B-OK-an original idea for storing books and dividing your room

Books can be great companions, wonderful sources of information, make you discover incredible worlds. Still if you have too many books, you need a spacious storage place for them. Bookshelves are the common variant for anybody who needs a space for many books. It is a simple and well-known variant but lately people try to find some other modern and alternative ways to arrange their precious books in order to fit their contemporary interior designs.

One of these original and modern ideas is brought by the Italian designer Marica Vizzuso who designed B-OK. It refers to a wonderful space-saving alternative which takes the shape of a huge tower but which can transform itself into a room divider by unfolding itself. This type of shelving system allows you to replace the stacking of books side-by-side with piling them on top of one another into an interesting arrangement of various slots.


10 creative wall shelf design ideas

Wall shelves are simple and ingenious storage solutions for things like books, decorations, personal collections and other small objects. They are particularly practical because they can be placed anywhere there is a little free space and this includes areas with no free floor space. Another interesting thing about them is that they come in all shapes and sizes and some of them have really creative and fun designs. Have a look at these examples.

1. Cylindrical wall shelves.

When we think of a wall-mounted shelf we almost always envision a flat piece of wood, metal or other material. But this is not the only shape a shelf can take. For example, this a series of very creative storage solutions,. They are cylindrically-shaped shelves that come in several sizes and thay can be combined in any way you like. You can use them to store small objects.Available on site.


Colorful MDF bookend

A bookcase, unless it has a really wacky design, will always look somewhat sober and austere. One way of changing that is to use bookends that stand out with their color, shape or design. This one, for example, is both simple and eye-catching. It’s a bookend that also serves as an interesting decoration for your bookcase, shelf, etc.The bookend stands out with its vivid color.

It features a bold yellow shade that would provide an interesting focal point. But the color is not this product’s only eye-catching feature. The bookend is also original because of its design. It features stenciled typography that spells “the end”. It’s a very inspired choice of words, given the main function the bookend needs to fulfill. This, in combination with the vivid color, allows it to be surprisingly unusual. So even though it has a simple design, it’s the small details and the choice of color that make it unique.


Dynamic Ramirez Bookshelf

Sometimes simple and practical things are more useful and nicer than the ones that appear to be more elegant and more sophisticated. Their beauty appears in their simplicity, the huge emotional impact has on us and the way it becomes useful to us. Take for example a flower. It can bring much joy and can generate more emotions than an expensive jewel or some clothes which become out of fashion or deteriorate in time. The same thing may happen with a simple piece of furniture which can be used for several things or you can update it when you feel the need to.

It is also the case of this multifunctional, dynamic Ramirez Bookshelf, designed by the team at Mob (Jesus Irizar, Lucia Soto and Andrea Flores).This solid, wood bookshelf, with a diagonal frame has a dynamic look. Its design creates a floating effect as if it is in a continual movement so that you have the impression that it is ready to fold all the time.


Eitherway Cabinet

Everybody likes surprises because they bring something new and totally unexpected in our lives, bringing emotion at the same time. That is the reason why I always try to find unusual pieces of furniture that will make my heart beat faster when I see them, some interesting and unique works of art that can be used as instruments in the long and difficult process of designing the interior of a house. This piece is called Eitherway Cabinet and you cannot decide if it is really a cabinet or a bookshelf. But this is what makes it so unique. It is an unusual cabinet, as it can be fixed on the wall.

But it does not look like a cabinet as it has the shape of a shelf with an end closed and one open. The open end is used as a means of access to a part of the cabinet that is blocked up front, leaving you no other possibility to store something there.


Reedy bookcase

Books used to be kept in massive bookcases made of wood. These pieces of furniture used to cover the walls of a special room in the house where people kept their books and the furniture was not so much important because the books were. However, nowadays, with all the information turning into electronic data and everything being read and accessed on the Internet rather than from real books, bookcases have turned into bookshelves and they are used for displaying different home accessories like small statues, objects of art among nice collections of books, too.

This Reedy bookcase serves its purpose of keeping books together, but it is also a modern and cool home accessory that is part of a cool home design.


Custom-made bookrack with pins by Gustav & Agusta

Everyone has at least one book in their home. You don’t have to be a collector to have a few books that you love. Naturally, you would them to be stored safely. However, you would also want to avoid using too much space for that purpose. As it turns out, a custom-made bookrack can be the perfect solution for that. This is a hanging book rack that has a custom design. It was created as an alternative for traditional shelves and bookracks and it’s a method that allows you to store your books without harming their pages and without wasting too much space.

The clients were book lovers that were interested in a way that would allow them to safely store their books without damaging their pages and exterior. They found this method to be very successful.The bookrack comes with a set of 12 pins. The pins also serve as bookmarks. They can be moved back and forth on the bottom of the book in order to adjust the height at which the book is hanging.


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