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Make your own Lego Histogram table

The Histogram Table was originally designed for Nilufar Unlimited. It’s a beautiful, eye-catching and bold piece of furniture with a creative design. It’s the type of table that would instantly become the focal point of your living room décor simply because of its design. This remarkable accent piece has impressed us for many years now.

To celebrate their 15th birthday, Nucleo has a gift for all its fans. As you might have guessed, it has something to do with this marvelous coffee table. It’s in fact a new version of the original Histogram table and it’s one that you can make yourself. Nucleo offers free instructions on how to build the table out of Lego bricks. It sounds like a fun project. You’ll be able to play with Lego bricks once again and this you’re actually going to build something useful.


Cool Book Clock

Old things are not necessarily things you have to throw away in the garbage. They can very well be considered cool and vintage and, with a bit of imagination, they can be turned into something else, a totally unexpected result and an object that will be used as something else. This Cool Book Clock is the perfect example that you should take a closer look at the hings you want to throw and keep the ones that are really beautiful. This clock is actually a normal clock mechanism that is afterwards placed inside a vintage hardbook cover.


Funny Shoe Tree

Women have a thing for fashion and, even if they do not have two hundred pairs of shoes like Carrie in the TV series “Sex and the city”, they have at least five pairs of shoes and sandals, boots and trainers that they must store somewhere. Many people use the original boxes of the shoes, but they take a lot of space and this is not always possible, especially if you live in a small town apartment. So the next best thing is to look for something useful and cheap like this Funny  Shoe Tree that is actually a vertical shoe rack.


The ‘Linger a Little Longer’ thermochronic table and benches by Jay Watson

It’s amazing how one small detail can make a piece of furniture so intriguing and unique. To give a concrete example, we’re going to take a closer look at the new table and bench collection designed by Jay Watson. The Oxfordshire-based bespoke furniture designer created the ‘Linger a Little Longer’ furniture set.The set features a table and matching benches.

Apparently, they are plain and simple furniture pieces.They are made of solid, locally sourced chestnut timber and have a minimalist design that goes beautifully with their black finish and clean, simple lines. But what makes this collection unique is not the design or the materials. It’s in fact the finish. The table and the benches feature a thermochronic finish that responds to heat. This way, the user’s body and any dining accessories placed on the table leave a mark in the point of contact.


How to play Donkey Kong with your Furniture

For all the video-games lovers, designers found a way to involve you in the decoration of your homes. Even thought the only thing you do is play games all day, this piece of furniture will bring you a smile on your faces and will still keep the deep connections that you have with your video-games. Remember the Donkey Kong game? It was a game where a little man had to save a princess from a gorilla. A very old game that kids used to like and to play all day long.

So, as a sweet remember of the `80 and because this game was re-made for the Wii console, you should consider buying this wall unit. Designed by Igor Chak these shelves recreate the game because has all the aspects from there, ladders or the oil barrel. And the most interesting thing is that the designer even kept the resolution of this 8-bit game, so it looks like the action takes place in your living room.


Beautiful Leaf Doorstops by Qualy

Summer is starting to look more and more like a beautiful dream. But even so, autumn is knocking on our doors and it has much to offer as well. The trees are starting to lose their leaves and to get a new color palette. Bring some of this unique in your home. It’s all about details. For example, a leaf-shaped door stop such as this one by Qualy would allow your home to set an autumnal mood without actually changing the décor.

The doorstops are quite charming. They actually look like a leaf that’s been blown into the house. They look quite realistic and they are a more colorful and fun alternative for regular doorstops that don’t really transmit anything. These lovely leaf0shaped doorstops have a rubbery texture and this makes them particularly effective as well as friendly.


Saucer-Shaped Planters By Flip&Tumble

When decorating your home you have to keep in mind the small details because these are the ones that give personality to the place. Every little thing matters, it can add warmth, depth or even drama. Such an element is the Felt Pod designed by Flip & Tumble.These lovely items are made from recycled felt and they offer a great solution for your apartment. Moreover they are small in size, 6.5″ in diameter, making them perfect for those of you who don’t benefit from a lot of space. If you love flowers and want to make your home more close to nature then the Felt Pods are exactly what you need.


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