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The unusual “Freezer Fridays” doodle album by Charlie Layton

A person’s area of expertise inevitably influences everything he or she does as well as the way that person perceives life in general. It influences the daily rituals and sometimes it may even lead to something that might seem simple to you but totally spectacular to everyone else. For example, let’s imagine what a freelance designer and illustrator might do on a Friday morning.

He could wake up and enjoy a cup of coffee while reading the news on his phone like most people do but this wouldn’t make him stand out. If that designer would be Charlie Layton, on the other hand, then each Friday would be a “Freezer Friday”. That’s because it’s the day when he doodles on his fridge with a dry erase marker. Each week comes with a different idea and image.


The Sleepbox – a small and safe cabin

Those that travel often know how tiresome and difficult it can be to have to sit for hours waiting for a delayed plane, train, etc. It’s particularly annoying because sometimes there’s not enough time to even bother finding a hotel and yet you desperately feel the need to rest and catch some sleep, even for a minute. Of course, a seat in the airport is not the place for that.

It’s exactly for situations like these that the Sleepbox was created. Designed by Russian based studio Arch Group, the Sleepbox provides you with a safe environment where you can relax or catch a little shut eye. It’s a creative way of solving the problems we’ve just discussed. But what exactly is the Sleepbox?


Home Accessories That Reveal The Fun Side Of Decorating

Decorating is an art that requires all your attention and skills. But sometimes a break from all the rules and restrictive concepts is needed. Sometimes you just want to have fun decorating. When you love what you’re doing that’s easy to achieve but it’s even easier when you get to use some of these fun and cheerful decorations and accessories. We have compiled a selection of accessories that reveal the fun side of decorating and that would be wonderful either as a gift or used in your own home.

The Petit Beurre cushion measures approximately 38 x 45 x 12 cm and it looks simply delicious. Its surface is made out of polar fleece and the interior is filled with cotton and polyester fiber.{found on maximepecourt}.


Steampunk-inspired tunnel for cats that want to combine privacy with the fun of playing hide and seek

Cats love to play and to have fun. They especially enjoy playing hide and seek with their human friends. But there is one thing that they probably love even more than that: their privacy. So if you want to combine these two things and to give your feline friends the perfect environment, maybe you could get some inspiration from this room.

This is a space that functions as an office but also as a room designed especially for the owner’s feline friends. The most unusual and eye-catching feature is evidently the steampunk inspired tunnel. The tunnel was created by husband and wife duo from design firm Because We Can. The name of the firm basically says it all. Why not give your furry friends a fun environment where they can play and have fun if you can?


Paviljoen Puur and the restored Fort Diemerdam, a project focused on accessibility towards the visitors

The Stelling of Amsterdam is a historical defense line that has been recently put on the UNESCO world heritage list. Part of this project is Fort Diemerdam which consists of a series of bunkers and a fortress guardian house. This year a project was developed focusing on making the whole structure more accessible to visitors and tourists.The project’s main goal was to restore the whole developments and to conserve as much as possible from the original design and structure. The team in charge of the project was Emma Architecten.

Besides the restoration of those structures, the project also involved the creation of a new pavilion called Paviljoen Puur. It is exclusively reserved for corporate and private events including product presentations, meetings, corporate events as well as weddings.


Creative interior design solutions by SL Project

Most of the times, the size of a home is important but not the only concern. Regardless of the dimensions of a house, there can always be a way to make the best of it. This project demonstrates that very beautifully. It’s an apartment located in Moscow, Russia. It features a limited internal space and it’s a wonderful example of how strategies can be adapted. The project was developed by SL Project, a Russian design studio.

As you can see, the apartment is rather small. This means there’s not a lot of space to waste when decorating it. SL Project adopted a simple and functional solution. The living room, for example, is a quite narrow and small space. It’s an actually a shared area that also includes an office. To make the best out of this space, the designers opted for a minimalist interior décor. The furniture is very simple, with straight, clean lines and with no unnecessary details or embellishments. The same goes for the rest of the décor.


Take your bike off the floor with these ingenious racks and hangers

Bikes are becoming more and popular these days. People are starting to recognize their practicality. There are several advantages to using a bike. First of all, it’s much more practical in a busy city where parking spaces are always a problem and where traffic is horrible. Also, bikes are environmentally friendly so, if you’re concerned about that, it’s a big plus. They also don’t require fuel so you get to save both money and space by using a bike instead of a car or motorcycle.

However, they’re not as comfortable as other means of transportation and they’re not practical when you have baggage or when you’re in a hurry. But at least you can store them inside your home. This, however, doesn’t necessarily come without inconveniences. You first have to find the space for the bike and then you have to come up with a smart way of storing it without making it difficult to take it out when you need to. Here are a few ideas that might inspire you.


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