Tips For Keeping A Bookshelf Organized

I don’t know about you but I’m always having trouble keeping the bookshelves clean and organized. Let’s say I spend an entire day organizing the books and making sure everything is perfectly organized. At some point they will all look messy again. This usually happens when you take a book but you don’t put back where it was. You either can’t remember where it was or it just seems easier to put it horizontally instead or vertically. This is how everything gets messy.

But there are things you can do to prevent that. They are simple things that you can do and that will help you keep your bookshelves tidy and organized. Let’s now explore some of these tips.


6 Unique and Stylish Bookshelves For Your Home

Are you tired of the usual, bulky bookshelves? Coming in a small array of black, brown or white, bookshelves just never seem stylish enough to add any sense of decor or design into your home – not matter what corner you decide to put it in. Sure it may do its job as far as keeping your books organized, but does it do its job as far as enhancing the room’s fashion? Well, it should and it can. All you need to do is shop around a bit. Take a look at some of our favorite, unique and stylish bookshelf finds!

1. The Not-so-Bookshelf Bookshelves.

If you truly can’t find anything unique that is an actual bookshelf, you can always create one out of old items that you don’t have any use for anymore. For example, a retro TV. Gut it, clean it and then display some of your favorite books inside. This is an easy decor piece, it’s an instant conversation starter and looks great in your home office or in the living room.


20 Unusual Books Storage Ideas For Book Lovers

Lots of people like to read. They find this a very relaxing activity that allows them to get rid of the stress and to disappear into a fantastic world along with the characters of the book. It’s great to be able to do that but before you get to enjoy reading you also have to take care of a few functional elements. For example, you need to find a proper storage space for your books. We’ve prepared a series of wonderful examples and we hope they’ll inspire you.

If you want to store your books in the living room, then this space will become a sort of library. A simple and rather traditional storage solution would be to have one or many bookcases. To integrate them in the décor without wasting too much space, you could use the small spaces in between the windows or in the corners.{found on smithandvansant}.


The Bookworm Bookcase, An Unconventional Alternative For Reading Nooks

Every once in a while, everyone likes to take some time to read a few pages from a good book or to simply read a magazine. The times when the library was an important part of any home are long gone. Nowadays we take a more practical and space-saving approach and we have replaced it with something as simple and cozy as a reading nook. But lately not even that satisfies our desire for modernity and uniqueness.

It’s this desire that has driven designers to create pieces such as the Bookworm. With a clever and catchy name, the Bookworm attracts us even before we actually get to see it. But this bookcase has another interesting surprise once you lay your eyes on it: a unique and original design. The Bookworm was the creation of Dutch designers from Atelier 010. They’ve come up with this creation as a response to the request for an organic bookcase.


5 Ways to Customize Your Mass-Produced Bookshelf

Mass-produced bookshelves. We’ve all got them, don’t we? (If your answer is “no,” I applaud you…and then turn to the rest of the world whose answer is the opposite.) There’s nothing wrong with a standard bookshelf per se – it holds books and treasures, makes things easily accessible, provides structure and storage. Those are all good things. However, the problem lies in the fact that they tend to be so…well…generic. Sterile. Devoid of personality or detail.

Never fear! I encourage you to keep these bookshelves in your home; you may simply make modest changes to customize them; thereafter, your sense of style will shine! Consider these ideas to get you started:

Unexpected Presentation – Granted, the traditional bookshelf is set upon the floor and filled with books. Period. That’s why I love this askew take on bookshelves! Hung diagonally, as you see here, or even mounted partway up the wall, your shelf will break the mold of “typical” and set your space apart. I think this arrangement, with the television mounted overtop a series of diagonal bookshelves, is particularly enchanting.


Creative Tips For Organizing Your Cluttered Bookshelves

You may not have known this but there comes a time, in every cluttered bookshelf, when it a cluttered bookshelf could use some well-needed organization. This brings about the question of what to keep, what to throw away and how to go about it all. Are there books you no longer need or not interested in reading even in a long time to come? It is time to do a complete overhaul of the bookshelf and with the following creative tips for organizing your cluttered bookshelves, you are sure to find yourself doing justice to your project.

bookshelf bedroom

Create a focal point with a well styled bookshelf

Start with a decluttered shelf:

There is no way you would be able to properly organize your cluttered bookshelf if you don’t remove everything from the shelf. After dusting and polishing the shelf, it is then time to start reorganizing the books properly. Failure to do this, you might just end up spending more time than necessary carrying out the project since if you get it all wrong, you would have no option than to start all over again.


Uncommon (but Fantastic) Shelves

The person who can eke out storage space in his/her home is a happy person…because where there is storage, there is order. Shelves are a perfect way to do this, and there are many places (some of them unexpected) in homes where shelves work miracles. This is especially true when shelves can be created to perform double-duty as an aesthetic style element that doubles as functional storage space.

These bright red bedroom bookshelves take an otherwise “wasted” wall and turn it into an eye-catching display of various books and knick-knacks. Where built-in bookshelves tend to appear more solemn and dark, these bright free-floating shelves provide a lighter, airier feel to the room overall. I love how the bold color makes each shelf stand out and, combined, creates an artistic element.


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