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Kasch bathrooms

Bathrooms are the most important part of your house. It is the place where we get the most interesting and the useful thoughts of all. You would love to enjoy a shower or a spa after returning back home from the busy day schedule. The Kasch bathrooms helps you get little more innovative and edgy with your bathrooms so that you can have extreme pleasure and relaxation while having a bath.

The wooden work throughout the bathroom makes its look exquisite and delightful. You will be mesmerized by the unbelievable designs that Kasch bathrooms which is a well know distributor in the US award winning range of bathtubs, whirlpools and showers.The company revealed some incredible ceramic poos which are designed intricately and will certainly impress you with the idea of a spa pool. The transparent cubical bathroom with peeking window walls on all sides is something you will definitely want to invest your money into.


Villeroy and Bosh’s Memento washbasin

It was long back when washbasins were only fitted inside the bathrooms and kitchens. Today they have become an accessory for your room. Today it’s the time when you display your amazing bath accessory to your friends and relatives openly and wish some beautiful comments on it. You will certainly be able to arrest the attention of your friends for the latest Memento washbasin by Villeroy and Bosh. The attractive design and style adopted to create this magical memento washbasin is worth applauding.

Villeroy and Bosh’s Memento washbasin

Villeroy and Bosh’s Memento washbasin

The complexity of design is something that will win your heart. It is a kind of wash basin that you will love to keep all life long. It si beautiful, elegant and evergreen and will never go out of fashion. The flower style pattern at the lower closet of the basin looks amazing and unique. The faucets are distanced enough to allow good space to two partners at the same time. The wash basin is available in two sizes and designs.

Villeroy & Boch’s Loop Washbasin

The exclusive loop washbasin is designed to fulfill the needs of two people at a time. It is a new and innovative concept that is rarely designed or created by any other designer. Its royal and noblistic looks speak so much about your style and exclusiveness. The two faucets are placed at a good distance on either end of the sink so that you are easily able to sue the sink along you’re your partner. The beautiful ceramic basic is amazingly contrasted with the wooden bottom.

The color combination is apt and will go with most of the wall colors. The sink seems to be made of single block. You will love to share it with your partner and enjoy the interesting design of the oval sink. It looks similar concept to the bath tub that we use in the bathrooms to have a relaxing and peaceful bath. It is your complete bathroom with vanity units, mirrors and tall cabinets.The wood furnished washbasins give a warm feel.

Quartz Sinks from Giquadro

The sink from Giquadro is made from a durable and strong material.93% quartz that is specially processed into a composite suitable for the kitchen and bathroom.If you like the Giquadro work you can choose from the Quadro basin series or the Flat line series.Both features a contemporary style with linear lines and minimal design. are linear, minimal designs for the modern home featuring a simple seam in the stone for water to drain down.

My fav series is the Flatline series indeed because is almost flat and the water drains away through the seams of a slightly sunk stone tablet.Indeed a minimalist look that draws many eyes even if only it’s simple sink.Under the sink you can keep the clean towels and other accessories, but only few white towels will be awesome.Giquadro allow you to custom your sink as per needs, in any sizes you should prefer.There are many option available with the Giquadro.

Corner Garden Tub and Whirlpool from Jacuzzi

A few days ago you saw the Corner Whirlpool Bath from Jacuzzi, now here is the new Aquasoul Offset corner Jacuzzi whirlpool bath which is a perfect space savor that still gets that modern, minimalist look. The large 250-liter volume invites you to soak away the cares of the day. The Aquasoul Offset features four jet settings – Silence, Breath, Renew and Dream – with various intensities of hydro massage to wrap your body in a relaxing embrace.

Corner Garden Tub and Whirlpool from Jacuzzi

The guys from Jacuzzi are pretty smart and they thought there would be better to have a wide range of offers for the customers. That is why they have both corner garden tubs and whirlpool that you can use outdoors or indoors, depending on your wish and, of course, space.

Most people prefer having such a Jacuzzi tub indoors, where they can enjoy a hot bubble bath, but why not have your private artificial whirlpool outdoors, in a corner of your garden, especially in summer? So there is a model for everyone and you can choose exactly the one that fits you best. Just follow the link and then place the order online.For more information on this corner Jacuzzi whirlpool visit Jacuzzi Europe.

Axor Urquiola Bathroom from Hansgrohe

Revealed in Barcelona, the latest bathroom suite from Hansgrohe the Axor Urquiola, is a unique design.The brainchild of creative designer Patricia Urquiola, this cool, contemporary collection features more than 80 pieces, each unique yet complementing the others with a shared spirit of nature and a seemingly random sense of eclecticism.The Axor Urquiola bathroom suite will make its first public appearance at ISH in Frankfurt (March 10-14, 2009), and will be available for retail in Italy in April of 2009.

Axor Urquiola Bathroom from Hansgrohe

Axor Urquiola Bathroom from Hansgrohe

Apart from offering just a hygienic and functional place, the Axor Urquiola bathroom offers you a place for relaxing and feeling fine, a home and a good view for the eye. All the objects in this bathroom have a special design, a delicate contour that makes them look crystal like.

Axor Urquiola Bathroom from Hansgrohe

There is nothing ordinary in the shape of the bathtub and the bathroom sink is so white and delicate it almost looks like a water lily. The whole design of the bathroom inspires elegance and style and this should be a model for all of us regarding what a bathroom should  look like.

Limited edition Swarovski-studded X-Sense faucets

In a full bathroom with tub of luxury and expensive tiles, taps can not deface. A very simple, that men of Newform did when they spent on the new X-Sense. The new X-Sense Limited Edition gold faucets from Newform are festooned with embedded Swarovski crystals. The sparkle of the precious stones complements perfectly the gold finish of the taps. The X-Sense Limited Edition faucet is a sensation thing to buy for those who are pretty serious about making an everlasting impression.

Limited edition Swarovski-studded X-Sense faucets

So if you are wealthy enough to afford just about everything and want to have a personalized bathroom, you should try purchasing these X-sense faucets that come encrusted with Swarovski crystals. These crystals make the faucet valuable and turn it into a kid of jewelry rather than a bathroom item. Have the faucets encrusted with your initial on and your bathroom will look amazing. In my opinion this is opulence, but combined in a very successful manner with good taste and elegance.

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