Ainsley Linen Tufted Headboard

I like beds with headboards because they provide the necessary insulation to protect your head against the coldness of the wall. But normally these headboards are made of wood and covered with leather or faux leather. However, there are some other old-fashioned designers and manufacturers who prefer using some warmer materials like linen. This is Ainsley Linen Tufted Headboard and it looks great. It is elegant and hand tufted, covered in linen and having a wooden frame made of solid pine. The corners of this headboard are all rounded in order to avoid accidents , but the rectangular shape is still preserved.


Make your bedroom pop with colorful bedding

In the bedroom there’s not much you can do to create a dynamic and fun atmosphere. Since the bed occupies most of the space, choosing colorful bedding could be an easy and clever way of introducing color and pattern into the décor. It would be a quick and simple way of creating a fresh, new look for your bedroom. We have selected several examples that might inspire you.

1. Stylish stripes and checks.

Stripes are timeless and always beautiful. Here we have a modern look featuring this statement john Lewis bedding that combined stripes with checks. The irregular stripes in warm, neutral tones are stylish but also soothing and they have been paired with an understated check that allows the design to have a contemporary feel.Available from £30.


Funny Tooth Fairy Pillow with Fox on

My daughter is six and she has all her milk tooth. She is pretty upset about that because all her friends have lost at least one tooth. I could not imagine why she could be upset but then I found she heard about the Tooth Fairy and now she is waiting for a tooth to fall so that she could get money from the fairy. All kids go through this, so why not have a special pillow for them that encourages them during this funny period of their lives. The Funny Tooth Fairy Pillow with Fox on is great for any kid. It speculates the kids’ tendency to get models from the surrounding area, so if they see somebody else get rewarded for losing a tooth, they want this, too. This is the Fox, an animal character that becomes a friend.

The interesting design of the pillow offers a special place for the tooth and also a special pocket where the fairy will leave the money. It is unique and funny and the kids love it. The pillow is filled with 95% small feather, 5% down insert and has a cover that is made of 100% linen fabric and has nice embroidery on. This cover can be removed and washed in cold water and then re- positioned. The item is now available for $58 from Coral and Tusk.

Shopping Paris Throw Pillows

Pillows are usually meant to keep your head in a comfortable position while you sleep. However, many pillows are used for decorative purposes only and they are thrown on the bed and sofa in order to give a special look to your bedroom or living room. These beautiful Shopping Paris Throw Pillows will bring a touch of Paris into your home with their beautiful embroidery that reminds you of the city of lights. These throw pillows are made of 100% cotton twill fabric, so they are very nice to touch and very comfortable and soft.


Pillow Talk Pillowcases

In nature wild animals use their scent to mark their territory. But people mark their territories, too, when they start a long time relationship or they get married. The most frequent establishment of the boundaries is the bed. So if the wife says she wants the right side, the husband will have to settle with the left side. But boundaries are often broken by people like me, who love rolling over the whole bed and watching a movie with my legs spread all over, while sitting in the middle of the bed. Well, in moments like these the naughty spouse should be reminded of the established boundaries and this can be easily done if you have these nice Pillow Talk Pillowcases.

They simply state the obvious: “My side” and “your side” . So when you see them you will know which is your side and that you should respect it. Any way, i think this is rather a funny and humorous message that was printed on these pillow cases in order to bring some fun and laughter into your bedroom and in order to be original. And the name of the item is funny, too, as it suggests a “pillow talk” between the pillows, too, instead of the people sleeping with their heads on them. The two items can be ordered for $50 and I am sure that you can come up with even more interesting lines if you set your mind to it.

Embroidered Mansoor Cushions

Cushions are some of the most common elements to be used as decorations and accent pieces for the interior. They are usually used as a means to bring color and texture into a décor and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The Mansoor cushions are a type of decoration that adds not only color to a décor but also helps create a cozy and inviting environment.

The Mansoor cushions are hand-crafted and the feature a variety of designs. They can have numerous patterns and they feature a wide variety of colors as well. They are vibrant and chic pieces and they can be used as accent elements for a variety of decors. Because of their design, they are suitable for both modern and traditional interiors. The patterns are a combination of vintage and modern and the colors differ and can be both vibrant and rustic.


Birgit Linje Decorative Cushion

Not long ago people used to make most of the things they needed at home. That included their clothes and bedding, the bed sheets, the curtains and the table cloths. Women were very busy knitting and sewing and also embroidering all these items in order to make them more decorative. Nowadays this habit has died little by little, but there are still some areas where tradition is preserved as a national treasure. I think it is very well to have and keep traditions, but at the same time go on with the discoveries and innovations of the modern times, so in my opinion the best way is to find a balance between the two extremes. This Birgit Linje Decorative Cushion is the beautiful result of such a balance.

This cushion was designed by the Swedish designer Malin Åkerblom. His clear intention was to mix Swedish tradition with modern features and fabric and this cushion is the result. It is square and decorative and has the cutest little tassels. The cushion cover is made of a blend of wool and viscose which gives it a natural sheen. The cover is embroidered with different colour yarn and the model tries to imitate a traditional one. The cushion is covered with cotton and that makes it airy and soft, allowing the polyester filling to spread evenly. The cover has a modern and convenient zipper that allows it to be removes and washed . This item is supposed to be a floor cushion, so you can use it for decorating your floor, the sofa but even your bed. It is now available on IKEA for $17.99.

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