

Giant Octopus Beautiful Tryptich

I think we learn something every day if we pay attention to the world around us. For example I had no idea what a tryptich was until recently when I discovered that it sounds a lot more complicated than it really is. In case you did not know either, a tryptich is a work of art that is usually made of painted panels and which is divided into tree separate parts. The funny thing about these parts is the fact that they are not displayed next to each other, but they do have some space in between them. And this makes the tryptich even more interesting as design.


Felisimmo’s Aurora Display Case – a different way of creating art using colored pencils

Colored pencils aren’t just for kids. Grown-ups sometimes use them too but for quite different purposes. But, regardless of that, the result is always a form of art. A while ago we came across a very interesting creation and we really wanted to share it with you. It’s a wall display and it was created using lots of colored pencils.This is the Aurora Display Case created by Felisimmo. It’s difficult to place it a category.

It’s basically a case for colored pencils but it’s also much more than that. It’s also a beautiful work of art. It’s composed of five units featuring the same dimensions, shape and design. Each of these units form a set that, in total, is filled with 500 colored pencils. The pencils are arranged as a gradient and they form very beautiful effects. It’s an unusual and untraditional way of using the pencils but the result still remains in the sphere of art.


Phone booths turned into goldfish aquariums – a magician-worthy transformation

We now live in an era when many of the revolutionary inventions that changed the world are no longer useful. For example, the phone booth was a great invention when it was first introduced on the streets. It made our lives much more easier and it changed our perspective on technology. However, the very same concept that the phone booths were based on has grown and has led to the creation of cell phones. We all carry them now so we no longer need or use the phone booths. But they are a nostalgic memory and don’t deserve to be discarded just like that. So a few people decided to repurpose them and turn them into works of art.

This is a movement that first appeared in Brazil. It was then adopted in Japan as well. Here, art collective Kingobu has repurposed phone booths into goldfish aquariums. It’s an image that personally sends me to magicians and their tricks. But this has nothing to do with magic. It’s just the result of the efforts of this group that turned these old phone booths that nobody uses anymore into something that we can all relate to, something that we can all admire and something that impresses once again.


Wall Clock or Wall Art?

Like all children, I was fascinated by things and their mechanisms, why they move and what makes them move in a certain way. And when I could not figure out by myself I was frustrated and wanted to know the truth as soon as possible. This is how I decided to remove the back of a wall clock and see what was inside. I was simply;y stunned seeing so many gears and little pieces that seemed to work with a lot of ease. Well, I still remember what I saw then and this memory was brought back to my mind by this special Wall arrangement called Gear Wall Art with Clock.


Interesting Mirror Looking Like a Razor Blade

I saw the musical “Sweeney Todd” some time ago and, even though it was a bit creepy for my taste, I did notice the min character’s fascination for razors and razor blades. I remembered all this when I saw this unusual Interesting Mirror Looking Like a Razor Blade. This mirror has a special look and design because it looks like a razor blade. It is all shiny and nice and it even has some words written on it, words that give you a hint to the above mentioned musical.


Artistic and dynamic, a collection that spells its name: “Chair & Chair”

As we have said with numerous other occasions and you probably noticed by now, inspiration sometimes comes from the most unusual placed. Take this furniture line for example. It features a series of chairs/small sofas with shapes that clearly represents the “&”sign. In fact, the name of the collection says it all.The “Chair & Chair” series was designed by Tatiana Bortkevica, a young professional interior and product designer based in Paris. She chose to think out of the box and to search for inspiration in some more unusual places.

It’s this how the sign concretized into a chair. The fact that the source of inspiration is so unusual and unexplored makes this series highly original. The design then makes it very modern. The chairs which can also be considered small sofas have very clean and simple designs. They represent a stylized version of the “&” symbol and they follow its lines closely.


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