Maya Boucle Throw

Beds are comfortable and we just love sleeping there or being lazy there on a Sunday morning when we can afford staying in bed until late. But we must also make the beds look nice when we do not use them. That means that we must cover them with a blanket or a throw. These items are very different as material and colour and you are free to choose the ones you like best, the ones that are compatible with your tastes and needs. This Maya Boucle Throw is one of my favourites. First of all it is really soft and nice to touch, as it is 90% made of alpaca and just 10% of polyamide. Even the dyes used for adding colour to the throw are Oeko-Tex certified.


Nice Vintage Pillow Collection Featuring Vintage Cameras Painted on Canvasses

I am one of those persons fascinated by taking photos. I love to have a camera and surprise all sorts of things and immortalize them. Thus they become some unforgettable memories that I will always treasure and which will remind me of some special moments of my life.This nice vintage pillow collection that features vintage cameras painted on canvasses reminds of the moment when I bought my first camera which looked like one of these. I remember that I made my own money and my grandmother helped me to complete the exact sum of money that I needed for that camera. I was so happy when I bought it and I took some incredible photos at that time.

They were my first photos that I still keep in my album. Even now I love to take photos although I have a different camera which is better and help me surprise some other important facts of my life. The high quality and the perfection of images I get make me appreciate it more but I can never forget about my first camera.


Plush Fox Pillow in Orange

Kids love animals very much because they are so loving and altruistic. All the animals are given names and hug and cuddled in their arms and you can’t just resist them. That is why kids prefer having all their belongings covered with animal prints or animal drawings. They are not scared by them, but rather attracted and if you give them the opportunity to choose between a simple pillow and one covered with the face of an animal, they will always choose the latter. This Plush Fox Pillow in Orange is the perfect gift for a kid or for the kids room. The pillow has a fox drawing on it and is coloured in orange, the natural colour of the fox fur.

The fox pattern is printed on a soft cotton and is stuffed with a soft filling that allows a very comfortable position of the head during sleep and during the time you relax in bed. The pillow is hand sewn which makes it personalized and very precious, as the people manufacturing each pillow invest personal feelings in it and make each unique. The orange plaid backing makes it perfect for the kids room or maybe for decorating a nursery, as it has the perfect size for it – about 10 inches tall. You can purchase the item for $19 from Etsy.

“It Wasn’t Me” Pillow by Alexandra Ferguson

I have heard that many people use recycled materials for making different stuff, but I would have never guessed that you can actually make this beautiful It Wasn’t Me Pillow by Alexandra Ferguson from used water bottles. Apparently this designer, Alexandra Ferguson, has a brilliant mind and some ecological approach, so she can do this. The soft and nice fill used for  this pillow is entirely made of recycled polyester. Apart from being soft and comfortable, this pillow is so funny because it carries a message. There are many options, of course, but this one’s message is “It wasn’t me”.

The nylon filling is kept inside thanks to a nice nylon zipper closure and somewhere next to it, in the bottom center you will see the designer’ s logo that certifies the item’s authenticity. Any way, the pillow looks pretty funny and you can use it in a pillow fight with your friends or siblings when you throw the pillow a bit harder than you intended to and then the message “It wasn’t me” comes as a natural funny thing. If you like this and want to have the item, all you have to do is order one on the designer’s web site for $99.

The Soft and Cozy Sunset and Vines Marigold Comforter Set

Now that the holidays are over we all start to get back to our routine, we try to get used with the programme again and we find ourselves in the situation where we can’t wait to get off work so we can just jump into our cozy bed and relax. And since it’s a fresh new year, you might want to get some new sheets and pillows as well.

We present to you the Sunset and Vines Marigold comforter set. It’s a lovely set that includes 6 different pieces. It features beautiful pastel colors and it’s very soft and cozy. Even better, it also comes with a special price. You can now purchase this set for $146.99 instead of $209.00. It’s a very beautiful set, with bright but relaxing colors and beautiful patterns.

The set includes an extra-long twin comforter, a bedskirt, a standard sham, an euro sham and some decorative pillows featuring different shapes and dimensions. They are made of cotton/polyester and they features floral or scroll patterns. They can also be reversed, this way revealing a colorful geometrical pattern. The oblong decorative pillows measure 12″ x 18″ and the square pillows measure 18’’ x 18’’. All the pieces are machine washable. Make your bedroom cozy and inviting with this lovely set. It’s chic and fresh, not to mention comfortable.

Brigitte Duvet Cover

I find it rather amusing sometimes to see man advancing in technology and then taking a serious blow and returing to the traditional values he left behind some centuries ago. I am talking about the first colours and dies used by man in time which were entirely made of plants and herbs, obtained from the things people found in nature around them. These dies were abandoned once people found out how to obtain them chemically, in larger quantities and with less effort. However, in time many people developed serious illnesses because of these dies, so now people pay more attention to their health and returned to organic food and natural dies and organic cotton. That is why I recommend this Brigitte Duvet Cover.

It is handmade and the nice design in olive green you can see is totally painted using natural colours. The pattern covering it is very simple, yet beautiful and the entire product is of very good quality. Well, because of the natural colours, there are some downsides to this, meaning that the colours may fade away and will not resist in time for so long. They also prevent you from washing them in the washing machine, so you’d better wash them by hand in warm water and using a mild soap. The price of the duvet may vary between $267.00 – $360.00 , depending on the size you want.

DwellStudio’s Kids Bedding Owls Sky Duvet Set

This is the Own crib bedding set from DwellStudio. It’s a beautiful and colorful set with a modern and bold print. It’s creative and fun and this makes it perfect for the children’s room. It features a playful print with trees, little owls and plants. The prints used by SwellStudio are all low-impact fiber-reactive dyes. They contain no heavy metals or other known toxic substances, they are AZO free and Formaldehyde free, and they meet all the criteria for being eco-friendly pigments.

Kids Bedding Owls Sky Duvet Set

This is a twin bedding set that includes a duvet cover and 1 sham. The full size sets include 2 shams. Moreover, coordinating sheet sets are available and they include 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, 1 pillowcase for twin sized-beds and 2 pillowcases for full size. The pieces are machine washable and you should use cold water when doing that. Avoid using bleach or detergents containing bleach and tumble dry low. Warm iron if necessary.

The twin bedding set includes a duvet cover with flat piped edge that measures 70″x80″ and 1 standard tailored sham with flat piped edge that measures 20″x26″. The optional twin sheet set includes a flat sheet with the dimensions of 40’’ x 77’’ + 14’’ drop as well as a fitted sheet measuring 66’’ x 96’’ and a pillowcase with the dimensions of 20’’ x 26’’.Available for 156$.

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