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Panoramic Bus Converted Into Beautiful And Unique Living Space

This might sound strange but I really like traveling by bus. There’s something special about being there with lots of other people and yet being all alone in your world, just you, your headphones and the window on your side. Of course, it would be much more pleasant to have a bed instead of a chair. Well, this bus has a bed, a table, a kitchen and much more. It’s like a tiny house that fits inside a bus.

You can find the bus on the edge of the Radnorshire Hills, tucked into a garden. It used to be a Panoramic Bus but now it’s a whole other thing. The Majestic Bus got converted into a living space and it features lovely views of the countryside.


Ikea’s Augmented Reality Catalogue Allows You Furnish Your Home Digitally

The biggest problem when you’re shopping for furniture is that you don’t know it’s going to look like in your home until you’ve actually bought it and brought it home. It would certainly be useful to be able to picture the new design prior to the purchase. IKEA perfectly understands the problem so the Swedish furniture retail came up with a revolutionary function for their 2014 catalogue.

They added and augmented reality function which allows customers to see how a certain produce would look like in their homes. This way you can perfectly see the actual image and design you’re planning for your home and you can easily come up with the perfect combination.


Traveling The World In A Wheel House

Everybody likes to travel and some do it more than others. For acrobatic performers and artists in general, traveling is something that comes with this job and passion. So since it’s a part of it, you might as well let the world know that you’re proud and good at what you do. You should combine both these elements. It’s exactly what these two acrobatic performers do. They travel in a mobile home.

The Wheel House is improperly named like that because it looks nothing like a regular house. It’s a circular structure with all sorts of built-in features. It might be difficult to see it, but this structure actually all the basic stuff a normal home has. It has doors, windows, curtains, a stove and a bed.


De Markies – a small but ingenious and timeless traveler’s mobile home

Those who like to travel a lot and to explore new places, to admire the landscape and to enjoy new adventures will most likely prefer to sleep in a tent or some sort of mobile home rather than to go at a hotel. For them we found a wonderful solution. This is De Markies. Its name translates as “The Awning” and it’s a mobile home with a classical and timeless design. It’s also full of surprises.

Created by Dutch designer Eduard Bohtlingk, this structure was an entry in the “Temporary Living” competition 1985. It was conceived as a mobile home to be used on the road. It measures 2.00 m by 4.50 m. It might not look very spacious when it’s compact but wait till it reveals its true face.


The Freedom Room – a project developed with the help of inmates from an Italian prison

Lately one of the biggest concerns we had has been to find a way to use space efficiently and to come up with flexible and innovative concepts for that. Lots of projects have been created and they are all interesting in their own way. Today we’re going to focus on the Freedom Room, a very special project for several reasons.

The Freedom Room is a project developed by Aldo Cibic, Tommaso Corà and Marco Tortoioli Ricci. But they weren’t the only ones that contributed here.The team worked in collaboration with one of Italy’s high security prisons. It all started in 2003 when educational activities have been introduced in that prison. The collaboration started in 2009. So the team and a group of inmates have come up with an idea to improve low cost living and to create a multifunctional space. The focus was on working with spaces that are flexible and adaptable.


Must-Have Home Accessories For Photography Enthusiasts

When you have a hobby or a passion you want to express it somehow and usually this can also be seen in the way we decorate our homes. For example, if you love photography then you’ll definitely enjoy having these accessories in your home.

DSRL Paparazzi stool.

This is the Reflex Lens Stool. It was designed by Mónoculo Shop and it has a very original and unique look. It’s a replica of a reflex camera lens and it would definitely make an eye-catching accessory for your home and a great conversation piece. It would also be a great accessory for a creative studio or a photographer’s office. The stool has a comfortable red top and this portion can be removed. It reveals a hidden storage space where you can put all sorts of things. The dimensions of the stool are 53cm (height) x 40cm (diameter). It’s hand-made and crafted from wood.Available for 530$.


Victorian Toilet Transformed Into A Restaurant

It might seem odd that a toilet or bathroom could become a restaurant but, apparently, it’s quite popular and common. Of course, when you think about it, it doesn’t really matter what that space used to be. All it matters is what it is now. However, on the other hand, that location was chosen specifically because it used to a toilet so this aspect is important. But let’s focus on the actual project and forget about the motivation.

This is the Attendant Restaurant. It’s located under Foley Street in London. This space used to be a Victorian toilet from the 1890s. You can still see some of the original features of the bathroom. They have been preserved in the interior décor as a mark of the past and of the history of that place. The walls of this space are covered in white tiles, a feature that has been preserved during the renovation.


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