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Coffee table with clever storage solution

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and enjoying a nice cup of coffee and maybe a cigarette. It’s a great feeling and a good way to start your day. But for that you’ll need more than coffee. You’ll need a coffee table, one that suites your needs and preferences so that you feel comfortable and confident when you start your day.

Here’s an idea: a coffee table with a clever storage space incorporated. It looks good, it’s comfortable and it also provides you with a hidden space where to store your magazines and maybe cigarettes or whatever you like to use in the morning when you’re having coffee. It’s made from walnut veneer and dusty grey glass and it has a water-based lacquer coating for a longer-lasting finish. The dimensions of this functional coffee table are H12¾/17½ x W44¾/53¼ x D31½/40″.

If you hurry up you’ll even get it for a smaller price ($985 instead of $1095). The offer ends on 04-30-2011.

A Rustic Indoor Firewood Storage Idea

For those who use firewood for their homes they need to think of its storage to. It should be a place close to the fire, which protects the firewood from rain or other inconvenient bad natural phenomena and it should not incommodate you too much.

The Swedish Studio St. Paul has an innovative idea. It designs an indoor pile made up of firewood logs. It looks rustic and creates an interesting design and a special atmosphere. In different parts of the pile there are made some crates of various sizes. In these crates you can deposit different things like a table lamp, some books or other objects that might complete this rustic décor.

This pile may remind you of the cold winters when wood becomes an important source for getting a fire or the wet rainy days when a fire in a fireplace creates a wonderful warm and romantic atmosphere.

Magical hanging glass bubble planters

Designed in collaboration with Shane Powers, these unique planters give you the freedom of creating your own suspended garden. They are made exclusively from glass, so they are transparent. This allows your plants to show all their features without anything blocking their beauty. They were designed to hang from a glass twine which is included in the design so you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

The open holes in the glass allows for air ferns or other types of decorative plants to peek through and to reveal their entire beauty. This unique pieces may look very fragile but they are not that sensitive. However you have to be careful when you clean them because they are hand washable. They come in two different shapes: round or capsules and the price varies from 9$ to 24$, according to the dimension (4″,5″,7″, 9″ and 13″). Be creative with these fun and simple hanging planters.

The Under Table by Goncalo Campos

The kid’s world is a total different one from that of the adults. Kids have their own universe, with its own rules and realities. For example imagine some kids who discovered a wonderful place for playing under a table. The adults maybe cannot understand them but here they create a new environment for their game.

Goncalo Campos is a designer who tried to think of these things and who transformed the Emaf Progetti’s Beider Table into the Under Table.He created a table and imagined what might happen under it. You can notice a kid who is playing or hiding, a man who is looking for something, forgotten objects, like that feminine shoe.


Very Rare Reed and Barton Sterling Silver “Francis I” Vase

Houses are made beautiful by the design, furniture, but also by the little details like the decorations used to embellish it. One of the things that can bring a special treat to a room is the vase. You can place fresh flowers in it, flowers of different shapes and colours that you can choose depending on the room design or season or even personal taste. But sometimes the vase in itself is used for decoration, as it is really beautiful and eye-catching. One such vase is the Barton Sterling “Francis I” vase that is made of silver.

This vase is very special because it is made entirely of silver and besides that it is very old and has a special amazing design. The manufacturers of this vase – Reed and Barton – started their business back in 1824 and this vase is supposed to belong to the original collections made at the time. The body of the vase is smooth, but the rim has flowers and leaves designed. As for the name of the vase, “Francis I” , it was I created by Ernest Meyer in 1906 and apparently it refers to quite a big number of such collectible vases and other items. You can purchase the item now for $425.

Elegant birdhouse by Luis Porém

As I’m writing this article, I can’t help noticing that there’s a bird resting by my window. She’s been there for a while, I see her every day and I even feed her from time to time. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who has experienced this kind of situation. In moments like this one you just wish there was something more you could do.

And it is. You can offer her a nice home, like this one. The APA Shelter was created by Portuguese designer Luis Porém especially for situations like this one. This lovely birdhouse will provide a shelter for small birds and it will also give you a chance to admire them closely.


Unusual aquarium designs for fish lovers

Fish … they are the perfect pet. They are quiet, small, they don’t eat a lot, they are not smelly( when they’re in the water) and they don’t poop all over the house. So if you decide to have some nice and colorful fish in your home, you should also consider buying an appropriate fish tank so that they would feel comfortable and happy.


Vanessa Mitrani anticipated your desires and she created these very artistic and unique aquarium designs for those of you who want something different for their little pet friends. Now your fish can live in this ultra-modern environment created especially for them. They come in three sizes: 24, 35 and 45 cm and they require no special care. Make your fish feel loved with this contemporary piece. It will certainly make them happy and, in the same time, it will bring an artistic touch to your home.

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