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Dreamcatcher from Urban Outfitters

People are different all over the world and they each have different customs, traditions and beliefs. I personally find the traditions of the Native Americans really interesting and deep. For example they believe in spirits and in the power of dreams and they think that bad dreams influence us in a negative way. So they think that they can “catch: the bad dreams in a special net and keep them captive there until dawn when they can no longer influence those who sleep. This object is real and beautiful in my opinion and it is called a “dreamcatcher”. Well, it is beautiful and decorative and you can use it for giving a personal style to your room if you do not believe it can actually make your sleep better.

This Dreamcatcher from Urban Outfitters is special and has a very interesting design. It is made of nylon, metal, wood, plastic, feathers and all kinds of colourful beads and stones. Each object is unique, as it is handmade . You can hang it over your bed or maybe on the living room wall, as it brings a special touch to the overall design of the room. It is not very big (10″ diameter, 21″h), but it has the right size to be noticed and admired. You can order it online for $29.

Julia Knight Rose Bowl

I like having an apple or a pear in the evening, while I am watching TV and my kids are like little rodents who hunt for fruit all over the place, so I always have a fruit bowl on the living room table or somewhere in the house I think is handy. But since we spend most evenings in the living room and there are people who happen to come and stay there for a while, I thought it would be a good idea to purchase a nice-looking decorative bowl for the fruit. So I found this amazing Julia Knight Rose Bowl. It is obviously designed by Julia Knight and has a very interesting and unusual shape of an open rose.

It has a great and polished aluminum exterior, with a beautifully carved enameled interior. It does look like a rose and it comes in amethyst and dark crimson. Although the bowl is pretty shiny and enameled it is perfectly safe for the food, so don’t worry about it. Any way, the bowl can be used for storing fruit for display, for sweets or for whatever purpose you think is appropriate. And you can have it for EUR 70.45 from Bloomingdale’s.

Dining Table in Rosewood Mahogany and Marble

Nowadays things are very practical, but not made to last. For example now you pay very little for a clock, so when it breaks you simply buy another one instead of trying to fix it, as there are no people who can fix clocks any more. It’s the time for consumerism. However, there still are some people that long for the high quality stuff made at least one century ago and try to purchase some items that have been restored and repaired and now look great. Dining Table in Rosewood Mahogany and Marble  is the best example I have in mind. It is a very beautiful and sturdy dining table that was manufactured at Bonta in the 1950′s.

It was made in Buenos Aires, Argentina out of rosewood, mahogany and marble. This combination of materials shows class and style, as all three of them are luxury materials, so pretty expensive and preferred by rich people. Actually rosewood and mahogany and marble remind me of the furniture I read about some time in the past, during the reign of kings in France, before the French Revolution. The table is very well preserved and the combination of marble and wood is at least interesting and spectacular. It is estimated to be worth $8,600. For more information contact Svenskamobler.

Marimekko Unikko Red Bowl

I don’t know why but people seem to like poppies very much. Maybe this happens because they are so beautiful and fragile or maybe people associate them with heroes, but whatever the explanation poppies are very popular. So Maija Isola, the designer who came up with Unikko (“poppy”) design in 1964 was very inspired to choose it as a stylized pattern for her creations. So this Marimekko print became one of the most popular of the manufacturer up to these days. This Marimekko Unikko Red Bowl is just a glimpse of it.

The designer uses vivid colours on vitreous porcelain and the result is pretty nice. The item is presently made in Thailand, but it sells all over the world for the price of $49.The porcelain is quite resistant to both high and low temperatures, so it is perfectly safe to use this bowl in the freezer, dishwasher, over or even microwave oven. Nothing will happen to it. I find it very interesting that the pattern that uses stylized poppies is available in all colours, not only in this traditional red for poppies. So if you are a bit non-conformist you can purchase this bowl in pop-art patterns with yellow or blue poppies.

Snowflake Coffee Table

It’s winter and it’s the holiday season, but I still feel that something is missing: there is no snow outside and winter is supposed to be covered with snow. Any way, even if we cannot see any snow outside, there is snow in our souls and we decorate our homes with accessories symbolizing winter and snow. For example this nice Snowflake Coffee Table is perfect for winter and makes you feel happy and fine for the holidays and makes you dream of Santa Claus and the year about to end.

This coffee table is very simple in design, yet very interesting. There is a glass table top over the wooden frame that allows you to see the  nice design under it, but the most interesting part is only about to come: the six white wooden legs are linked together by curved pieces of wood that make it look like the contour of a snowflake. Of course a snowflake has an intricate pattern inside and so does this coffee table. A small blue snowflake with six wings is included inside a larger six petal flower. It’s actually a snowflake inside a snowflake inside another snowflake. It’s puzzling and attractive and the whole pattern can be admired thanks to the transparent table top. And all this is given by Todd Johnson Design.

Attractive Crocheted Christmas Tree Ornaments

Although we may love traditional things like traditional Christmas food, traditional Christmas decorations or traditional Christmas customs we have always wanted something special every year. Usually it is good to have something different because it makes you see life with different eyes gives you the feeling that you are alive, you are special and makes you win confidence in your own forces.

If you like variety, special Christmas decorations and you want a different Christmas tree design for this year you may think of these attractive Crocheted Christmas Tree Ornaments. Although crocheted decorative items are considered out of fashion nowadays you may use this craft to your advantage and refresh its use and create original decorative items for your Christmas tree.


Filigree Tree

Christmas is almost knocking at the door and everybody wants to have a Christmas tree inside. However, not all the people agree to the idea of cutting trees from the forest and bringing them into their homes and just wait for them to dry there. They do not want plastic trees either because they are so artificial and fake. But they still want to celebrate Christmas and keep on having this symbol into their homes every winter. So they prefer some unusual or less formal Christmas trees like this Filigree Tree. This original holiday tree is designed by Trine Find, a young Danish designer who just wanted something different, but still traditional.

The Filigree Tree is very simple in design and also very easy to assemble. You simply place the branches into the holes in the pole that takes the place of the tree trunk and attach all the decorations – colourful balls, jewels, tinsel or anything else you like. Every Filigree Tree is hand crafted and made of unfinished solid birch attached to the galvanized steel hardware. So if you want to keep your Christmas simple and nice, but also different, purchase this tree for the reduced rice of $124.

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