Catalina Walnut Tower Bookshelves

Bookshelves are very important in many homes. But this special and nice looking Catalina Walnut Tower Bookshelves is not used only for books as the name may suggest. You can also use it for storing different items like CDs, DVDs or other media storage devices or for displaying different objects used for decorative purposes. That happens because less and less people buy books these days since you can find them online or read them using e-readers. So their primary use is no longer existing, but the name is still used. This is a tower bookshelf, meaning that it looks like a tower with many smaller shelves that you can use the way you see fit.

This particular piece of furniture is made of solid natural walnut wood and is manufactured in Vermont, USA. It is very simple in design, yet it fits all living rooms and looks great in any home. Besides, you can combine it with other furniture pieces in order to get the best effect. Below the three interior spaces used for storing or displaying things, you can also use the two big drawers that are pretty solid. The style belong to the middle of the twentieth century but it still looks nice and modern enough for most homes. You can order and customize it for $1,012 on Vermont Woods Studios.

Ingenious Modular shelving system

I know what it means to desperately need some shelves in your room because you don’t have any more space to deposit all your books, files, magazines, notebooks and projects. And if you finally get some, they look ugly, they don’t match the rest of your furniture, and you desperately try to decorate them with candles, ornamental objects to distract visitors and their  critical opinion. Now you can avoid this thing with the Bambica modular shelving system, designed by Andrew Gancikov and John Fitzpatrick.

This   item is composed  of fifty  pieces held together by plastic pegs. Each rod measures  1h x 17l x.75’’ d, and the materials used in the construction were bamboo and polyamide plastic. Let’s face it, modular shelving systems are not pretty, they look cheap, or if they don’t, they are very expensive. But this time, with the fifty bamboo rods you can put your imagination at work and create different models of shelving.


Jordi Mila’s Unique Bookshelf

Nowadays designers come up with all sorts of interesting concepts that make us realize how important those things are for us. In this case, the Spanish designer Jordi Mila is the one who created something interesting and unique, another kind of bookshelf. It is unique because it has the shape of a tree and this is the reason why it is called “the Wisdom Tree”. If you ask yourself why “the tree of wisdom” and not something different, you will answer yourself right away if you think about the fact that books are actually sources of knowledge and even feelings and you agree with this name.

We all have a bookshelf at home where to keep those friends that never fail, but it depends on each of us how it looks like. The bookshelf in the picture is definitely a modern piece of furniture, perfect for your books. It was inspired by the way a plant grows and it has a fluid and organic shape at the same time.


Creative Bookbike by BYografia

Bookbike is an unusual, intriguing and also very clever creation. It was designed by BYografia and it seems to be a strange hybrid between a bookcase and bike storage. It seems interesting and it would really spice up the atmosphere in a modern or contemporary home.However, even though I find it very interesting and smart, I also find it unpractical and not that functional either. It might seem like you can save a lot of space by storing your bike there, but the truth is that you can’t just come home with your dirty bike and just hang it there, near your books, in the room. It’s more like a decorative piece for people who like bikes but don’t like to ride them.

Bookbike is both for reading and riding. The unit features two different parts. On one side there are some shelves for the books. There you can nicely store and display your favorite books or other small objects. On the other side there’s a hook for the bike. This allows you to store and display your bike right there. It seems to be a space-saving solution as well as a nice and unconventional decoration for the house.


El Shelves

Whether your favourite room is the living room or the bathroom, if you prefer staying in the bedroom or you stay in the kitchen all day long, you still need a place to store all the small items that you need in your house. And shelves are the most useful places when it comes to put the objects you need close to you. These shelves called El Shelves are very simple in design, yet very eye-catching. They are made of willow wood veneer , but they have a red lacquered finish, which makes them pretty modern and the centerpiece of the room they are in. They can be different in size, so as to satisfy your needs, so you will order a small shelf for your smart phone charger and a bigger one if you want to display many things. (more…)

The XI shelf by Gonçalo Campos

This is a beautiful and very practical design for a storage unit. It’s called XI and it’s a simple and very versatile shelf design. It’s a bookshelf that was designed to be assembled like a game. It requires no screws, no tools and no muscles. It’s such a simple and yet such a practical design.

The XI shelf was created by Gonçalo Campos. It’s one of the most relevant examples of elegant functionality. The name of the shelf is pretty transparent. It comes from the shape of this unit. Like the shelf itself, the name is simple and speaks for itself.The XI shelf unit is composed of two parts that are connected with simple slots. Together they have a sturdy and durable construction. The two parts represent the two letters from the name. The “X” part provides the structural integrity of the shelf while the “I” part seems to lean on the first one. The second one contributes to the design and dynamic of the final design.


Mayline Aberdeen Bookcase

Whether you are at home or at the office you need a lot of things and a lot of space to store these things. Cabinets are an option but sometimes you just need some smaller pieces of furniture that can help you organize things and take some smaller space at the same time. For example this amazing and simple Mayline Aberdeen Bookcase is the perfect thing you need for a smaller office or room. It fits the corner of the room perfectly and has five laminated shelves. The bookshelf has an unusual shape because it has to fit the corner, so it has an angle on the outside and the edges are rounded in order to avoid accidents.

This shelf can be used for storing or displaying small items like books , but also other decorative accessories like ceramics, vases, figurines, fruit bowls and so on. It has has exceptional abrasion and stain resistance. You can choose the colour of the bookshelf between mocha and maple, depending on the overall design of your room or office. What is most interesting and useful about this piece of furniture is the fact that it has holes at the back that allow easy access of cables, so that you can display small lamps or other electric devices and hide the ugly cables. The item is available for $231.99.

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