Roh Shelving

We live in homes, not in museums, so a bit of a mess from time to time is completely understandable. But if your house is clean this is not so bad. However, no matter how clean and beautiful a house is, if things are thrown all over the place it still does not look nice. That is why it is very important to keep all the things in their place, I mean store all the small items in certain places where you can get them easily. Roh Shelving is such a nice and useful item, whether I am talking about the kids’ room, a teenager’s room or even an adult’s room. This piece of furniture is made in USA by Spot On Square.


Versatile Add-On Shelving System

Today we would like to present you an interesting shelving system, perfect for every house. Designed by Rasmus Kjær,Add-On is an unique and modular item made to meet the highest demand for flexibility. This system is very functional, practical and has the property of being versatile and space-efficient. Moreover it has flexible designs that will aloow you to work around your current decor.

Everyone knows the trouble of assembling your own furniture. With the Add-On system all this is just a bad dream. It is extremely easy to install, move and expand, without screws or tools. Furthermore the modules come in three different sizes and can be easily combined according to your household needs. Another great thing about it is that every module offers several possibilities of function. You can use them as a bookshelf, or to display items that you love, or even to hide some clutter with the help of baskets or doors.

Deep Picture Ledge

Many people like being surrounded by nice pictures with family and friends, with places they visited and so on. But the thing is when you want to display these pictures and some painting or artistic photos, you have to drill holes in the wall which can be very ugly if you decide to change the place of that picture. Also shelves can be very useful, but sometimes too wide for what you need. So a compromise solution, something in between is this Deep Picture Ledge that is very simple and looks very nice.


The minimalist Shift bookcase

Minimalist and versatile, the Shift bookcase is one of those pieces of furniture that would look beautiful in any kind of interior, regardless of the décor. It has a unique charm and a sophisticated look that allow it to complement any living room. Its name refers to the fact that, because of its design, it shifts from an upright bookcase to a horizontal console while still preserving its function and elegance.

The bookcase has a design that’s been organized in four zone, each further divided into two compartments each. It’s each composed of a small and a large storage space. The small spaces alternate and two of them are place above and two below the larger compartments. Also, all four small compartments have an open structure, with no back panels. Given the overall shape of the bookcase, it could also be sued as a media console or even as a room divider.


Totem Bookcase

When I was in college i lived together with my other five colleagues in one room. So there were five beds and five closets there. And everything we needed to bring in the room had to be carefully weighed, to see if it really was necessary because we needed all the space we could get. That is why we all dealt with the space problem in our way, trying to find new ways of storing things in as little space as possible. This is when I discovered I could use the vertical line of the room, since the horizontal one was already too busy. Totem Bookcase seems now just the thing we were looking for some twelve years ago.


The Drawbridge Shelf – a very useful object for your home

All my childhood I’ve been inspired by my mother’s way to find place for all the things of our crowded house. She used to make shelves all around the place to place her books or her flowers. When I saw this object it reminded me of her.  The Drawbridge Shelf is not only a very useful object for your home is also a very creative and easy to make piece of furniture that gives your home a vintage look. It takes little place and little time to make it and it gives you the satisfaction of doing it yourself.  The designer first made it from an old rolling cart, a sign post and a massive gauge wire.

As you can see in the picture, the low wood piece on which you put the objects that you want is supported by the wire at the end of which there are two small screws. But, the most important part is the piece of wood attached to the wall that supports all the weight. Being a handmade product, the wood pieces are carved and shaped by hand and sealed with a low gloss Tung oil.


Sapporo Shelving with Cable Management

I like technology and usually my electronic appliances are located in the living room. But I try to combine them with books and shelves so as to get an interesting design. So i integrate the TV set, DVD player and the other gadgets in and among the bookshelves. I surround them with books and accessories in order to make the best of it. The only problem about this combination is the fact that sometimes I can get a clutter of cables and I do not know how to manage them because they keep getting in the way and getting pressed by shelves and stuck in doors. That is why I am so happy I found this Sapporo Shelving with Cable Management.

First of all this is not a fixed shelving system that you purchase and make sure is fit for your living room. It is available in many sizes and combinations and this way you can find the best one for you. Then it’s the cable management system – those useful holes that are made in the right place, allowing cables to get out and get into the plug without annoying anyone. You also have the possibility to choose the number of shelves and whether to have transparent doors or not. Jesús Gasca, the designer of this furniture set, chose the best materials for this: powder-coated steel base; white lacquer over white laminated MDF; optional doors in tempered glass, plexiglass or walnut and oak veneer. Prices vary depending on size and choice between $646 and $2,444 on Design within reach.

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