Spine wall shelf for narrow spaces

Shelves are great in any home because they allow you to place them anywhere you want and, because they are mounted on the wall, you can save a lot of space by placing them above other pieces of furniture. There are the well-known shelving designs that occupy almost an entire wall, which are great, but they don’t really give you many options. Smaller versions are the best ones as they give you the freedom of changing their location, plus they look elegant too.

Here’s a design that it not impressive in terms of dimensions but it’s a real life-saver. This small shelving system is very narrow and this makes it great for small spaces. Also, it’s a piece that could very well complete your interior design as it can be placed in tight spaces where you couldn’t normally fit anything. But because this shelving system is so narrow, not only that it makes a great piece to fill out the remaining space, but it also provides you with some extra storage space for books, CDs, DVDs and other objects.


Rustic armoire by Bradshaw Kirchofer

The armoire, as the French name makes it sound, is an elegant and usually sophisticated furniture piece, with a rustic and very beautiful look. This one is just an example of how beautiful armoires can be. Notice the beautiful encrusted details that can be seen just below the top molding. It’s a very beautiful cottage-style piece that was designed by Bradshaw Kirchofer.

It’s an elegant furniture piece that can be placed either in the living room or in the bedroom. It provides the users with some useful storage space for clothes or other items. The armoire has two adjustable shelves that are located just inside the doors. This piece is made from select pine and it also comes in various colors, in terms of paint. If you choose to go for a natural tone, then more rustic looking stains will add personality and originality to your armoire.

The dimensions of this piece are 80″H 48″W 24″D. It’s a good-looking piece, if you’re a fan of this rustic-looking type of design. Of course, if you decide to purchase one, then you’ll have to pay attention to the rest of the furniture from your home. So it’s probably best if this armoire would be included in a home that shares the same style and details, regardless of the colors choice you decide to opt for.The price for this rustic armoire it’s a little high around 3160$.

Unique sideboard design by Edward Johnson

The designer Edward Johnson has names this creation “Volumptuous” because this is how he perceives this piece when he’s looking at it.The idea behind this project was to create a very sensuous piece of furniture, that challenges the user on multiple levels. It has an unusual shape that is stimulating the user in more than one way: it has visually pleasant details, elements that have a pronounced tactile character and the wood also has a beautiful scent. It’s a real synaesthesia.

Considering it only from a visual point of view, it’s a very cool piece of furniture, with aesthetically pleasing elements. This unusual sideboard was handmade in Oak and internally lined with Cedar of Lebanon, the source of the naturally beautiful scent. The overall shape of this sideboard is actually very common. It one had a rectangular shape, but this was changed with elaborate work. The process also changed the color tone, turning it into the beautiful chocolate brown you admire now.

The design is either very romantic and nostalgic or funny and dramatic, as it reminds of the beautiful waves of the ocean or, in other cases, it reminds of the boiling water. Not a very nice association, but it’s the first thing that comes in mind for some people when looking at this particular piece of furniture.

Rolling bookcase by Michaël Bihain

The round shape seems to be very popular these days. We have seen round tables, coffee tables, round entertainment centers, round Storage spaces and even rolling fireplace designs. So it’s not that unusual to see this round bookcase. It’s a very modern and impressive design and it comes in many bright colors.

This unusual bookcase features several cells or storage units that are very small and can only accommodate one book each. So it’s not the most appropriate design for those who have a large book collection. You will have to be very selective in your choices as you can only use this piece to store 15 books. So create a top for the best 15 books you have. The idea behind this project was to create something different that differentiates itself from the conventional bookcase design. It’s more than a bookcase, in fact it’s a decorative piece, more than a practical storage space.

The Patratas, as it is called, was designed by Michaël Bihain and it’s made of expanded polypropylene. It’s a very modern adaptation of the traditional design. It would be a very interesting addition to a modern or contemporary home. Since it comes in many bright colors, you can choose whatever goes best with the rest of your furniture and interior design. It’s not a very practical or functional piece of furniture, but it’s a great decorative piece.

Tahoe Noir coffee and end table collection

Coffee tables are not mainly practical or functional furniture pieces. They are usually decorative, especially in the case of the coffee table. It’s a piece that is usually placed in the middle of the house. It’s a nice piece that usually comes in handy in the morning, when people usually have coffee, or when guests come over and then it serves as a place to store the cups and glasses.

This collection includes a coffee table and an end table. They are both elegant and beautiful. The coffee table is especially interesting because, unlike most of the pieces of its type, it also provides the user with some extra storage space. So it’s both practical and stylish. The end table, on the other hand, it’s supposed to provide storage space. This is exactly what it does, also with style. This collection is made of wood and it has a beautiful noir finish.

The pieces are available separately or as a set. The coffee table is available for $699 or $499 on sale and the end table for $399 or $299 on sale. The whole set is $1 098 or $699 on sale. It’s a pretty good deal.They would both look great in any type of home. And if you place them in the same room, they will have a uniform and elegant look. If you need them both anyway, then it would be smart to purchase the set and not the pieces separately.

Librespiral bookcase by Gerardo Mari

Designer Gerardo Mari has created this unusual freestanding collection for Danese Milano. It’s a collection composed of two freestanding bookcase designs. One of them is taller and not movable while the other one is equipped with wheels. The main idea behind this project was to create a bookcase that allows the user to have access to the piece from any angle. And the result was successful. The bookcase has a turning mechanism that allows you rotate the modules. It’s just like a sunglass holder.

The rotating mechanism is a really nice detail because not a lot of bookcases are as accessible as these ones. Usually bookcases are hard to access and you waste a lot of time when searching fir a particular book. But with this ingenious rotating system it’s all easier. Of course, it might take more space than the usual mounted shelves or the suspended bookcases, but it has an interesting and practical design, and this is a big plus.

These freestanding bookcases have an asymmetric but beautiful shape which gives them an original look. They come in different colors. There are mainly three color tones, black, white and orange and they are combined in different ways to get contrastive looks. The bookcases are made of coated steel so they are very durable, resistant and sturdy. The shapes of these bookcases are simple but striking.They would look great in a modern or contemporary home.

Simple black bookcase

If you own a small apartment then you probably know how important space is. Storage is always a problem in small places because there’s not a lot of room for storage closets or other types of furniture pieces. So shelves and bookcases are probably the best solution.

They are usually mounted on the walls so they don’t use the floor space and they can be placed wherever you want. They are a great way of adding some storage space in your home without having to sacrifice other furniture pieces. This design, presented here, is a very simple bookcase made from black-stained oak veneer and the dimensions are H72xW17¼xD12″. It has a very nice and fresh look and it has a shape that allows you to place it wherever you have some extra space.

It’s a creation of the BoConcept design team.It’s a very functional furniture piece that also has a very pleasant and beautiful look. You can also add other similar pieces to create an original design for your home.Available from 689$.

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