Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own bathroom remodel or simply enjoy seeing different toilet styles, you’ll likely find many ideas that resonate with your aesthetic in this section. From claw foot tubs to glass showers, antique vanities to contemporary fixtures, mosaic tile to gilded mirrors – it’s all here in Homedit’s Bathroom-related articles.

Bathroom Clarity paradise design

Creative and stylish bathrooms are very high into demand nowadays. Choosing the correct design and look for your bathroom is really important. You will be startled to see how beautiful the latest bathroom paradise design had been made. The use of bold colors is completely contrasted with subtle ones. It is amazing and uses various geometrical forms to create a bathroom stool and sink design. You will love to own such exclusive and attractive bathroom in your house.

However, this kind of bathroom (Bathroom Clarity paradise design) is pretty hard to digest, even if you are an open-minded person because it is so unusual. I mean some people would never allow grass to grow inside the bathroom or to walk on real pebbles in there. But that’s exactly what makes this bathroom so special and unique: there’s no other one quite like it.

And all the bathroom furniture is futuristic and unusual, but amazingly nice-looking.For example that inverted C at the back of the photo is the shower. I bet you would have never guessed it. And the little square is the stool you can use to sit on while having a hot shower. And the rest of the furniture is equally fine , yet unusual. I simply love it.

Abisko Super cool Wash Basin

If you’re bored of the regular big sinks in the bathroom and want a change? You will be stunned you see the magical and curvy beauty of the newest Abisko Super cool WashBasin from Eumar. It is created imaginatively like a brook through which the water travels down leisurely from the top of the sink to the sink that is constructed right beneath with it. The sinks are available in variety of shapes and patterns and will definitely make your bathroom look more attractive and appealing.

Every time you have to go to the bathroom you should feel more confident and benefit from as much comfort. This goes not only for older people or those who have a disability, but for everyone.The Abisko Super cool Wash Basin is the innovative nathroom furniture of the 21st century.A WashBasin like this will add style and unicity to your bathroom even this is small.

An entire bathroom hidden in a wall

Some details related to our homes are just basics and nobody thinks of changing that or reinventing them. For example, the bathroom is a very well-defined space. Although some modern and contemporary interior designs have incorporated the bathroom into the master bedroom for example and the two spaces are separated by nothing more than a partial wall, there’s still a clear distinction between them. So seeing the new concept that Modular Bathroom proposes is more than just a little unconventional.

This concept impresses on many levels. The idea is basically that you’d have a bathroom hidden in a modular wall. It will be completely out of sight when not used or needed and this way you can use the space as a living room for example. An entire bathroom hidden inside a wall sounds like a wonderful way of saving space. It would be an exceptional option for small apartments or tiny homes. Of course, in this case it’s about more than just that.


Flower Faucet by Hego WaterDesign

Although you might not be an adventurer, you cannot ignore the beauties of nature which surround us that offer you incredible sights which take your breath away.

Spring is a season which makes you aware of all these beauties. They can inspire your way of living or help you to create beautiful things.

Hego WaterDesign thought of taking these natural beauties inside your house or more precisely in your bathroom. It created a beautiful flower faucet which will make your bathroom interior look more fresh and full of color.

This flower faucet made of glass looks like a real vase where your flowers will be satisfied with this modern décor and the perfect conditions.The transparent glass underlines the idea of fragility and modern design.The fact that it was made in a limited edition, it makes it become more precious and appreciated model.

Kasch bathrooms

Bathrooms are the most important part of your house. It is the place where we get the most interesting and the useful thoughts of all. You would love to enjoy a shower or a spa after returning back home from the busy day schedule. The Kasch bathrooms helps you get little more innovative and edgy with your bathrooms so that you can have extreme pleasure and relaxation while having a bath.

The wooden work throughout the bathroom makes its look exquisite and delightful. You will be mesmerized by the unbelievable designs that Kasch bathrooms which is a well know distributor in the US award winning range of bathtubs, whirlpools and showers.The company revealed some incredible ceramic poos which are designed intricately and will certainly impress you with the idea of a spa pool. The transparent cubical bathroom with peeking window walls on all sides is something you will definitely want to invest your money into.


Villeroy and Bosh’s Memento washbasin

It was long back when washbasins were only fitted inside the bathrooms and kitchens. Today they have become an accessory for your room. Today it’s the time when you display your amazing bath accessory to your friends and relatives openly and wish some beautiful comments on it. You will certainly be able to arrest the attention of your friends for the latest Memento washbasin by Villeroy and Bosh. The attractive design and style adopted to create this magical memento washbasin is worth applauding.

Villeroy and Bosh’s Memento washbasin

Villeroy and Bosh’s Memento washbasin

The complexity of design is something that will win your heart. It is a kind of wash basin that you will love to keep all life long. It si beautiful, elegant and evergreen and will never go out of fashion. The flower style pattern at the lower closet of the basin looks amazing and unique. The faucets are distanced enough to allow good space to two partners at the same time. The wash basin is available in two sizes and designs.

Villeroy & Boch’s Loop Washbasin

The exclusive loop washbasin is designed to fulfill the needs of two people at a time. It is a new and innovative concept that is rarely designed or created by any other designer. Its royal and noblistic looks speak so much about your style and exclusiveness. The two faucets are placed at a good distance on either end of the sink so that you are easily able to sue the sink along you’re your partner. The beautiful ceramic basic is amazingly contrasted with the wooden bottom.

The color combination is apt and will go with most of the wall colors. The sink seems to be made of single block. You will love to share it with your partner and enjoy the interesting design of the oval sink. It looks similar concept to the bath tub that we use in the bathrooms to have a relaxing and peaceful bath. It is your complete bathroom with vanity units, mirrors and tall cabinets.The wood furnished washbasins give a warm feel.

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