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Top 10 Most Expensive And Luxurious Hotels in Paris

Paris is a very beautiful city, with amazing architecture and history and with lots of wonderful attractions. As a visitor, you want your experience here to be the best so you might want to choose a stunning hotel to stay at. And just in case you’re having trouble deciding which ones are the most luxurious, we made a top with the 10 most impressive but also most expensive hotels in Paris.

1. Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris.

Extremely beautiful and luxurious, the Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris is a symbol of elegance and sophistication here in Paris. It features stunning views over the Seine River, the Champs-Élysées, the Arc de Triumph and the Eiffel Tower so you can admire all these unique attractions without even leaving your room.


10 Bold & Inspiring Front Doors

Ever wanted to be able to direct someone to your house by saying something like, “Ours is the one with the pink door”? This just might be your year! Now, more than ever before, statement-color front doors are being used to add style and personality to a home’s facade. Here are ten that might get you thinking about a simple and fun way to update your own space:

Hello, sunshine! Bold yellow door on a white house makes a great modern statement. I like how the yellow door’s vertical lines contrast with the horizontal lines of the steps and siding. Both aspects emphasize each other.


10 Modern Under Stair Storage Solutions To Spruce Up Your Home

In any modern home, the key is to have a simple and open interior design and internal distribution. Storage is still a very important issue but it’s dealt with in ingenious and space-efficient ways. For example, in the case of residences or apartments with internal staircases, the area under the stairs is very often used for storage. It can include open shelves, drawers or hidden compartments.

A variety of under stair storage compartments of different sizes and shapes, a mix of drawers and closed storage spaces for a variety of needs. It’s a very clever way of getting things out of the way yet storing them in plain sight.


21 Amazing Rooftop Bars Around The World To Try This Summer

Nobody wants to stay hidden inside when the weather is so nice outside and when the sun is shining. So, every year during summer, we abandon the usual coffee shops and bars we’ve gotten used to frequenting and we head to outdoor terraces and rooftop bars where we can enjoy the same beautiful atmosphere and the freshness and beauty of the outdoors.

So if you’re planning on visiting the world this summer, you definitely have to stop to enjoy these amazing rooftop bars. They range from luxurious to casual and cozy and they each feature unique views and stunning decors. This summer would be the perfect time to get to enjoy them so persuade your friends or loved one and off you go.


11 Spectacular Sunset Views Around The Globe

The sunset and the sunrise are basically very simple and very common phenomena. However, they have always impressed us with their colors. The sunset is usually more impressive. It’s because sunset colors are typically more brilliant than sunrise colors as evening air contains more particles than morning air.

The sun sets over Santorini and gives us a glimpse at the stunning surrounding landscape

It’s these vibrant colors such as the intense orange or the red shades that mesmerize us and turns something as simple as the daily disappearance of the sun below the horizon into a magical moment.Even the most beautiful views in the world seem better at sunset. The colors completely change the atmosphere. Of course, it all differs with the location and this experience is always unique.


Paint-dipped walls – a colorful trend in interior décor

Choosing the color for the walls is crucial for any interior designer and home owner. Sometimes it’s more than one color you need to take into consideration. There are several options to choose from when painting walls. You could make them all look the same for a simple and cohesive look, you can choose to make one wall stand out by painting it a different color or you can make ombre walls or two-tine combinations such as in the examples following this article.

The bottom of the wall is usually the portion with the most colorful look

The walls look like they’re been dipped in paint as only the bottom area is colored, the rest usually featuring either a white or a neutral shade. The combinations of colors are numerous and so are the styles which you can adopt.


10 Breathtaking Views Over Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a very diverse city with lots of interesting landmarks and attractions. They are spread throughout the city so finding spectacular views becomes quite easy.The city is divided into more than 80 districts and neighborhoods as well as numerous communities.They each feature landmarks such as the Griffith Observatory, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Watts Towers and many more.

An outdoor terrace or balcony is the best place for enjoying the views

But, in most of the cases, spectacular views are not focused on a certain building on landmark but on the visible landscape and cityscape as a whole.In this case, the views are amazing as Los Angeles is a dynamic city that bursts with light. The views are even more spectacular at night. Such a beautiful city deserves to be admired.


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