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The 25 Most Creative And Modern Staircase Designs

The staircase is an extremely important design element. It’s always an eye-catching feature, whether it has a traditional design or an unusual shape.But we’re not going to talk about the usual staircase designs. We want to show you some wonderful and very interesting and unconventional staircase designs.


Let’s start with this great-looking staircase. It’s made of wood so it matches the rest of the interior design and it has a spiraling shape. In a way it’s rustic and somewhat traditional but it’s also unusual.


20 Smart Micro House Design Ideas That Maximize Space

There seems to be a trend lately in building tiny, micro houses. It’s basically all about finding a way to include as many things and functions into as little space as possible. There are some very inspiring designs out there and we made it our mission to find them. Here’s what we came up with.

14 sqm tiny cottage.

This tiny cottage is located in Lauttasaari, Finland and it has a total surface of 14 square meters. It was designed by Verstas Architects and it’s a nice and ingenious way of getting to enjoy nature in the middle of a busy city.


13 Best Tips For Creating An Energy Efficient Home

There are many benefits to having an energy efficient home, from environmental benefits to financial benefits to safety benefits. Fortunately, no matter what motivates you, there are specific ways you can boost the eco-friendliness of your home and, over the long run, ultimately save you money. Here are 13 ways you can create a more energy efficient home:

1. Replace your old(er) appliances.

Give your energy-sucking refrigerator more than the side eye; buy an energy efficient model (energySTAR) to make the swap. Changing out your older model dishwashers and laundry dryers will help boost the efficiency of your home as well.


50 Modern Dining Room Designs For The Super Stylish Contemporary Home

Not all homes have a dining room. These days there aren’t so many people and families that like to all sit down and have dinner together each day given the busy schedule and the commodity of dining, let’s say, in front of the living room TV for example.

A larger dining table like this one is suitable for big families or entertainment

But this doesn’t mean that a dining room becomes unnecessary. Instead of trying to eliminate it you should try to think how to make it more suitable for your lifestyle. If you’re not the traditional type then find some other idea or concept around which to organize this space.


The Controversial Round Beds – A Bold Statement Or An Unpractical Choice?

If you were to choose a new bed for your bedroom right now, which type would you choose? All the usual options would probably come to mind with the king being the most obvious solution. But would you even consider a round bed? In fact, did you even know you could have a round bed in your home? It’s not a very common or popular choice and we don’t know a lot about its functionality and practicality.

Round canopy beds are truly wonderful and so romantic

How would you sleep in such a bed? It would have to be large enough for you to be able to sit in the middle where there’s plenty of space. So why have such a big bed if you’re only able to use one portion? Well I assume it’s mostly for show.


15 Framed Chalkboards – Customizable And Also Functional Accent Details

Chalkboard walls or chalkboard surfaces in general are a fun and also functional way of decorating a space. For example, I find the kitchen to be the best place for such a thing. I’ll definitely include a chalkboard wall in my kitchen. It’s great for writing down notes, recipes, grocery lists or messages.

Use the framed chalkboard as a piece of artwork and hang it on the wall

But you don’t need an entire chalkboard wall for that if you don’t want one. You can frame a piece of wood of canvas painted with chalkboard paint and it will look wonderful. Use it as a canvas on which to write or draw whenever inspiration comes knocking on your door.


25 Best Hallway Walls – Make Your Hallways As Beautiful As The Rest Of Your Home

All right. You’ve ignored your empty hallway long enough. (Don’t worry, practically everyone does it.) The time has come to make something of that precious space that takes you from Point A to Point B, and back again, every day without asking for anything in return. Wouldn’t you love to turn the space into something special? Unique? Creative? Colorful? Beautiful? Here are some – 25 to be exact – of the best ideas to spruce up your hallway walls:

Although people often leave their hallway walls bare by default (looking sad and neglected because, well, they are sad and neglected), in some cases, a plain wall is the best choice. A graphic and colorful rug, a few chairs, and beautiful architecture that speaks for itself is enough to make this “empty” hallway come alive.


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