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Creative Bookbike by BYografia

Bookbike is an unusual, intriguing and also very clever creation. It was designed by BYografia and it seems to be a strange hybrid between a bookcase and bike storage. It seems interesting and it would really spice up the atmosphere in a modern or contemporary home.However, even though I find it very interesting and smart, I also find it unpractical and not that functional either. It might seem like you can save a lot of space by storing your bike there, but the truth is that you can’t just come home with your dirty bike and just hang it there, near your books, in the room. It’s more like a decorative piece for people who like bikes but don’t like to ride them.

Bookbike is both for reading and riding. The unit features two different parts. On one side there are some shelves for the books. There you can nicely store and display your favorite books or other small objects. On the other side there’s a hook for the bike. This allows you to store and display your bike right there. It seems to be a space-saving solution as well as a nice and unconventional decoration for the house.


El Shelves

Whether your favourite room is the living room or the bathroom, if you prefer staying in the bedroom or you stay in the kitchen all day long, you still need a place to store all the small items that you need in your house. And shelves are the most useful places when it comes to put the objects you need close to you. These shelves called El Shelves are very simple in design, yet very eye-catching. They are made of willow wood veneer , but they have a red lacquered finish, which makes them pretty modern and the centerpiece of the room they are in. They can be different in size, so as to satisfy your needs, so you will order a small shelf for your smart phone charger and a bigger one if you want to display many things. (more…)

The XI shelf by Gonçalo Campos

This is a beautiful and very practical design for a storage unit. It’s called XI and it’s a simple and very versatile shelf design. It’s a bookshelf that was designed to be assembled like a game. It requires no screws, no tools and no muscles. It’s such a simple and yet such a practical design.

The XI shelf was created by Gonçalo Campos. It’s one of the most relevant examples of elegant functionality. The name of the shelf is pretty transparent. It comes from the shape of this unit. Like the shelf itself, the name is simple and speaks for itself.The XI shelf unit is composed of two parts that are connected with simple slots. Together they have a sturdy and durable construction. The two parts represent the two letters from the name. The “X” part provides the structural integrity of the shelf while the “I” part seems to lean on the first one. The second one contributes to the design and dynamic of the final design.


Mayline Aberdeen Bookcase

Whether you are at home or at the office you need a lot of things and a lot of space to store these things. Cabinets are an option but sometimes you just need some smaller pieces of furniture that can help you organize things and take some smaller space at the same time. For example this amazing and simple Mayline Aberdeen Bookcase is the perfect thing you need for a smaller office or room. It fits the corner of the room perfectly and has five laminated shelves. The bookshelf has an unusual shape because it has to fit the corner, so it has an angle on the outside and the edges are rounded in order to avoid accidents.

This shelf can be used for storing or displaying small items like books , but also other decorative accessories like ceramics, vases, figurines, fruit bowls and so on. It has has exceptional abrasion and stain resistance. You can choose the colour of the bookshelf between mocha and maple, depending on the overall design of your room or office. What is most interesting and useful about this piece of furniture is the fact that it has holes at the back that allow easy access of cables, so that you can display small lamps or other electric devices and hide the ugly cables. The item is available for $231.99.

Vintage French Shelving

More and more interior designs incorporate antique and vintage pieces for a special effect. There is a difference between these two and choosing the right element to tell a  certain story or  to transmit a certain message is not an easy task. This item we have here is a reproduction of a mid- 1940s Eastern Europe library bookcase.A great deal of craftsmanship is involved in creating an object like this, because to look like the original it has to be build like the original.

The only thing that speeded up is the aging process, made with special chemicals. This  is a meticulous  handmade and hand-finished item. It consists of an iron frame aged to replicate the original and natural hardwood shelves. Small variations in the framework or wood are to be expected and embraced, because in that way each item is unique and there aren’t two alike.


Criss Cross Bookends

I find bookshelves more useful and attractive than bookcases because they take less space and they are fixed on the wall, leaving the floor free. This saves space and allows you to move freely in your house. Besides, they are perfect for modern homes and you can place something else on them like small decorative accessories. Well, there is one think that annoys me , though, when I use bookshelves and this is the fact that they do not have a board at the end to stop the books from falling down. So I have to use bookends, which is kind of fun after all because they are decorative in themselves. For example I like these Criss Cross Bookends very much because of their unusual and irregular shape and because they look so fine against a white wall.

The above mentioned bookends are made of cast resin and look like crazy black snowflakes. They give style and charm to your bookshelves, but also to the whole living room. They are very simple to use – you just place them in front of and at the end of the book row and that’s it. Their role is just to stand there, support the books and look nice. You can buy the pair for $40 at Selzer Studios.

The Crosby Library Table

This is the Crosby table. It’s a beautiful library table that has a design that has been popular for centuries. It costs $1,020.00, but feature a refined and fine design inspired by an Italian Mid-Century piece. It’s both functional and good-looking.

The Crosby library table is made of French oak and vintage brass. It has an engineered hardwood frame with solid brass rods and sabots and veneers all over it. It’s a very simple piece of furniture but it’s also perfect for libraries. It has plenty of storage for books and it has been specifically designed for this purpose. The books are being separated in four different areas so that they sit on the shelf safely. This also makes them easier to organize.


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