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Unusual Furniture Can Be Good

When we think about furniture, we all have in front of our eyes at least one specific piece that we particularly like. However, when a designer like the Russian Tembolat Gugkaev thinks about furniture, the result will definitely be amazing.

His works are more than interesting; they are unique, creative, real models of beautiful art and luxury lifestyle. What the industrial designer succeeds is to bring out the best of everything and the best is beautiful, unusual and luxurious at the same time. Nothing compares to his lovely bookcases and cabinets.


Duoplane CD/DVD Shelf

I bet you all have a lot of CD and DVD cases all over your house. That happens because we are surrounded by technology and we use these items in our every day life on a regular basis. You have photos and music on them, your wedding or your child’ s birth recorded on them or simply recreational games. So after a while you realize the pile of DVD cases is bigger and bigger and you can’t find a place in your home to store all of them in a sort of order so that you can find what you want fast enough. That is why you need a CD or DVD shelf because it is the best solution to cover walls if you want a storage space than to use the floor for the same purpose. This saves space and is a very reasonable solution.

This Duoplane CD/DVD Shelf is designed by Sojiro Inoue and I guess its name comes from the funny shape that reminds you of a biplane. It is functional and modern and has the perfect size for your CD and DVD cases. It is able to hold up to 75 cases and you can arrange it horizontally or vertically on your wall, depending on your home design and available space. It is made of bent steel with a durable powdercoat finish and it is available in different colours. You can have it for $89-99.

Wonderful Piano Shelf by Sebastian Errazuriz

Piano is a sensitive musical instrument. When I was little I wanted to learn to play piano. After some years I have discovered the beautiful songs of Richard Clayderman who also played piano. The sounds that a piano makes you feel like you have wings and you can touch the sky.

For those who love this musical instrument and would like to decorate their house in a artistic manner and at the same time get a great storage space here it is an idea.


Decorative Corner Shelf

In my opinion corners are not enough valued and exploited because everybody thinks they are very narrow spaces and do not use them for anything. But you can save space if you use them, especially if your home is small. So instead of covering a wall with shelves you can use aDecorative Corner Shelf and use the space in the corners for storing things on the shelves, for example books and also for displaying decorative objects like small statues or bowls, vases or coloured stones.

I think that corner shelves are great and it’s a creative idea to use this space. Look at this wonderfully designed shelf and you will see my point. It is black and this looks great against the white walls. It is also wooden and the design is simple, yet bold: it zig-zags on the wall, placing a square black board on each side of the corner and links them with a nice shelf that is rounded on the edge. It is manufactured by Danya B. and you can have it for $19.28.

Exotic Retreat Bookcase/Room Divider

I found out that with a bit of imagination and the right kind of furniture you can make some very special and nice changes in your home. For example you can take this Exotic Retreat Bookcase/Room Divider and use it either as a bookcase or as a home divider. It is a kind of bookcase with the shelves dispersed in an irregular and asymmetric way but you can place many things on its shelves: books, bowls, decorations, etc. So it is easy for you to use it as a home divider, placing it between two areas in your living room. It is a discreet divider as you can see through it and it is also nice to see.

The bookcase is made of wood composite and has a dark chocolate colour that goes with almost any living room design. It has a very modern and stylish design and it can turn a dull looking room into a nice and sleek one. You can have this piece of furniture now for $289.99 plus $50 shipping.

Funny Bookshelf That Looks Like a Tree

My opinion is that kids should have their own bookcase or bookshelf even when they are very young and can’t read, but still enjoy the pictures of the story books. SO why chase your kid’s favourite book all over the house when you can simply arrange a nice and funny bookshelf for all their books and you will know exactly where to find it? Here is a great idea for the design of some funny bookshelf that will look like a tree , which is perfect for the kids’ room. Unfortunately this bookshelf is not for sale, but you should try to do it yourself if you are pretty good with wood crafting.


Sapien Bookcase by Bruno Rainaldi

I remember the days when I was a college girl and I had to share my bedroom with three other girls my age. And I also remember our biggest problem was the lack of space as we never had enough space to store all the things we needed. So we came up with some very original and crazy ideas about how to save some space in a small room.Well, I think this Sapien Bookcase designed by the Italian Bruno Rainaldi solves the problem of book storing at least. This is a “tall” bookcase and it offers you the possibility to store books vertically and not horizontally like all the normal ones, so you can store up to 70 books and all this using just a corner of your room.

The bookcase or bookshelf as you might call it has a very strong and heavy metal base that confers stability to the whole construction and ten to fourteen shelves where you can deposit your books. It is very a simple yet bright idea and it makes you wonder how come you haven’t thought of it. It is available now for $198 (the shorter version) or $298 (the taller version).

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