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Attractive Crocheted Christmas Tree Ornaments

Although we may love traditional things like traditional Christmas food, traditional Christmas decorations or traditional Christmas customs we have always wanted something special every year. Usually it is good to have something different because it makes you see life with different eyes gives you the feeling that you are alive, you are special and makes you win confidence in your own forces.

If you like variety, special Christmas decorations and you want a different Christmas tree design for this year you may think of these attractive Crocheted Christmas Tree Ornaments. Although crocheted decorative items are considered out of fashion nowadays you may use this craft to your advantage and refresh its use and create original decorative items for your Christmas tree.


Filigree Tree

Christmas is almost knocking at the door and everybody wants to have a Christmas tree inside. However, not all the people agree to the idea of cutting trees from the forest and bringing them into their homes and just wait for them to dry there. They do not want plastic trees either because they are so artificial and fake. But they still want to celebrate Christmas and keep on having this symbol into their homes every winter. So they prefer some unusual or less formal Christmas trees like this Filigree Tree. This original holiday tree is designed by Trine Find, a young Danish designer who just wanted something different, but still traditional.

The Filigree Tree is very simple in design and also very easy to assemble. You simply place the branches into the holes in the pole that takes the place of the tree trunk and attach all the decorations – colourful balls, jewels, tinsel or anything else you like. Every Filigree Tree is hand crafted and made of unfinished solid birch attached to the galvanized steel hardware. So if you want to keep your Christmas simple and nice, but also different, purchase this tree for the reduced rice of $124.

An Original Christmas Tree Made out of Books

For those who think of an eco Christmas tree, this type of tree is an excellent idea. This way, another Christmas tree escapes from being cut down.So, you can search all your green books from your bookcase and build your own original Christmas tree.The dusty books that you forgot somewhere in your bookcase have a goal now.You can add it some other things to decorate it too and the result will be a unique Christmas tree. You will impress all your friends, everybody who will pay you a visit.

This Christmas tree brings you some other advantages too. It will not dry itself and make you any dirt on your carpet; it is cheaper and does not need too much effort to be carried or to be arranged.It is an interesting and mysterious Christmas tree, full of knowledge which has its own stories hidden under the green covers of the books.

Romantic “Mademoiselle” armoire by Koket

I love many things and among them butterflies seem to occupy an important place. They mean elegance, fragility and freedom. They are also a great source of inspirations especially for painters, designers of all kinds or science men. You may notice clothes that have prints with butterflies, plates for a nice dinner table which display the image of a lovely butterfly, pillows or bedding that charm you with their beautifully colored butterflies. Jewelry is also a domain where butterflies may appear. Earrings or broaches that take the shape of an elegant butterfly are extremely favored by most of the women.

If you want a kind of jewelry in your bedroom, Koket created a gorgeous handcrafted brass armoire called Mademoiselle. Its beautiful design which displays the image of a polished brass butterfly that overlays the pink-silk doors of this armoire, indeed shows the refined elegance of a real mademoiselle.


Wood Puzzle

When it’s Christmas, but also on other occasions people love decorating their homes and prepare them for the holiday season. There are now many shops where you can find all the decorations you can think of and some more, but I think the best thing to do is Do It Yourself. There are certain kits that give you all the possible instructions and materials and tell you exactly what to do every step of the way. Here you can order a Wood Puzzle Kit that will be sent to you for just $24.

The kit contains some smaller and bigger slices of wood , some glue and a wooden square frame. The rest is up to you and your imagination. The point is to arrange all the pieces of wood inside the frame and obtain a nice decorative work this way. After the work is done just leave it to dry and after that use it as a nice decorative object you can display on the wall or maybe as a coaster for your table. Any way, the result is spectacular and it involves your own skills and imagination, which is all the more rewarding.

Fresh Indoor Plant Pillow Pots from Sudio Libel

Plants allways have  looked good in our homes.Even now, when the modern interior designs and trens are  focused on maximizing the existing place and creating raw industrial forms with glass, steel , adapting our homes  to a busier  life style, plants are the touch of nature,animating the living areas for a feeling of freshness.Imagine a cosy living room with comfortable sofas and fluffy carpets, with big windows and bulky  ceramic planters.

Fresh Indoor Pilows Pots from Sudio Libel

I think that this is exactly what the israeli  design team from Sudio Libel imagined and than, they created these wonderful series of unique plush planters that look like interior pillows.Now we think of a cozy living room with plants in it we know that this is the type of planters we want to match up with the entire room.


TRÅDIG Fruit Bowl from IKEA

We love fruit in our family and I encouraged my children to eat fruit instead of sweets and I have succeeded so far. That is why I must have permanently fruits in the house. We prefer them fresh and handy, so we need to have them displayed in a nice bowl within our reach. Of course there are a lot of modern or traditional fruit bowls on the market, but after several years of trying different models I have come to the conclusion that the perfect bowl is the one which is the most open.

I mean it allows you to see the fruit entirely in order to notice if it has some damaged parts and also allows all fruit to “breathe”. If fruits, especially bananas and other more sensitive fruit touch the bowl walls they will deteriorate faster. I think that this TRÅDIG Fruit Bowl from IKEA is the perfect fruit bowl. It is designed by Ehlén Johansson and looks great.


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