Gilt Metal Faux Bamboo Etagere

There is never enough storing space for different items in a house, especially if there are more than two people living there. That is why you need to be creative and try to find new and innovative ways and items that can help you store everything you need, from books to clothes, from collectibles to flower vases. This Gilt Metal Faux Bamboo Etagere is perfect for whatever purpose you might have in mind. First of all it looks great, as it is made of metal, but looks like bamboo, so it combines the good looks of the bamboo with the resistance of the metal.


The Tree Bookcase

Considering nature and books are two of my biggest interests, the next item is a dreamy one, it’s a projects I’m jealous I didn’t think about thirst. I’m talking about the Tree Bookcase designed by Roberto Corazza. The product is a shelve case designed as a tree. The support is opened in both sizes. This is an advantage because it gives the impression of space and light when it’s fixed on the wall, on one hand, on the other hand it allows you to install in independently in the middle of the room. You will have access to the shelves from each side and it will not block the light.

This bookcase is made from single-cast plastic case so it is easy to move and fix it wherever you want. Being made from a single piece it also has a uniform design and color and it is rigid. You mustn’t fear it will break or modify its shape under the book’s burden.


The modular Jacob bookcase by Clark Art Center

Bookcases aren’t what they used to be before. However, this doesn’t mean they should be. Change is not always bad. In fact, in this case we can say that bookcase designs have improved significantly. The Jacob bookcase is an example that shows exactly how different a modern bookcase can be from a traditional one. The Jacob bookcase is a modular piece of furniture that has a flexible design and that can take different shapes according to the space available and the user’s needs.

The Jacob bookcase was designed by the Brazilian studio Clark Art Center. The bookcase has a design inspired by the Jacob’s Ladder toy. It has a design as playful as the toy itself but on a whole different dimension. The Jacob bookcase is composed of five modules. They all have the same dimensions and they are square-shaped. These units or modules can be sued to form all sorts of shapes and designs. You can play with them just like you did with the blocks when you were a kid.


Austin Floating Shelves

I like shelves very much because they are perfect for small apartments like mine. They help you organize and store things without taking floor space which is great. You simple mount them on the walls and display whatever you want to or need to like bookds, toys in the kids room, vases of flowers, ornament, flower arrangements, statues and so on. But there is one thing I hate about shelves: the way the hardware that supports them is seen underneath. That is why I think these Austin Floating Shelves are amazing, as you can’t see any such thing as a support or piece of hardware. Oh, and one important detail for parents: the kids won’t reach these shelves, so you can display the breakable items there.



Limited-edition metal chest

The ‘Rockwell metal chest of drawers’ is a beautiful classic furniture, where you can deposit a large amount of stuff. You can categorize your stuff, that you use in the ‘metal chest of drawers’, by genre (files, disks, CD, vinyl, books, etc.). For cleaning the drawers you will use a soft, dry cloth so that you will not damage the exterior look. That’s why if you want to protect the finish you should use abrasive or household cleaners.

The metal chest is made with attention and experience from crafted metal that looks like it belongs to an antique store. The chest is extremely spacious, it futures 24 drawers to fit your stuff. You can personalize your chest of drawers by using magnets on every drawer. You can use the magnets only for decorative purposes, but you can also use the magnets to know what you have in every drawer. The chest of drawers is a handy thing that you should have in your home. It could fit anywhere in your home and it will help you deposit a lot of stuff. You can also deposit stuff on the chest of drawers or under.


Green Glass Bookends

In my job I need to work with many books and I can’t keep them all at home, so I have to store them some place at the office. And since I share it with three other people I can only use a shelf for them. However, this shelf has no ends and my books do not take all the space, so I need some bookends in order to keep them standing. And because I am crazy about personalized items and also about unusual stuff, I decided to look for something more special and I found these Green Glass Bookends.


Panyl Expedit Customizes IKEA Bookshelf

Bookshelves are very important pieces of furniture because they are very simple in design and do not take too much space, but you can use them for storing or displaying a lot of things. Besides they are very easy to move from one room to another, depending on your needs. So the guys from IKEA, one of the most famous furniture manufacturers and suppliers in the world, thought it would be a good idea to offer a wide variety of shelves, among which the Expedit collection. Well, some other smart guys from Panyl had another brilliant idea: they designed some special drawers that you can use for these shelves in order to customize them as you see fit.

This is how you get the Panyl Expedit Customizes IKEA Bookshelf. These drawers come in the perfect size so as to fit this particular shelf and you can order as many drawers as you need, each of them for just $9. You can also choose the colours for these drawers or if you want them  to be a single door or a two drawer . It is perfect for all those who already have this shelf or for those whose needs have changed since they purchased this piece of furniture from IKEA. It is a very cheap and comfortable solution.

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