21 Funny Pillowcase Designs For An Entertaining Bedroom Décor

The pillowcase is the element that can give the bedroom a fun and interesting atmosphere without being purely decorative. Its double function allows you to use it both as an accessory and as an actual pillow on which to sleep. There are lots of fun designs to choose from. They can have funny quotes written on them, funny shapes and all sorts of other details that make them stand out.

Who wouldn’t like to spend a little more time in bed after they wake up? It’s something we all think and now it’s written on the pillow.Available for 35$.


Tips For A Perfectly-Made Bed And A Clean And Neat Bedroom Décor

Nobody likes a messy bed in their home. But nobody really likes making the bed either so we find ourselves in a dilemma. The solution is no to give up making the bed altogether and ignoring the mess but to rather try to make this process as simple and quick as possible. Here a few tips that we find useful and that might make a difference in your case too.

For example, the first thing you should do is gather your bed linens. Of course, it all depends on the type of your bed and of the room but the usual components are a mattress pad, fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillowcases, a blanket, a quilt or duvet, pillow shams, accent pillows and a bed skirt. Some are optional and others depend on the season so the list might change from person to person.


10 Platform Beds – a modern and flexible solution in the bedroom

Platform beds are also known as cabin beds. They are a more modern version of the traditional bed and features several key elements. One of them is the structure of the bed itself. It consists of a solid horizontal frame, usually of a rectangular shape, often with a section that features flexible wooden slats that are designed to support the mattress. This provides a flexible support for the mattress as well as ventilation, eliminating the need of any other supportive structure.

This is a platform bed with a solid, rectangular wooden base featuring a very nice patina

Platform beds can be made from a variety of materials but, most often, they are made of wood or metal, with variations made of bamboo or leather. These beds usually have very simple designs and they don’t always have a headboard or a footboard. The platform on which the mattress sits on can also be larger than it’s necessary, thus allowing built-in features to be included in the design. Some modern or contemporary platform beds can come with built-in nightstands.


The Polaroid OneStep Pillow – the perfect gift for a photography enthusiast

Nowadays we all have cell phones with cameras and digital cameras that we use whenever we want to take a quick picture of something. It’s very convenient since you already carry your phone everywhere with you. So there’s no need for extra baggage when you go in vacation and you never have to miss the opportunity of immortalizing something beautiful because you didn’t have your camera on you. But we shouldn’t forget where it all started from.

Old-fashioned cameras with manual film are still legendary. Most digital cameras can’t even be compared to those ones. Photography enthusiasts know this more than anyone. If you’re one of them then this pillow will represent you perfectly. It’s a Polaroid OneStep pillow and it’s an homage to the art of photography. It’s a retro camera cushion/pillow and it would make a great decoration for your home. It’s very eye-catching and the fact that it’s based on such a restricted theme makes it unique.The pillow would also be a wonderful and thoughtful gift for someone passionate about photography. It might surprise you but almost everyone knows someone who enjoys this art. This would be a gift that will show that person how much you care about his/her passion and it will also be very appreciated. It’s retro and et it’s modern.Available on

Original aeropostale letter pillows

Pillows and cushions are often used as accent pieces and decorative elements in homes. It’s why they come in all shapes and sizes and features lots of intriguing and interesting designs. These pillows, for example, can add a touch of French charm to your home with their original look.This is a set of three mini lavender pillows. They are all handcrafted in cotton fabrics and are professionally decorated with these original prints.

These lovely cotton pillows are special not only because of their unusual print. They also hide a surprise inside them. The mini pillows are filled with real lavender flowers. The flowers are harvested, dries, cleaned and sieved. They come from the highlands of the Drôme Provençale in southern France. As you probably know, the lavender flowers are very fragrant and have a very beautiful scent. They are also known for their purifying properties.


Today is a Good Day:Cheerful cushion cover

Positive and cheerful messages always make our day more beautiful. For example, a welcome mat with a lovely message can put you in a good mood when you enter your home. Also, a cushion with a message such as “Today is a good day” can potentially make your day even better than it already is. And even if you’re not having a good day, this message might change that. If not, it’s always going to be there tomorrow to remind you the same thing.

This lovely cushion cover is something every home should have. It would also make a great gift for someone you are about. It’s one of those things nobody can say anything bad about because it’s just too nice. The cushion cover is made from 100% linen cotton. It has a square shape and measures 50 x 50 cm. The message is screen printed using non-toxic water-based inks. The front of the cushion is white and the message is inside a dark blue square. The back of the cushion is dark blue. There’s also a version with black and white combinations.


The Stylish Twist Duvet Cover Set

Add a contemporary touch to your bedroom with this Twist duvet cover set. It’s a beautiful way of introducing color, texture and style into your bedroom. This duvet set is bold but not in an opulent or violent way. It impresses with its softness and simplicity and with the way the subtle details allow it to stand out with elegance.The Apt. 9® Twist duvet cover set has just the right amount of glamour to be modern and chic.It features a soft and delicate texture and it’s made of cotton which ensures lasting comfort and allows you to enjoy it for a long time.

The duvet is available in three sizes. You can choose from the twin, full/queen and king versions. The set includes a duvet cover and sham. The sham has coordinating dimensions and complements beautifully the duvet, adding an extra touch of style to your bedroom. They are both made of cotton and they are also machine washable.

The set is currently available on sale for priced between 69.99 and $119.99. they come in a deep yet soft tone of purple. If you wish to obtain a uniform look for the room you can also purchase matching cushions. It would also be nice to play with different shades of purple and to also alternate them with white or grey features.

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