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Carved Door Headboard

Beds are very important for me because if I do not have a very comfortable bed I can’t have a relaxing sleep, so I can’t rest for a new day at work, so I can’t be at my best the next morning. That is why I pay very much attention to my bed. And this is how I realized it is better to have a bed with a head board because otherwise, no matter how beautiful and comfortable the bed, you might catch a cold or something. Well, I don’t know why, furniture manufacturers do not always have this kind of bed for sale or maybe we are not always satisfied with the models, so we have to improvise and make a headboard out of the things we have in the house, for example an old door or some other item. If you want some ideas, you can check this article of ours about DIY headboards.


Another Huge Building in Dubai called Woven Tower

Dubai is an exotic location which lately seems to be the favored VIP’s place for shopping, relaxation or different professional projects. It is a place which has impressive buildings, offers wonderful views and things of the highest quality.The highest and the most impressive buildings made Dubai a famous place where everything seems to take your breath away.

Here it is another attractive and huge building that was designed for a location of Dubai. Giuseppe Farris and Stefan Schöning are those who created this high tower called the Woven Tower. The structure of the building, its design and shape represent an emblem for some special things related to the Arab culture. Actually, the image of this tower represents the date palm which is an important product for people’s life that live in Dubai.


Morphing Cabinet

We discussed earlier about storage space and how can we increase the storage possibilities on the same ground surface. Using every inch from our house in an intelligent way could solve that problem; on the other hand clever furniture offers the same thing but more simple and easy. This is the case of this growing cabinet. Designed by Yi-Cong Lu this cabinet expands offering extra room for storage.  Don’t jump to conclusions yet because the idea behind this cabinet is simple but very ingenious.

At first sight this looks like a normal cabinet with normal shelves but in fact that apparently normal shelves are in fact drawers and by pulling them towards exterior the space inside is liberated and you get extra storage space.  To make the thing secure and steady the designer made two large drawers and two sets of smaller drawers. Each one can be pulled in one side or the other.  You can pull all the drawers, one or two in any way you like them, accordingly to your need for extra space.


Crocheted and knitted works by Naomi Paul

Recycling and art had gathered from some time now and more and more artists try to make a statement by creating beautiful things from what other people considered useless and thrown away. There are entire galleries that combine recycling and artistic manifestations and now it seems that this way of expressing has appeared also in the furniture industry for masses.

Naomi Paul is a designer from London who created a collection based on materials that British considered junk. However, she doesn’t use any thrown away material, but only the luxurious materials. Lots of her products are crochet and knitted works, inspired by traditional crafting techniques. She crated almost any kind of home accessories, starting with cushions,  till chairs and pendants.  All those are beautifully made by crocheting or knitting and the result is amazing because this type of crafting has a lot of meaning. Our grannies and ancestors used to crochet for their loved ones, so this gesture transmits love and caring.


The Real Madrid Resort Island

Although I am not a football fan, it is almost impossible for me not to find out different things about the biggest football clubs, considering all the news and sports channels focus their attention on what they call ‘the king o all sports’. I understood early that all the staff from a football team disposes of a lot of money. But besides the luxurious cars, houses, vacations and beautiful wives, it seems now that footballers have another luxurious target.

I’m not sure if I would like to live in a world of footballers, but I certainly would be interested to visit their territory if it included five stars hotels, amusement parks, an Oceanside stadium and the wonderful view offered by the environment of an island.It seems that this kind of a footballer nest should become reality in 2015 when Real Madrid football team intends to open the ‘Real Madrid Resort Island’, an artificial island resort created in the United Arab Emirates.


Comfortable Bamboo Hammock Dog Bed

People love animals and me too. Unfortunately there is an animal that I am afraid of and this is the dog, the man’s best friend. Each time I see dog I get very excited, I walk differently and in a minute I know that the dog will bark at me. Usually animals are very sensitive and they are able to perceive any change of our body. Thus any dog that I am afraid of seems to notice my phobia and expresses its power over me. Still, I love them but I need to find a way to hide this phobia when I am around them so that we both feel comfortable.

Those of you who have dogs at home you definitely have not such a phobia and perhaps you know to show your love towards them better than me. There are many ways to show your love for your favorite pet and most of the times it resumes to the care you take of them. You provide them the food they need, you take care of their health or you pay them more of your attention.


An “Igloo” of Books by Miler Lagos

Since the hot days have made their appearance and seems to bother us already, all you can do is to think of various cooling methods. You can think of some fresh and cold drinks, spending a day at the pool, find a peaceful corner which can offer you privacy and shadow or enjoy some ice cream. You can even think of those icy and cold winter sights so that you may have the feeling that is chillier .All these ideas are meant to make you bare these hot days better and nicer.

Perhaps the image of an igloo might make you feel like the North Pole and forget about the uncomfortable hot days. Miler Lagos, a Columbian base artist seems to have a better idea. He shows how he managed to create an impressive “igloo” of books from salvaged books which were found in the library of a US Navy Base.


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