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Dreaming Clouds Coffee Table Set

The beautiful image of a sky with wonderful shapes of clouds will always make you dream of far away lands or desires. It creates a dreaming atmosphere when all your hopes and desires will appear dressed up as various types of clouds, which will have different shapes that will represent different things for you.

You will remember this effect if you will get this dreaming Clouds Coffee Table set which comes from Fashion 4 Home.Actually, it is a set of three separate tables that have the shape of a cloud and together they create this dreaming effect. Now your thoughts will travel on these clouds while you will drink a coffee or something else while your eyes will lie on this shape of the table.

The set is finished in an oaken veneer and it is available in two nuances: white and natural color. It depends on the atmosphere you would like to create, more lighted or more “cloudy”.

Da Morto A Orto by Peter Bottazzi and Denise Bonapace

In time all our things become old and old fashioned at the same time. Every period brings its novelty and originality. Many of our things are thrown away and replaced by new ones as we try to adapt ourselves to the new styles or trends.

If it is hard for you to give up some things then maybe these two designers idea is perfect for you.Peter Bottazzi and Denise Bonapace created a collection made of recycled pieces of furniture called “Da Morto a Orto” which means “from redundant to abundant”. It is a collection which consists of some of some pieces of furniture which were used as planters.


Decorative Luxury Coffee Tables Designs from Tim Burton’s Movies

Coffee tables are useful and decorative pieces of furniture which embellish our interiors make us feel more comfortable and create a beautiful atmosphere. A beautiful coffee table will always fill in an empty, dull space and will bring color into your room.

It is also the case of these decorative luxury coffee tables designs from Tim Burton’s movies which seem to create a special and elegant ambiance.These coffee tables have a magnificent and interesting shape which will attract everyone’s attention and who love special designs. It looks like a wonderful, refined lace made of glass and with a beautiful pink application which will reveal a feminine and joyful style.


Napshell: an unusual and modern bed

You might not think much about this furniture piece just by looking at it. It doesn’t look very practical or functional. But wait till you hear about the impressive features that it incorporates. The LED lights, Mp3 player and soundproof walls are all included in the design and can be activated just by pressing a button. The relaxation is guaranteed. Moreover, the extremely comfortable mattress takes good care of your back and spine.

This technological innovation was first presented at the International Furniture Fair IMM COLOGNE 2008. Since then it probably made a lot of people happy. It’s a very interesting and extremely useful furniture piece that can be integrated in a variety of locations like lobbies, corridors, homes and even offices. Just be careful not to fall asleep during work hours because I’m not sure that your boss would understand exactly how comfortable and addicting this furniture piece really is.

For those who are having trouble sleeping this item would be very useful. The same goes for those who are very busy and only have time to take a short nap before going back to work.

Butterfly Vanessa Dining Table by Bartoli

Butterflies are wonderful and fragile insects which have always enchanted our sights with their beautiful dance in the air and their colorful wings.

Bartoli was inspired by the shape of their wings and designed Vanessa Dining Table which its legs have the same shape. They have a triangular shape and are made of stratified multilayer wood. The top of this table has a rectangular shape and is made of a strong glass.


Modern Textured Wallpapers by Graham & Brown

There are many ways of decorating your house so that you feel nice and comfortable. You can use a nice furniture, beautiful rugs or carpets or interesting and modern lamps. These are things that should not miss any interior or pieces that you need and you may use with a decorative goal too.

Another way of giving color and life to your interiors is the type of wallpaper that you use and choose.Graham & Brown presents you some modern textured wallpapers that might suite your needs and tastes. These types of wallpapers are very attractive, combine warm and beautiful colors and the relief pattern make you feel like touching them.


Versatile Dream Space Dome by David Trubridge

This dome, as the designer calls it, is a very surprising structure. First of all, because it’s made of wood, only 5 mm thick wood which was thermally modified. It’s plantation-grown pine which has been heated to make it more durable for the outdoors without using poisonous chemicals. This allows it to be flexible and also very light. The entire set would fit inside a suitcase. And yet it’s very durable, strong and stable one the pieces are curved and under tension It has an oiled finish that brings out the natural color of the wood, in the same time adding even more durability.

The structure was built in six sections which can be easily taken apart for easy transportation. It’s a great piece for the outdoors. It can be used as a beautiful gazebo or as a garden sanctuary, in which case a timber floor made from the same material can also be supplied.

There will also be added a fabric cover, which is still under development.It’s a very interesting structure where you can refuge for a while and just relax and contemplate the nature.

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