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Five Quirky Bathroom Accessories

Thanks to the rubber duck the bathroom has always been a place whereby it is acceptable to add quirky and fun additions. Of course the rubber duck was primarily introduced as a toy for children whilst in the bath. Nevertheless, it has taken on a symbolic nature and many bathrooms around the world use the amusing toy as a decoration. There have since been adaptions of the toy in forms of ornaments and bathroom furniture designs.

As time has moved on, we have been embracing other unusual concepts into our bathroom as well. For instance, there is the trend for using public restroom signs in our private bathroom.The possibilities are vast and if you want to add some fun and quirkiness into your bathroom, then take a look at the following five accessories…


Elegant, chic, unconventional wooden bathtubs

Wood is not a common material when it comes to bathtubs. In fact, until quite recently, even the thought of having a bathtub made of wood was not something people were familiar with. However, designers often think out of the box and this has led to numerous wonderful creations, wooden tubs being just one of them.

Match the wooden tub to the rest of your bathroom furniture for a cohesive décor

In order to protect the wood from water damage, a highly resistant varnish is used. This way the wood remains undamaged by the water and it also preserves its natural beauty, texture and color. Usually, each wooden bathtub is crafted individually and sometimes they are custom designed for each client. They are a very elegant option for those that want to have a more sophisticated-looking bathroom. Also, a wooden tub gives the room a more cozy and inviting feel.


5 Fresh, Clean and Spring-Worthy Bathroom Colors!

Every bathroom in your house should feel fresh and clean. Light colors, little contrasts and simple designs are usually the best ways to keep things tidy and smooth. And with spring in full bloom, it’s the best time of year for a bit of a bathroom facelift. With the season as our inspiration, we’ve compiled a quick list of fresh, clean and spring-worthy bathroom colors that will spruce your powder rooms right up. Take a peek!

1. Aqua.

Just the water, this color is cool and refreshing. It looks calm, relaxing and clean paired with crisp whites and even a few pops of sunshiney yellow. This would be perfect for a half bath but your guests would love this bit of serenity when they stay over too. You may just want to accent a white bathroom with some aqua towels and shower curtain for an even cleaner appeal.


Creating A Natural Feel With Wood In Contemporary Bathrooms

Some materials are simply warmer than others and natural wood is a good example. Nonetheless, most bathrooms tend to have an absence of wood in either its natural state or processed. On show in the majority of washrooms will be ceramic tiling, marble and, from time to time, vinyl. The reason for these conventional design choices is obvious – bathrooms need to be resistant to steam and splashing.

However, bathrooms that are only equipped with shiny and reflective surfaces can feel a little cold, even austere. The addition of a little wood in your bathroom will really transform the space into something altogether warmer. And the great thing about wood is that it can be incorporated into bathrooms in a myriad of ways. From a simple mirror frame to wooden tiles that provide more extensive wall covering, wood can find a home. And you don’t need to go the expense of specialist wooden bathroom flooring to feel the warmth it has to offer.


15 Bathtub Tray Design Ideas For The Bath Enthusiasts Among Us

There’s that say that people seem to think is true and that says you shouldn’t eat 30 minutes before you get into the water. Of course, that’s just to keep kids on the shore a little longer. There is no actual reason why you couldn’t have a snack while taking a relaxing bath. In fact, most people don’t do that because it’s not practical. What they seem to forget is that there’s a specially-designed tray that can be very useful in such cases.

When you’re not using the tray for its intended purpose it can be a support for decorations

A bathtub tray is also very useful in case you like reading while taking a bath. It’s supposed to be a very soothing and relaxing activity so why not combine it with something just as relaxing and pleasant? The tray allows you to lay back and sit comfortable without worrying that the book will get wet and without your hand getting tired.


10 Contemporary Bathroom Sinks That Will Make Your Day

A home or a space in general is considered to be contemporary when it has an overall interior design that follows certain lines. These main details are applied to all the rooms. Today we’re going to focus on the bathroom. This room has to be simple, clean and relaxing and this is something to take into consideration for any style and type of décor. For contemporary bathrooms in particular, the décor is especially simple.

Glass sinks are appreciated for their transparency and minimalism

Minimalism in the case of the bathroom is best reflected in features such as the sink and the bathtub. Contemporary bathroom sinks are usually extremely simple. They have clean and clear lines and they tend to be as transparent and straightforward as possible while also maintaining a chic and stylish look. It’s easy to notice that opulent patterns and textures are avoided.


10 Round Bathtub Design Ideas And Decors That Go With Them

In any bathroom, provided that there’s enough space, the bathtub is the most important décor element. Usually the whole design of the room revolves around the tub. According to its size, design and shape, everything else differs from case to case as well. Round bathtubs are not as popular as rectangular-shaped ones yet they are very charming.

This bathtub was chosen to complement an Asian-inspired bathroom interior. The soaking tub is a wonderful accent piece and it goes well with the wall treatments, the colors, materials, textures and the décor in general. The plants were also beautifully chosen to match the theme.


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