Beautiful Opium Duvet Cover Set

It is summer and the fields are full of beautiful, colored flowers that enchant your views and soul. The vivid colors like yellow, blue or purple attract any viewer and create a colorful and optimistic image which can have a positive influence on your mood. Red is also present and the red poppies will spicy all this palette of nuances with their energizing nuance.

The same positive influence and beautiful image will be created by this Opium Duvet Cover Set. It will charm you with its fresh and optimistic image of these red poppies “poured” on a white field. It will bring color into your bedroom and will make you feel full of energy and life.

It is luxurious three hundred thread count cotton fiber set which is available only in the Queen size.If you re not a fan of red, you may try another design which combines colors like black, grey and white that will offer you a more sober and elegant image.The image of these poppies will always enchant you each time you will enter your bedroom and will make you feel relaxed and comfortable. They will bring a ray of optimism into your décor and will make you feel confident in your dreams and powers.Available for 89$.

Inspiring Painted Coastal Life Outdoor Pillows

Gold… Money… Ransom… I wonder how I could resist on an agitated sea, on a sailboat, surrounded by experienced pirates.I could spend my life near them. My life would be a permanent adventure where danger would be present every second of each day.

I look into the night and I think of the next robbery that we intend to do. The far away lighthouse shows us that we are close to the shore. Morning is coming and the seagulls fly over our sailboat. A new day is waiting for us. I look at them, at my unshaved, giddy after drinking and tired pirates and I wonder if tomorrow, in the morning we are all present or some of us will die in the fight that waits for us today.

It is time that we make our attacking plan. I call my first mate and I tell him: “It is time…It is time…” “That you wake up John!”

I open my eyes… I am on my lounge, with my head on the pillow with the sailboat print on it. On the left, there is my pillow with the image of a seagull and on the right the pillow with the lighthouse. They are my favorite inspiring Painted Coastal Life Outdoor Pillows which make me think of wonderful adventures.Available from 16.86 euros.In front of me, there is my wife who tells me: “Did you watch “The Caribbean Pirates” again last night? And now you think you are Jack Sparrow?

Aquatic Coastal Whimsy Block Duvet Cover & Sham

Aquatic or marine world fascinates us with its lovely beauties that populate the depths of the waters and make curious to discover their secret life. This mysterious world of depths has always been an attractive space that man tried to conquer and explore so that he can find more interesting and fascinating things.

Here it is piece of bedding which will definitely fascinate you with its beautiful, blue prints of chambered nautilus, sea dragons or conch shells. It is a perfect model for the summer season which usually makes us think of the beautiful and attractive, wonderful blue sea.It is called Coastal Whimsy Block – Print Duvet Cover & Sham. It is a high quality, woven of pure cotton bedding which will offer you the coolness and softness that you need for these hot summer nights.

Both the Duvet cover and sham can be reversed to white, the Duvet cover has a hidden button closure and the sham has an envelope closure and a blue flange that will make them more comfortable and attractive.The marine combination of white and blue will make you think of the beautiful views offered by the sea and its beautiful ships and boats.Available from 28 euros.

Soft and cozy pillow inserts

I’m going to start this article with a question: are you happy with your pillow? A lot of people don’t think about it after a while because they get used to sleeping on uncomfortable pillows. Only after someone else opens the subject they realize that maybe they need a change in that area. If you’re one of those people, take a look at this lovely pillow collection.

These comfy Pillow Inserts are filled with your choice of a comfortable feather-down blend or a supremely soft 100% hypoallergenic polyester. They also feature a 200-thread-count cotton cover. As you can see, there are multiple sizes that you can choose from: 18″ Square, 20″ Square, 22″ Square, 24″ Square, 12 x 39″ Lumbar, 14 x 36″ Lumbar and 16 x 26″ Lumbar. So regardless of the size or shape you are looking for, you’re going to find it here.

It’s a very nice collection. You can purchase the whole set or you can just choose one or two that you like and need. Having a nice and cozy pillow to sleep on at night is very important. It can change a lot of things. It’s natural to be more relaxed and happy after a good night sleep, so make yourself happy by purchasing a soft and comfy pillow. The price varies between $12 and $24.

Scooby Doo Bedding

I know all of us have once loved a good story with mystery and ghosts and there’s no other cartoon character more famous for being scared of them than Scooby Doo. But for some reason kids love this character and want to have it around their room all the time. I guess they identify themselves a bit with him and seeing him scared they become more courageous. Well, if you want to arrange your kids’ room in a special way and you know Scoody Doo is their favourite character, you should try this amazing Scooby Doo bedding.

This bedding is perfect for creating a magical and funny atmosphere in your kids’ room and is also very good quality. It is very washable and cleans very well in the washing machine and this is really important because kids are known to spill liquids in bed and eat and spread stains everywhere, so it’s rather helpful when you can clean it quickly. The set includes 1 pillowcase, a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet and can be bought for a price between $8.95 and $39.50, depending on the size and number of sheets.

Banded Hemstitch 400-Thread-Count Sheet Set on Sale

My sister once told me you should take advantage of all sales in big stores and also on special prices in online stores because this way you can save a lot of money. Actually her exact words were: “You shouldn’t buy it when you need it, but when it’s on sales”. Well, I guess she is right because if you take a quick look at this offer, you will surely be more than satisfied to see the difference. So, this is a very good looking bed sheets set that is offered by Pottery Barn for a reduced price, so grab the opportunity.

The bed sheets are made of 100%  cotton percale of very good quality, 400 thread count. These impeccable white sheets have a coloured border that is separated by a nice hemstitch and this looks great. At least I like it a lot. As you can see this is a set of bed sheets and each set contains a flat sheet, fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases. You can also have your monogram on if you like it and that will add some extra cost. You can safely wash the bedding in the washing machine and purchase it for a price between $24-179.

Original bed clothing inspired by notebook paper sheets

While children and especially teenagers can’t wait to get out of school and get away from all the notebooks and books, it’s not the same for grown ups. They actually miss the old days when they were going to school with all their friends and colleagues, when they had homework and essays to write. It’s funny how time can make you miss something that you almost hated a while ago. Of course, this doesn’t apply to everybody.

This very different perspective will probably create opposite reactions for children and adults when they see this unusual creation inspired by notebook paper sheets. This funny bed clothing reproduces exactly the lines of the notebook. The set features a blue and red line patters on a dark beige background. Most notebooks have a white background but the dark beige is actually a very clever choice because it will trigger the nostalgia of the user with this vintage look.

It’s a very original and fun idea, even though some of us might have nightmares while sleeping in these sheets and other will have sweet anamnestic dreams. The paper sheets seem so real that you even want to write on them. This might not be such a good idea since ink is hard to get out of fabric. But if you use a non-toxic and non-permanent ink this could actually be very fun.{found on etsy}

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