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Modern Textured Wallpapers by Graham & Brown

There are many ways of decorating your house so that you feel nice and comfortable. You can use a nice furniture, beautiful rugs or carpets or interesting and modern lamps. These are things that should not miss any interior or pieces that you need and you may use with a decorative goal too.

Another way of giving color and life to your interiors is the type of wallpaper that you use and choose.Graham & Brown presents you some modern textured wallpapers that might suite your needs and tastes. These types of wallpapers are very attractive, combine warm and beautiful colors and the relief pattern make you feel like touching them.


Versatile Dream Space Dome by David Trubridge

This dome, as the designer calls it, is a very surprising structure. First of all, because it’s made of wood, only 5 mm thick wood which was thermally modified. It’s plantation-grown pine which has been heated to make it more durable for the outdoors without using poisonous chemicals. This allows it to be flexible and also very light. The entire set would fit inside a suitcase. And yet it’s very durable, strong and stable one the pieces are curved and under tension It has an oiled finish that brings out the natural color of the wood, in the same time adding even more durability.

The structure was built in six sections which can be easily taken apart for easy transportation. It’s a great piece for the outdoors. It can be used as a beautiful gazebo or as a garden sanctuary, in which case a timber floor made from the same material can also be supplied.

There will also be added a fabric cover, which is still under development.It’s a very interesting structure where you can refuge for a while and just relax and contemplate the nature.

Beautiful Artistic Wicker Furniture Designs

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for all the artists. The floral patterns, the images of beautiful landscapes, the green color or the wood, they all can be seen in different pieces of art or design.

These natural elements influence our mood and make us feel closer to nature and aware of its importance for our life.These beautiful artistic wicker furniture designs will add a fresh and rustic air to our home ambiance. You can notice the designer’s creativity which combined the wicker material with some home objects like mirrors, chairs, drawers or beds and realized some original pieces of home design and decorative items.


Lighted Dreamy Bed Headboard Design

Everybody dreams of a huge bed where he or she can enjoy of relaxing sleepy moments. Nothing can stop of dreaming of such a piece of furniture but it all depends on the space you can provide it.

The Italian company Adele-C wants to make you travel to the world of dreams more quickly and offers to your bed a lighted headboard called Mariposa.This headboard is made of a thin sheet of methacrylate and has the shape of some beautiful wings which are illuminated. You can notice the delicate spots of LED lighting which create a fairy tale atmosphere.


Coffee table with clever storage solution

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and enjoying a nice cup of coffee and maybe a cigarette. It’s a great feeling and a good way to start your day. But for that you’ll need more than coffee. You’ll need a coffee table, one that suites your needs and preferences so that you feel comfortable and confident when you start your day.

Here’s an idea: a coffee table with a clever storage space incorporated. It looks good, it’s comfortable and it also provides you with a hidden space where to store your magazines and maybe cigarettes or whatever you like to use in the morning when you’re having coffee. It’s made from walnut veneer and dusty grey glass and it has a water-based lacquer coating for a longer-lasting finish. The dimensions of this functional coffee table are H12¾/17½ x W44¾/53¼ x D31½/40″.

If you hurry up you’ll even get it for a smaller price ($985 instead of $1095). The offer ends on 04-30-2011.

A Rustic Indoor Firewood Storage Idea

For those who use firewood for their homes they need to think of its storage to. It should be a place close to the fire, which protects the firewood from rain or other inconvenient bad natural phenomena and it should not incommodate you too much.

The Swedish Studio St. Paul has an innovative idea. It designs an indoor pile made up of firewood logs. It looks rustic and creates an interesting design and a special atmosphere. In different parts of the pile there are made some crates of various sizes. In these crates you can deposit different things like a table lamp, some books or other objects that might complete this rustic décor.

This pile may remind you of the cold winters when wood becomes an important source for getting a fire or the wet rainy days when a fire in a fireplace creates a wonderful warm and romantic atmosphere.

Magical hanging glass bubble planters

Designed in collaboration with Shane Powers, these unique planters give you the freedom of creating your own suspended garden. They are made exclusively from glass, so they are transparent. This allows your plants to show all their features without anything blocking their beauty. They were designed to hang from a glass twine which is included in the design so you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

The open holes in the glass allows for air ferns or other types of decorative plants to peek through and to reveal their entire beauty. This unique pieces may look very fragile but they are not that sensitive. However you have to be careful when you clean them because they are hand washable. They come in two different shapes: round or capsules and the price varies from 9$ to 24$, according to the dimension (4″,5″,7″, 9″ and 13″). Be creative with these fun and simple hanging planters.

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