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Ventana Vista Bookshelf

People have used wood for buildings and furniture long before they invented the nails. So they used certain innovative and intelligent ways of combining and linking wood so as not to use any nails or screws, but the furniture parts will still be in place. Some of these techniques are still used in China and in other parts of the world and they are illustrated in the design of such furniture items like this Ventana Vista Bookshelf.

The name of the designer is Maria Yee and she succeeded to introduce a huge “V” in the middle of the shelves. It looks great and bold, modern and cool. The material used is solid chestnut and Chinese hardwood. The bookshelf has two rectangular also wooden short legs that allow you to move the shelves from one room to another easily without having to unbolt them from the walls. The shape and size show you that this piece of furniture can be used for storing different other objects and decorations, not only books. It is made only if you order one such item for $1,529.

Interesting Scatter Shelf

Although I love all kinds of animals and insects I am also afraid of them. Dogs, bugs or spiders are not really my favorite animals or insects. I am afraid of a dog that barks, I do not like to see bugs in the bathroom and I do not like to touch any spider at all.

These are some fears that I cannot control them and sometimes they create me real problems. For example dogs which have high senses feel my fear and start barking immediately or come near me. You cannot imagine how badly I react, trying to escape such an inconvenient situation.


Three Shelf Wooden Bookcase

I know that people no longer read books or there are very few who do this. Then there are the e-books that can be read on your computer, so bookshelves are not so popular these days because they no longer have books to store. However, you can always use bookshelves as decorative furniture or for storing other decorative things. So bookshelves can be really cool to see in your home, especially if they have a cool and modern design like this Three Shelf Wooden Bookcase.

This particular piece of furniture has a very modern and interesting design with three shelves inside. It is made of reclaimed pine, and lauan and has very strong corners because they are highlighted by black steel. The designer and craftsman who handmade this bookshelf calls himself Maple Bear and has a workshop in Chatsworth, CA where he makes manufactures all the items shown on his web site. If you like what you see, you can order one piece now for $275.

Funny Houndstooth Shelving by Julia Quancard

I guess everybody got bored of the classic rectangular and long, flat shelves. Now everybody is in search for something new and more attractive where you can put all sorts of things of different sizes and various shapes. The classic shapes of shelves cannot offer you so many facilities and it is another plus for a new design and type of shelving.

Funny Houndstooth Shelving by Julia Quancard

Think of how many and various things you need to store and then you can decide for the appropriate type of shelving that can satisfy your storage needs.Perhaps this funny and nice modular system designed by Julia Quancard is a perfect solution for you.


Colorful 2B bookcase by Mob

I guess that in every house you can see a bookcase. Usually their form is classic and all you can find on the shelves are some books that seem to have the same dimensions. Nowadays things seem a little bit different. The modernity brought us some new and contemporary models of bookcases that tend to have a total different design from a classic one and sometimes their shelves can also accommodate some other items or decorative objects.

It is also the case of 2B which is a modern bookcase which looks like a classic one as its shelves keep the same classic design as an ordinary bookcase. You will see that it is a practical piece of furniture that can also become a wonderful storage place for some of your objects.


Space-saving revolving bookcase

I’ve always liked those revolving structures that you usually see in the stores. They’re usually filled with birthday cards or sunglasses but they can be used to store all sorts of things. The principle is very simple and it can be adapted to create different designs, like for example a bookcase.

This revolving bookcase is a very practical and functional piece of furniture. That’s mostly because of the tower-like design. This allows you to store a multitude of objects that would normally occupy a lot of space. Because of its tall shape, this bookcase can accommodate all of your favorite books or decorative items. It features 42 fixed cubbies that come in five different sizes.

The entire bookcase measures 25.5″ diameter, 69.5″ high and it swivels 360 degrees, allowing the user to see the entire structure. The bookcase is available in wither white or black, both neutral, actually non-colors. Both colors are elegant and stylish. Moreover, because of its simple, even minimalist design, the bookcase is very versatile and any one of these versions would look equally beautiful in almost any type of home. The bookcase can be placed in the living room as a display structure, or even in the bedroom, near the bed. It’s a very functional and space-saving item and it’s available for EUR527.18.

Great Boat Shelves Collection

Sailing is a wonderful activity which fills you up with many satisfactions. It offers you the chance to practice a sport, to see the world or just admire the surroundings floating on the surface of a beautiful lake. For me ships, boats or planes occupy a special place in my heart. They remind me of some wonderful moments that I have spend far away from home or country and gave me opportunity to open my horizons and see the world from a different perspective.

Rowing was for me love at first sight. The moment I have learnt to row a boat I could not resist staying away from the lake where I could practice this activity. Rowing a boat is a great way of relaxation, of keeping you in a good shape and enjoying wonderful moments that the natural environment can offer you.


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