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Six Arm Coloured Coatrack from Room&Board

Children wear a lot of clothes, especially in winter and when they play, they get warm and want to take off some of them. But normal coat racks are just too high for them, so they prefer throwing their coats on the back of a chair, on the bed or wherever they can find a place for this. But you can use this tendency to your advantage and purchase a nice colourful Six Arm Coloured Coatrack from Room&Board and they will love using it. This coat rack is the perfect size and height for them and has enough arms.

It is colourful and solid and funny to use, as it looks like an octopus. It is made of steel and saves a lot of space, so it is perfect for the kids’ room. The funn, simple and modern design of the rack make it great for kids, but adults might like it as well, too. So it is up to you if you prefer placing it in the kids’ room or in the hallway. The steel is powder-coated, so it looks amazing and you can choose just the perfect colour for your room from the many available. The price of the item is $229 and you can purchase it online from Room&Board.

“Crown Diamonds” Glass plate

All people who have ever been part of an empire are very proud of their heritage. British are the living proof of this. I have never seen a person belonging to the British Empire who is not proud of being a subject of Her or His Majesty, whoever rules at the moment. Any way, even though they are a bit different from the English, the Scottish people consider themselves and their country as being the real crown diamond, the most important and shiniest jewel in it. Or at least this is what the designer of this unusual -looking “Crown Diamonds” Glass plate wanted to make us believe when creating this particular design.


The versatile Kuubo office table

Office tables are usually very simple and formal. They are mostly used for meetings and not much though is put in the decision when choosing one for the office. However, when you think about it, there are lots of things that can be done to make an office table more functional and practical.

Kuubo is an innovative creation that basically solves a lot of problems. The kuubo table was created by Japanese designer naoto fukasawa for Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra. It’s a versatile table for offices and work areas. Its dimensions are quite large so small work spaces are out of the question. Also, the table was designed to be used by multiple persons at a time. It features lots of storage space which, as we all know, is vital in any office or work area.


Olivia Riegel Crystal & Pearl Frames

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I think they are right. When you look at a picture you remember the person in it and your feelings for that person and everything else connected to it, things that you could not express inw ords and which could take you days to talk about. So if you want to keep your family and friends close, you will just get surrounded by photos with them. And of course you will try to find some very nice frames that will value them perfectly. This Olivia Riegel Crystal & Pearl Frame will value both your photos and your home, as it looks amazingly well and brings a touch of glitter and ellegance to the place where it is displayed.

This beautiful frame is rectangular in shape and very beautiful. It is the perfect accessory for your living room. The frame is silver and very delicate in design, with beautiful faux pearls around it and Swarovski crystals for a luxurious look. The frame has a metal finish and is available in three sizes, ranging from 2.5 x 3.5 to 8″ x 10″, so the prices will also vary from EUR 70.81 to EUR 155.78. It makes the perfect gift for the loved ones and you can now purchase it online from Bloomingdale’s.

Yoran Morvant’s Pierres Graphiques

I don’t really believe in my horoscope or the fact that Cancer is influenced by the Moon or Pisces by the sea and so on. But I did feel an irresistible attraction to all kinds of stones since I was a little girl. My mother was desperate to see me gathering stones and collecting them at home, observing them for hours. I admit I like them and I keep some in the house even now, a lot later. I think that the right shaped stone which also has a particular colour can be really decorative and can bring a fresh aspect to a home, especially a living room. These Yoran Morvant’s Pierres Graphiques are the perfect illustration of my thoughts.

The name of the collection is in French and it means “graphical stones” which is an explanations of what they are. These are stones that the designer painted and covered with incredible symmetrical and geometrical patterns like circles with rays inside. Yoran Morvant has a special vision and chooses each stone carefully, applying each design depending on the stone structure. These stones are perfect for your home and bring some special features to it. You can buy one such stone for about $100 from Ashes and Milk.

Dreamcatcher from Urban Outfitters

People are different all over the world and they each have different customs, traditions and beliefs. I personally find the traditions of the Native Americans really interesting and deep. For example they believe in spirits and in the power of dreams and they think that bad dreams influence us in a negative way. So they think that they can “catch: the bad dreams in a special net and keep them captive there until dawn when they can no longer influence those who sleep. This object is real and beautiful in my opinion and it is called a “dreamcatcher”. Well, it is beautiful and decorative and you can use it for giving a personal style to your room if you do not believe it can actually make your sleep better.

This Dreamcatcher from Urban Outfitters is special and has a very interesting design. It is made of nylon, metal, wood, plastic, feathers and all kinds of colourful beads and stones. Each object is unique, as it is handmade . You can hang it over your bed or maybe on the living room wall, as it brings a special touch to the overall design of the room. It is not very big (10″ diameter, 21″h), but it has the right size to be noticed and admired. You can order it online for $29.

Julia Knight Rose Bowl

I like having an apple or a pear in the evening, while I am watching TV and my kids are like little rodents who hunt for fruit all over the place, so I always have a fruit bowl on the living room table or somewhere in the house I think is handy. But since we spend most evenings in the living room and there are people who happen to come and stay there for a while, I thought it would be a good idea to purchase a nice-looking decorative bowl for the fruit. So I found this amazing Julia Knight Rose Bowl. It is obviously designed by Julia Knight and has a very interesting and unusual shape of an open rose.

It has a great and polished aluminum exterior, with a beautifully carved enameled interior. It does look like a rose and it comes in amethyst and dark crimson. Although the bowl is pretty shiny and enameled it is perfectly safe for the food, so don’t worry about it. Any way, the bowl can be used for storing fruit for display, for sweets or for whatever purpose you think is appropriate. And you can have it for EUR 70.45 from Bloomingdale’s.

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