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Pirates Themed Theater worth $2.5 million

Pirates of the Caribbean has been a very successful franchise and a lot of people all over the world have become fans. No wonder that pirates have gained more and more fame and many people have found it inspiring. So many of them have decided to re-design their homes so as to obtain a pirates themed room, house or … theater. That is the case of this building I am presenting to you today and which is being under construction in Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

The latest movie of the franchise is called “On stranger tides” and it has recently been released in cinemas. So it would be wonderful to be able to watch it in your own wonderful home theater. Of course, I am sure you will not spend $2.5 million for this, but some people are willing to do this.


Interactive sculpture by Tomomi Sayuda

Oshibe, which in Japanese means stamen, is also the creation of Japanese designer Tomomi Sayuda. Basically, the interesting thing about this piece is that it operation on the principle of synaesthesia. The sculpture attemps to mesmerize you on multiple levels by exciting your senses. It’s not such a revolutionary piece, but still it’s very interesting.

Oshibe is an interactive lighting sculpture that also plays ambient sounds. As the designer declares, this project was inspired by eggs, plants, light and the moon. It’s an odd combination when you think about it but if it works for her who are we to judge. As you can see the sculpture features multiple stamens and eggs. When you put eggs on stamens something unexpected happens: Oshibe plays tender ambient sounds and it also lights up. Each stamen plays a different sound. So the stamens are like a quire as the sounds change according to the number and positions of the eggs.


CCPP – by Cochenko and Quatorze

CCPP – Chantier créatif de prévention partagée- is the product of a design collaboration between the Collectifs Cochenko and Quatorze. Basically this product is an instalation that will travel to schools and institutions in a drug awareness campaign comissioned by the French Ministry of Culture and MILDT. The project consists is the creation of a hallucinogenic space where the students will be entering in order to experience contrasting moments.

Only one person is allowed inside at the time and he or she can stay in there as long as he/she wants. The space is divided in three continuous rooms where the user will experience very different emotions: pleasure, repetition and awakening. As a person enters the first room, the door is shut behind him/her. He or she will enjoy the beauty and tranquility of a relaxing space with soft, crystalline music and subtle light. As the user enters into the second space, the surroundings are beginning to be closing in around him/her. The user is now deprived of direction and he will experience harsh sound and light combinations. In the last space the user is slowly brought into the reality and a numbing bass is growing through the body, encouraging the user to want to leave that space as quickly as possible. It must be a really intense experience.

Hopefully it will have a positive effect on those who are trying it and the campaigns will discourage young students to try drugs. It’s a very creative campaign and hopefully it will be a success.

Fletcher Vaughan’s Stratospheric sculpture

New Zeeland is where this beautiful and unusual sculpture can be found. It’s calls Stratospheric and it was created by New Zeeland designer Fletcher Vaughan’s for the Brick Bay Sculpture Trail in Matakana. This unusual and gravity-defying structure is a very modern and elegant art piece.

The sculpture is composed of 4 orb. Each orb is further composed of layers or strata of opaque, white Corian. Corian is a type of handmade marble mostly used for industrial products and a material that the designer is frequently using in its creations. The sculpture is very artistic and beautiful. It has a clean design with beautiful lines and a structure that defies gravity. Also, there’s an unexpected detail that can be admired during the night. When the sun goes down, the luminous orbs are lit up creating a charming image.


Unique Wallpaper for Inspiring Rooms

Wallpaper adds charm and excitement to any home. Hanging wallpaper correctly ensures delight as you walk through the rooms of your house. Nowadays you can find it in different sizes and shapes, depending on what you want. You can even use your personal photos, fine art prints, nature images and scenes, or patterns and turn them into wallpaper.

Today we would like to show you a set from paper designers Eazywallz. The best part about these murals is that you can apply them on anything you like, such as bureaus, closets and, of course, walls. As you can see, their work is really beautiful and realistic. You could easily feel as if you were on an airplane, or in the jungle.


Mother – Daughter Chair by Michael Whitney

Usually furniture is made only to have a functional purpose, meaning for you to sit on when you watch TV, stay at the office and so on. However, every once in a while some people realize you can do so much more than simple furniture that does not express anything and they try to turn a simple chair into a meaningful work of art. For example gthe furniture designer Michael Whitney imagined a very different chair gthat was actually physically linked to another chair and called it or them “Mother-Daughter chair”.

The design of this chair is really interesting as it conjoins two chairs together. But if you want to understand the meaning behind the piece of furniture, you should try and see beyond the surface. And you will realize the two chairs are very different in style and colour and everything else. One of them is a bit old fashioned and traditional – that would be the “mother” and the small one is very modern and stylish, with metal tipped legs – that is the “daughter”.

Even though they are apparently very different, they are part of each other whether they want it or not . Each of the two chairs has only three legs, the fourth one being shared with the other. Pretty cool picture for the family link, right?

Oriental Orchid Pattern for the wallpaper

Wallpapers have been used for quite some time now as a nice and handy way of covering walls with beautiful patterns and also allowing you to clean the walls without having to repaint them in two days.

Any way, there are so many different models and ideas and colours for the wallpaper, that you can spend days on end just looking for the right one for your house. I found these nice looking Oriental orchid patterns for the wallpapers and I thought they were interesting enough to share them with you.

These orchids have always been a symbol of sensuality and also sensitivity because they are so fragile and good looking. And these patterns with orchids are coloured in very strong colours, I would even dare say passionate colours like fiery red, yellow on a dark background of black or dark green. What’s so special about these wallpapers with Oriental orchid images on them is the fact that all images are hand painted and you can see that in the quality of the image and the attention to details. You can use this wallpaper to design an unique and stylish design for your bedroom.

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