Delicious Petit Beurre cushion

Everybody knows those little biscuits called Petit Beurre. It’s a wide spread variety and they are usually appreciated by little children that like to eat them with milk or tea. They are very delicious and everyone has at least heard of them. So this cushion will look very familiar to you.
 Delicious Petit Beurre cushion

It’s a cushion shapes like a Petit Beurre biscuit. It’s a very clever idea because the biscuit is already rectangular and has a simple design, so turning it into a cushion is not that hard. As you can see for yourself from the picture, it’s a very cute and funny cushion that reproduces very accurately the biscuit. In fact, it looks as delicious as the biscuit itself.

It would be a very good choice for modern or contemporary homes, for those who like to incorporate funny and interesting pieces in their interior décor. I can even imagine the living room and a simple sofa filled with a bunch of biscuit cushions. It’s one of the funniest images you could create in your living room. This cushion can be found on Maxi Glob blog. So if you like it, you should just go ahead and purchase one or many two or three of them. It’s a very versatile cushion. The unusual design makes it perfect for living rooms but also bedroom and especially kids’ rooms.

A comfortable and contemporary bed called SLEEPY

In the bedroom, as the name might suggest, the bed is the most important furniture piece. So it has to be perfect. This means that the bed should have the appropriate size, to be aesthetically pleasing, to share the same style as the rest of the furniture from the house and, most important of all, to be comfortable.

Designed by the Italian architect Angelo Tomaiuolo and produced by Tonin CASA, the SLEEPY bed attempt to do all that. It’s a very beautiful, simple and stylish bed, ideal for contemporary homes. It’s a king-sized bed, so the dimensions are not a problem, but still, it’s a bed for spacious bedrooms. With it’s unusual shape and unique elements, this bed is truly unique. It has an organic shape that makes it even more comfortable and a sculptural headboard that adds style and originality.

The Fresh Unikko Retro Bedding by Marimekko

Summer will come soon and everybody will prepare light, vibrant colored clothes and everything will get a fresh and exotic air. All the things will generate a sense of energy and dynamism. Summer is the season of strong colors, of freshness and action. It makes us feel full of life and energy.

The famous brand, Marimekko might help you to create a fresh atmosphere in your bedroom. It created this colorful and fresh Unikko Retro Bedding. Although it comes back from 1960’s, it is a floral bedding which contains fresh and vibrant colors of green, yellow and white and will create a youthful atmosphere and full of energy. Its soft material of 100% cotton fabrics will add more comfort to this dynamic atmosphere.

You will become impatiently to retry here and enjoy the light and fresh ambiance, created by this vibrant and colorful image.

10 Lovely Bedding Sets

Beautiful, colorful bedding sets are a way of decorating a bedroom which will become more interesting and attractive.The different types of prints or patterns using wonderful combinations of colors will transform your bedroom into a wonderful décor that will make you feel comfortable and will let you the impression that it is another world full of magic and color.

1. Beautiful Fairy Ballerina Bedding

Little girls are in love with fairy tales with princesses and princes. They will always dream of a magic world where beauty and fragility are the main ingredients.Now you have the opportunity to create a magic décor for your little girl using this beautiful ABedding set. This ballerina reminds me of one of the feminine characters from Peter Pan, a wonderful and well known fairy tale.


Decorative pillows with nature-inspired prints

Once you own one decorative pillow, you will soon feel the need to ass another one and then another one and so on. It’s perfectly understandable since they are so cute and comfortable. Plus they have such beautiful images printed on them, always different and always beautiful.

Like these ones for example. These pillows have a variety of nature-inspired prints, most of them including birds and nests or trees and butterflies. Any one of them would look so nice on a sofa or a chair, even on a bed. Each pillow measures 22’’ x 22’’ and it includes a 95/5 feather down insert. The colors used are very natural and they are combined in an artistic way so that they would be able to integrate in a simple interior as well as in a more crowded and busy design.They all look beautiful and pretty but you can’t have them all. So you’ll have to choose, even if it’s a difficult decision.Available from 163$.

Fun and soft pillow covers

There are all sorts of pillow covers: simple, colored, patterned, with flowers, with animals, with flowers and animals, with abstract patterns, etc. And people always try to find original ways of covering their pillows, so the choose more interesting colors and interesting patterns, but in reality their choices are no more than ordinary.

So if you really want something original you should take a look at these soft and comfy pillow covers. They’re made of cotton and acrylic which not only that brings new options in terms of texture, but it also creates a distinguished aesthetic image. The colors available are pebble, stone white and platinum and they are available in two different dimensions: 20″ square and 14″ x 36″. It also has a very funny look because of the three-button closure. The pillow inserts are sold separately. Three choices, three fun and soft and very inviting pillow covers that can’t wait for you to take them home.By the way, the shipping is free.

Map Cushions by My Bearded Pigeon

Everybody wishes that someday he or she would be able to visit some of his/ hers favorite places in the world. But not all of us manage to do so. In case you are one of the unfortunate persons who doesn’t have the time or the resources necessary to travel around the world as you might wish, here’s a pillow that will make you feel better. Not because it’s comfortable( which it is) but because the cushions of these pillows feature maps of regions, countries and famous cities around the globe.

It might not be the kind of journey you were hoping for, but at least you can fall asleep on this lovely cushions and dream about your favorite place. Who knows, maybe dreams really come true.


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