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22 Door Stops That Add Cheer To Your Home’s Décor

Door stops are very useful as they prevent doors from damaging nearby walls or opening too far. They are commonly used to hold doors open or to keep them closed. They come in many designs, shapes, sized and colors and they are usually thin objects that go unnoticed. But what if they didn’t? What if you were to have a small but eye-catching door stopper that would add cheer to your home’s décor? Well, it would have to look something like this:

Twinstopper Doorstop.

This is the Twistopper door stopper and it’s a small door stop featuring asymmetrical ends. It fits in any variety of spaces and gaps. It’s sold in sets of two, one with a red finish and one in black.Available for 15£.


Luxury Living on Wheels: 6 Stunning RVs that will Make You Drool

If you ever thought that a set of wheels was just to get from one place to another and for the daily commute, then you could not be farther from the truth. Luxury recreational vehicles (RVs) are as lavish and comfortable as most modern homes and in fact, they could really show up some of the so called ‘luxury homes’ that are out in the market today. A look at some of these astounding marvels on wheels will leave you wondering if it would be a better idea to hit the road on one of these instead of spending all that dough on your tiny little studio apartment!

From those that are moving homes for Hollywood’s elite to the ones that have been crafted to simply flaunt opulence, here is a look at few of the very best out there on the road today. Buckle up and enjoy the glittering wealth on wheels!


The Bathroom Bubble – an exhibition creation that can pop up anywhere

When asked about the qualities that their dream bathroom should have, most people will say that they want it to have beautiful views, to feel refreshing and to be cozy and inviting. But usually these questions and answers remain purely theoretical. Well, not this time.

A series of top designers decided to put their minds together and to come up with an unusual and unique exhibition. The traveling exhibition is called “Pop Up My Bathroom” and one of the pieces it contains is the “Bathroom Bubble”. The exhibition was intended to explore the concept of modern bathroom through the eyes of top designers. This particular creation, the Bathroom Bubble, was created as the result of a survey. The participants were asked to list the qualities of their dream bathroom.


5 Unusual Concept Door Handles For Unique Homes

The door symbolizes mystery. You never know what’s behind it so the moment when you touch the handle and push to open the door is decisive. The handle becomes the star and steals all the attention. Of course, a unique handle also has decorative qualities. It’s the accessory that makes the door stand out and it’s the detail that plays a very important role in any décor, even if it might not seem like it. We have found 5 very interesting door handle designs that are truly unique and we wanted to share them with you so here they are:

ORB Door Handle.


Different ways in which you can use LED lights in your home

LEDs or light-emitting diodes were first produced in 1968 and are semiconductor light sources. They are commonly used as indicator lamps in many devices but are also increasingly used for other purposes as well. Around the house, LED lights can be used as accent details for cove lighting or for highlighting a certain décor or architecture feature.

Modern living room featuring a wall-mounted TV on a highlighted combo of panels

LEDs present several advantages. For example, they are very efficient as they emit more light per watt than incandescent light bulbs. Also, the efficiency of LED light fixtures is not affected by shape and size. LEDs can also emit light of a certain color without using color filters. They can be very small and can be easily attached to printed circuit boards. They also light up very quickly and are ideal for frequent on/off cycling. Another great advantage is the fact that LEDs are difficult to damage with external shock.


The unusual “Freezer Fridays” doodle album by Charlie Layton

A person’s area of expertise inevitably influences everything he or she does as well as the way that person perceives life in general. It influences the daily rituals and sometimes it may even lead to something that might seem simple to you but totally spectacular to everyone else. For example, let’s imagine what a freelance designer and illustrator might do on a Friday morning.

He could wake up and enjoy a cup of coffee while reading the news on his phone like most people do but this wouldn’t make him stand out. If that designer would be Charlie Layton, on the other hand, then each Friday would be a “Freezer Friday”. That’s because it’s the day when he doodles on his fridge with a dry erase marker. Each week comes with a different idea and image.


The Sleepbox – a small and safe cabin

Those that travel often know how tiresome and difficult it can be to have to sit for hours waiting for a delayed plane, train, etc. It’s particularly annoying because sometimes there’s not enough time to even bother finding a hotel and yet you desperately feel the need to rest and catch some sleep, even for a minute. Of course, a seat in the airport is not the place for that.

It’s exactly for situations like these that the Sleepbox was created. Designed by Russian based studio Arch Group, the Sleepbox provides you with a safe environment where you can relax or catch a little shut eye. It’s a creative way of solving the problems we’ve just discussed. But what exactly is the Sleepbox?


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