The UnWaste bookcase – a piece of furniture that hides many secrets

An ideal bookcase is one that provides plenty of storage for all the books and decorations or collectibles, one that is visually appealing and doesn’t overwhelm the rest of the décor and, most importantly, one that uses the space intelligently. The UnWaste bookcase definitely has all these points covered. Moreover, it also offers something extra.The surprise element of the UnWaste bookcase is the fact that the shelving walls are rotating. They reveal the room placed behind the wall and thus create a strong connection between the two areas.

It’s a bookcase that divides the two rooms, in this case the living and sleeping areas, but that also has the potential to connect them and to open them on towards the other. This ingenious and original piece of furniture is the result of the collaboration between architect Ben Milbourne from Bild Archtiecture, eco-designer Leyla Acaroglu from Eco Innovators and specialist furniture designer David Waterworth from Against the Grain.


Simple, functional and space-saving floating wall shelving ideas

All the rooms, regardless of their function, size and décor, need space for storage. But finding a solution that allows you to maintain a simple and airy décor, to efficiently store and display everything you need and to save space at the same time is not as easy as it might seem. But there is one element that always solves the problem. We’re talking about wall-mounted shelves. They’re simple, practical and they allow you to save valuable floor space. Here are a few ideas of how you can integrate them into your home’s décor.

We’re going to start with the living room because it’s usually the central area of the residence. Living rooms are social areas and they’re usually spacious. They should stay this way so solutions must be found to keep the décor airy while also solving the storage problems. A few simple shelves would be great for displaying decorations and storing small items.


The Alphabet Library from France, a place where reading is a pleasure

Reading is a tricky activity. You either love or you hate it. But it’s easier to be part of the first category when you see libraries like this one. Here, reading is indeed a pleasure. This is the Alphabet Library. Unlike many old reading rooms from the libraries in France, this one combines all the different details of the décor into one continuous image.

The library’s interior was a project by architect Stephane Hof. It can be found in Zaha Hadid’s Pierres Vives government building in Montpellier. The interior design is minimalist, modern and very inviting. It’s what any library should be like. This reading room is lined with glowing bookcases which give it a rather futuristic look. The bookcases are not just décor. They also emanate soft, diffuse light, very pleasant to the eyes, especially when reading.


Minimalist concrete shelf

Floating shelves are an element typical to contemporary designs and interior. They have that detail that allows them to impress but they also manage to maintain a very simple and minimalist look. This particular shelf is even more surprising. It’s a concrete shelf. Concrete is not a material very popular in this particular area of design. Floating shelves are usually made of wood, metal or glass. But it’s always interesting to see new variations of the same concept.

The shelf has a subtle industrial feel. The concrete makes it seem a little cold and this detail can be exploited in the interior décor. For example, you can place the shelf above a fireplace where its coldness will be balanced by the warmth emanated by the fireplace itself. Also, the shelf can be placed anywhere else in the living room. It would make an interesting addition in an office where it would complement nicely the sobriety of the décor.


Frames wall shelving system

Don’t you feel that lately fashion and design in general tends to come back in cycles but each time with certain characteristics of the times we live in.I like to think that everything spins in a circle and nothing is really over because in this cyclic universe nothing has a beginning or an end.The reason I brought this up is because I saw this frame cluster and instantly memories came as flashbacks. Take a look closer and you will find traces of the ubiquitous trend transposed in something that can be really useful with a special design.

This structure is meant to be mounted on a wall and the combination of nested squares and other geometrical forms like rectangles ensure a perfect place for storing books.Gerard de Hoop imagined this wall shelving system made of lacquered fiberboard, and the color you see in the pictures is black because this looked better on the white brick wall but fear not because the thing can be very easily customized starting from the color and going on with the materials used to build it.


Chic 5-level diamond corner shelf

The space in the corners is often space that remains unused. It’s not very practical, especially in the case of small homes. It’s for situations such as these ones that corner shelves have been designed. They allow us to use the space in the corners and to turn it into practical storage places. It might not be much but it’s very useful.This chic corner shelf also has a very interesting shape that suits it wonderfully. It’s a diamond-shaped shelf and it has five levels.

It’s a perfect piece for areas such as the living room, the dining room, the bedroom, the home office, but also the hallway or even the kitchen. You can use the five shelves to store all sorts of things such as books, makeup, bathroom supplies such as shampoo, conditioner, etc. It can also be great for spices that you use on a daily basis.


Bent Malden Bookcase

I went to the museum yesterday and I saw some old wooden spoons. I loved their natural appearance and the way the wood looked and had a special patina after some years. I admit it looked even better when it was not covered with dye or a protective layer of lacquer. i do not know why but aged wood looks incredibly nice, thing that is proven by this Bent Malden Bookcase. It is made of reclaimed wood and it has a natural wax finish that makes it possible for it to age naturally without cracking or fading its colour.

This particular bookcase looks so modern and it really has a special design, bringing together some old things like reclaimed wood and new and totally cool ways of making a piece of wood come to life. The bookcase is made to look like it is made of different compartments put together and assembled, when it is not true. Each shelf is completing the one on top of it and where there are two united compartments there will be only one on top.


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