The Almost Perfect Wall Shelf

I do not have too many shelves in the house, but I would love to. However, I have not found the perfect shelf to satisfy all my needs and demands, that is until now. I have just discovered The Almost Perfect Wall Shelf.

So why is it so perfect? Well, first it is thin. It’s very important to have a thin shelf because otherwise it will look awful on your wall and will ruin the pleasure of having things stored in plain sight. Then it is pretty resistant, as it can support up to 20 lbs of weight when it is properly installed on the wall. One thing I particularly like about it is the fact that you can’t see any screws or some other loose parts that make a shelf so unaesthetic.

It has a metal bracket and five drywall anchors included that keep it mounted on the wall, but you can’t see them which is great. At the same time it’s pretty sturdy and you don’t risk having it in your head when a truck crosses your street. The shelf is available in many different sizes, so you can choose the right one for your needs and the one that fits the size of your living room. It is medium density fiberboard  that is afterwards covered with a non-toxic paint. You can have it now for a special price of $10.

The Bike Shelf from Knife and Saw

I am sure that you have all watched “Seinfeld” , a very popular American sitcom, even if you are younger. Well, apart from the sparkling sense of humour and the power to make fun of everyday situations, this series always puzzled me because I could see Jerry’s bike always hanging on the wall in his living room. I can understand the lack of space, but this seemed like an extreme measure to me. Besides the sort of unaesthetic appearance, there were also a lot of bolts in the wall which just looked so ugly when you removed the bike from its place. But, fortunately, I have just found an interesting web site with an interesting item: The Bike Shelf from Knife and Saw.


Unconventional Bendy Rubber Bookshelf by Luke Hart

Every one of us intends to become something and wants to get a great job which can bring them a lot of satisfaction, relaxed days, a good social position and why not, a lot of money. I am one of the persons who followed the ideas that I had when I was a little girl. Each time I was asked what I wanted to become my answer was the same, an English teacher. So, here I am, working as an English teacher. It is a hard job which presupposes a lot of extra work and the satisfactions are those spiritual and personal because the financial part is not such a bright side which can get you rich.

Unconventional Bendy Rubber Bookshelf by Luke Hart

As I have many papers to work with and a lot of books that I need to read imagine what kind of bookshelves I need in order to store all these items. Unfortunately my personal bookcase became out of space and my books of different sizes and dimensions are not perfectly stored. The thing that I hate most is the straight, solid shelves which do not allow me to store books of different sizes.

Luke Hart seemed to have an excellent idea and created this unconventional Bendy Rubber Bookshelf. This type of bookshelf can accommodate any kinds of books due to its flexible properties. It looks also funny and interesting.

Hollywood TV Stand from Catellan Italia

Every person would like to have a taste of the Hollywood glamour, at least once in a lifetime. And also everybody knows that this can be a wonderful experience. But now you can taste it without having to go all the way to L.A., to the city where you can lose your head and money. You can feel and touch Hollywood from your home, wherever it might be. That is the reason why Catellan Italia designed this magnificent Hollywood TV stand.

This stand is, of course, designed and used for supporting your TV set, provided it is up to 42″ and has a reasonable weight that will not exceed 40 kilos together with all the other things you intend to store on the glass shelves. In order to do this the stand has to be pretty resistant, so it is made of stainless steel and has glass shelves, as I mentioned before. It is adjustable in height for the most comfortable view and also has wheels so that you can move it to the best area of your living room when you want it. It looks stunningly, but you will have to contact the manufacturer for an estimated cost.

Ventana Vista Bookshelf

People have used wood for buildings and furniture long before they invented the nails. So they used certain innovative and intelligent ways of combining and linking wood so as not to use any nails or screws, but the furniture parts will still be in place. Some of these techniques are still used in China and in other parts of the world and they are illustrated in the design of such furniture items like this Ventana Vista Bookshelf.

The name of the designer is Maria Yee and she succeeded to introduce a huge “V” in the middle of the shelves. It looks great and bold, modern and cool. The material used is solid chestnut and Chinese hardwood. The bookshelf has two rectangular also wooden short legs that allow you to move the shelves from one room to another easily without having to unbolt them from the walls. The shape and size show you that this piece of furniture can be used for storing different other objects and decorations, not only books. It is made only if you order one such item for $1,529.

Three Shelf Wooden Bookcase

I know that people no longer read books or there are very few who do this. Then there are the e-books that can be read on your computer, so bookshelves are not so popular these days because they no longer have books to store. However, you can always use bookshelves as decorative furniture or for storing other decorative things. So bookshelves can be really cool to see in your home, especially if they have a cool and modern design like this Three Shelf Wooden Bookcase.

This particular piece of furniture has a very modern and interesting design with three shelves inside. It is made of reclaimed pine, and lauan and has very strong corners because they are highlighted by black steel. The designer and craftsman who handmade this bookshelf calls himself Maple Bear and has a workshop in Chatsworth, CA where he makes manufactures all the items shown on his web site. If you like what you see, you can order one piece now for $275.

Funny Houndstooth Shelving by Julia Quancard

I guess everybody got bored of the classic rectangular and long, flat shelves. Now everybody is in search for something new and more attractive where you can put all sorts of things of different sizes and various shapes. The classic shapes of shelves cannot offer you so many facilities and it is another plus for a new design and type of shelving.

Funny Houndstooth Shelving by Julia Quancard

Think of how many and various things you need to store and then you can decide for the appropriate type of shelving that can satisfy your storage needs.Perhaps this funny and nice modular system designed by Julia Quancard is a perfect solution for you.


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