Luxe Versailles ‘Rivoli’ Silk Quilt

Silk has been considered a luxury item for a very long time and still is, but not to that extend it was in the past. It was very expensive and used only by the rich because it was brought all the way from China and needed a lot of hard work and skill to manufacture a piece of this fabric from the harvesting of the silk cocoons to the weaving of the material. Any way, nowadays silk can be acquired by artificial methods, too, so it is less expensive. It is still considered a luxury item, but most people afford it now. So when you want to spoil yourself or your family, you purchase a silk bedding set or maybe a Luxe Versailles ‘Rivoli’ Silk Quilt like this one.

The quilt is made of 100-percent silk with Jacquard pattern and is beautifully embroidered. But this is only the face of the quilt, because the back and the filling is entirely made of polyester. That is why it is recommended that you should clean it only at dry cleaner’s . It is big enough to cover a normal bed (110 inches wide x 96 inches long) and looks great. Even though some people might think quilts are so out of fashion, many still like them, so if you like it you can purchase it for $29.99.

Outdoor Anchor Pillow

Pillows are meant to offer you some more comfort in your bed, to support your head while you are sleeping or watching TV and sometimes they can even be used to make your bed more appealing, more attractive. That is why most pillows are filled with feathers and are very soft. Well, I did say most pillows because sometimes people choose to have their homes on board some ships and in this case things are a lot different. When your bed is on a boat, whether it is indoors or outdoors (and it usually is out) you need a totally water proof pillow case, in case it gets dropped over board or if a rain falls from the sky or whatever other incidents may happen on water. This Outdoor Anchor Pillow is the perfect example.


Red Letter Pillow

I have two children of my own and I also work with children at work, so I have a pretty good idea of how their little minds work. Usually they like having the exact same thing as their neighbour and they are willing to do anything for this. But at the same time they want to be able to recognize their belongings in a huge pile of similar items. Let’s take pillows for example. All the children nowadays want pillows with Hannah Montana or Mickey Mouse or any other Disney character, but they want their pillow when going to sleep. So the emergency solution seems to be quite simple: choose monogrammed pillows. This Red Letter Pillow is perfect, as you can choose the right letter for your kid.

The pillow is made of 100% cotton with primaloft fill.It is made in the USA , but they used imported fabrics for manufacturing it. The pillow is monogrammed with a red letter with red piping and chambray sides. You can personalize the letter, as you can choose the letter you want written and you will be able to recognize your pillow in a dozen others. But even if you don’t have this problem and you are the only one in your bedroom, it feels nice to show one thing belongs to you. The item can be bought for a special Easter price of $44.

Embroidered Shell Decorative Throw Pillows

Many like showing their likes and dislikes, their preferences in the things around them. For example a sailor or a person who is in love with the sea will always have a marine theme in the house, something to remind them of the sea, their first love. Maybe you will see a blue wall or fish patterns on the bedding, many water themed items and , why not, some shell decorations. These Embroidered Shell Decorative Throw Pillows seem perfect. They are anything but ordinary and boring. Actually it is quite the opposite, as they immediately draw attention, no matter how little you are connected with home design.

The first thing you notice about these pillows is the fact that they are round. I immediately thought they were perfect for hugging, comfortable and soft, great for any bed or sofa. Then, against the brownish background of the pillow you notice the beautiful embroidered shells. They all look so realistic and beautiful and somehow make you think you are on the bottom of the sea for one instance. The pillow case is made of 100% cotton twill fabric and, in spite of the general belief, it will not shrink when being washes because it has shrinkage control features. The case closes with a hidden zipper for a more beautiful look and the shells embroidered are real works of art. So if you want any of these art  pieces you can have it for $59.

Octopus Cushion

Children love animals very much, so they prefer ebing surrounded by all kinds of things that are shaped like animals. That is why it would be a good idea to give them special cushions that are shaped like their favourite animal. If you already arranged your kids’ room to have a marine theme and everything in it is blue and water-related, then this Octopus Cushion will fit perfectly. It is soft and has a very interesting design, looking just like an octopus. The big head with funny big eyes is perfect for the little head to rest the head on and the eight arms are just enough for hugging the little boy or girl.

This funny item is manufactured and designed by those from Ferm Living and they proved to have done a great job. The cushion is filled with polyester filling, but has a cotton cover in order to avoid any rashes or allergies or any other inconveniences, since kids’ skin is very sensitive. But cotton is not allergenic and great for the touch and also absorbs any liquids the child might spill. It will look just fine on your kid’ s bed as the dimension are 21.65 x 9.8 inches. The item can now be purchased for $70.

Embroidered Hummingbird Throw Pillows

Nature is world’s most inspired designer and architect. It creates amazing things you could never think of. One of most wonderful creations are hummingbirds. These amazing birds are the smallest birds on Earth and yet they behave like insects – like bees, as they feed with nectar from flowers. Any way, people have always been fascinated by these birds so they even now use them as patterns or  pictures for the things they do. These Embroidered Hummingbird Throw Pillows would be just simple boring pillows if they did not have these hummingbird images on.

The hummingbirds are embroidered and this means a lot of handwork and skill. The colourful details come into a pleasant contrast with the whiteness of the cotton and look absolutely great. The pillows are made of 100% cotton twill fabric and this might mean that sooner or later they will shrink if washed in high temperatures. But not this time. They are mercerized for luster and can control shrinkage, so they are perfect.


Black Swiss Dot Duvet Cover + Shams

The material from which the Duvet Covers are being made is cotton voile, in a percent of 100%. The covers are made in India. Unlike other covers the Duvet Covers can be washed and the colors will remain the same. They make you sleep well after a hard working day, they will totally relax you. The covers of the bed sheets are very important, the design is important as well as the soft material.

The covers will make you feel very cozy and relaxed. They will help you warm up in a cold day. The covers come in different color combinations, like: white with, black, cream white. Duvet Covers come very well with all combinations in your home. You can use the covers with a modern design of your bedroom, but it goes well with the classic one two.

The dimensions of the Duvet covers are: Twin (68″l x 88″w), Full/Queen (88″l x 92″w), King (92″l x 108″w). The dimensions of the shams are: Standard (20″l x 26″w), Euro (26″sq), King (20″l x 36″w). The Duvet Covers price is variable, starting for EUR78.64 for the twin size, till EUR110.42 for the king size. The Shams price start from EUR19.06 and they go as high as EUR23.04. So why wait? Try the new Duvet Covers and I assure you that you’ll not be disappointed, perfectly made for your interior.

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