Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own bathroom remodel or simply enjoy seeing different toilet styles, you’ll likely find many ideas that resonate with your aesthetic in this section. From claw foot tubs to glass showers, antique vanities to contemporary fixtures, mosaic tile to gilded mirrors – it’s all here in Homedit’s Bathroom-related articles.

Lilac Bathroom Sets by Aquaplus

The new Lilac Bathroom Sets by Aquaplus are romantic and luxurious. These feminine suites include a pink collection of “girly” bathroom fixtures. Clean, contemporary lines complement any modern bathroom, as a set or on their own. This pink collection includes a freestanding bathtub, and also pictures a ceramic Fly washbasin (from £397), the Lilac toilet and bidet (from £305), and the Ecoscape shower tray (available in 1200mm-by-80mm and 1400-by-80mm for £585).

The delicate colour of all the items in this set make you think it is perfect for a woman’s bathroom only. These sets , if placed and used in a totally white bathroom can make quite a visual impression on whoever watches them and I must confess I like them, too.

Every item is bringing some new features to the whole and make the bathroom a nice place to go to and even a beautiful one. So why don’t you make your bathroom a comfy and pleasant room since you already use it?

Vitra Noa Bathtub

Check out the wooden-layered bathtub that comes with a wooden roll-matt which uncovers/covers the bathtub to serve as a massage seat. The bathroom fixtures are designed to realize the new bathroom architectural lines, like, for example, the new series of Vitra4Life offers four different individual bathtubs from Vitra in collaboration with the German design buro, Noa. The design of this bathtub is very simple, yet very nice looking because the combination of white from the bathtub and he brownish wood from the bathtub support and covering mat is really eye-catchy.

The wooden stand for the bathtub is all natural and beautifully designed and it matches any kind of bathroom – either modern or classic. The really interesting feature of this bathtub is the wooden mat that covers the bathtub when it is not used. This way you can place some other items on this cover and also make the bathroom look better.

Modern bathroom sinks by Philip Watts Design

The bathroom is a space that must be, first of all, functional. However, this doesn’t mean that style must be neglected. Modern and contemporary bathrooms manage to combine the two concepts and to offer us decors that excel in efficiency but that also please the eye with their aesthetics. For example, this modern bathroom sink is a piece that would beautifully complement any such space.

The key to modern design is simplicity. The lack of ornaments and the clean and simple lines of this sink as well as those of all modern creations capture beauty in a minimalist way and in its purest form. The sink impresses with its subtle lines, delicate curves and unusual shape. This way, rather than having numerous little details and ornaments, the sink catches the eye and strikes you on a more basic level, with its form. The sink is a creation of Philip Watts Design.

Made of solid cast resin, the sink is strong and durable and yet it has a very delicate and elegant design. It’s available in two versions, either with a wall-mounted tap or with a mixed tap. Called the Spoon, this particular design is only one of the many beautiful creations the designer offers us. Shaped like a tear drop, the sink stands out. It ignores the ordinary type of design and the straight angles and instead it offers us delicacy and beauty on a simple but splendid level. It’s definitely not an ordinary sink.

Cast Bronze Sink

Something like this you do not see everywere.Kohler is a well know company specialize in bathroom and kitchen accessories.A few days ago revealed the Cast Bronze Sink.This collection reminds us of an old centuries castle.A bronze faucet and snink in the bathroom can be pretty and they cane add beauty.Inspired by stylized motifs of Kohler’s Art Nouveau collection, the Lilies Lore sink design combines feminine flower pattern with muscular bronze finish.

The overall design is a piece of art.The entire design is closer to nature and if comes with built in soap dispensers will be grate.Sink designs cand give power to the bathroom and compliment with the addition of bronze faucets and other bronze accessories that are in the bathroom.Im sure that you will find other bronze faucets that can add elegance in many different shades and designs.


Time to give your bathroom wall a modern update with the York tile collection

The bathroom is one of those spaces where, if you want to add a modern touch or some style you can’t rely on decorative elements but you have to be more practical. For example, you could change the tiles on the walls and floor. Replace your old ones with your favorite ones from the York collection by NovaBell.


Bring the beauty of the desert into your bathroom with the Dune Basin

Nature is an infinite source of inspiration for all sorts of things, in numerous domains and cases. You can often see this in interior design. Many fixtures and furniture pieces have shapes and designs inspired by nature. For example, just look how gorgeous this washbasin is.


Bathroom Aromatherapy Faucets

Everyone likes to take a break from their monotonous work life and relax for a while to revitalize and re-energize them. The amazing aroma therapy bathroom faucets will help you relax and soothe your body in your own house. Now, you do not have to pay thousands of bucks at expensive spas but can enjoy a scintillating and refreshing bath anytime. You can choose between the variety of faucets shapes and styles for your bathroom.

Well, how about that? I bet it has never crossed your mind that your bathroom faucet can be a multi-purpose device. Yes, you can use it wit its usual function, as a faucet that provides the water in the bathroom, but also as aroma-therapy support. Place your incentives there and all the nice cents and turn on the hot water. This will only enhance the aroma. SO next time you go to the bathroom you will be able to relax and smell good scents and clear your mind. I say it’s pretty clever.

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