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10 Must-Have Bathroom Accessories

Maybe you haven’t realized this, but the bathroom usually has lots of accessories. We’re talking about anything from soap jars to towel racks and furniture. Given the nature of this particular room and its function, these accessories must be, first of all, functional as there’s usually not much room for purely decorative objects.

Silver trays.

A stylish silver tray can be used as both a decorative and practical accessory

The most common accessory is the mirror. It’s a must have for any bathroom, regardless of its size and design. Mirrors come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.They vary from small models to large ones, from round to square and hexagonal and they can sometimes also feature more unusual designs, meant to impress and to stand out.


7 Unique Bath Tubs

The plain white bath tub seems to have become a staple for many homes. However, let’s be truthful; it’s boring! It’s about time bath tubs were given the TLC they deserve. After all, they give us plenty of relaxing evenings! We have taken a look at seven of the most unique bath tub ideas in order to give you some inspiration. These can make the plainest of bathrooms magazine worthy.

1) Pastels for a princess.

If you think about it; it’s not often you see a girly bathroom.  But, why not? If you live in an all female household (or have a very lenient partner) then why not give your bathroom a feminine touch? This pink pastel bath tub is ultra girly. It has a great vintage quality to it too.


How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa Experience

We shouldn’t have to take a trip to the spa every time we want to feel pampered. There is no reason why our own bathroom can’t have that luxurious and lavish feel to it. Of course you can’t have a beauty therapist waiting by the door every time you want an aromatic facial or a hot stone massage. But you can transform your bathroom so that it boasts a relaxing and soothing feel, coupled with the glamorous and VIP edge of a spa. Read on to discover some top tips for turning your bathroom into a spa experience…

Sunken bathtub.

A sunken tub will instantly give your bathroom that five star treatment it deserves. You cannot deny how glamorous and luxurious this type of bath looks. And nothing emulates the spa feeling better than slowly stepping down the steps into warm and soothing water. Sheer bliss!


5 Colourful Shower Enclosure Ideas

If you are like most people then your bathroom will be the room in your home which receives the least amount of attention. Very rarely do we decide to spruce up our bathroom as we would say our living room or bedroom. However, it’s time to give your bathroom the TLC it deserves. And what better way to do so than with a colourful shower enclosure? Nothing sparks inspiration and ignites energy more than a vibrant colour or pattern does. Thus, read on to discover our top five colourful shower enclosure ideas…

Herringbone Tile Pattern.

If you are loud and proud, let your shower do the talking by emulating this funky and fresh multi-coloured herringbone tile pattern in your bathroom. Nonetheless, if this enclosure is a little bit too wacky for your liking, then don’t worry. The design is one whereby you can incorporate as many or as little colours as you want to. A herringbone tile pattern in a mere colour, such as an apricot or sea green, can look as equally fantastic.


Get a Blissed-out Bathroom

The bathroom of a house should be a rejuvenating one: it’s usually the first room one enters upon waking in the morning and it should set the scene for a great day. It can also provide luxury and comfort with the correct use of accessories. Here are some tips on how to design a beautiful bathroom on a budget.

Feel Luxurious.

Dark always is a luxury touch

Luxury in a bathroom is more than just a room that looks straight out of a spa. It’s really about the feeling that translates when you’re in the bathroom.Luxury is about feeling pampered and spoilt, and it can be achieved with rich, deep color infusions.


10 Modern Washbasin Designs To Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Modern and contemporary bathrooms are all about smart and clever designs. The key is a neat look and well-chosen fixtures. Most often, it’s the washbasin that stands out in this room. There are numerous unique and very interesting modern washbasins out there and they can become wonderful focal points for the bathroom. Here are just a few examples.

Sink Strappo.

Designed by Antonio Lupi, this washbasin is called Strappo. It has a very simple and very interesting design. When you mount it on the wall, it looks like a portion of the wall peels off to reveal the washbasin. It’s a very interesting approach with a very nice visual effect. Moreover, the LED lighting adds a dramatic touch to the design.


Five Quirky Bathroom Accessories

Thanks to the rubber duck the bathroom has always been a place whereby it is acceptable to add quirky and fun additions. Of course the rubber duck was primarily introduced as a toy for children whilst in the bath. Nevertheless, it has taken on a symbolic nature and many bathrooms around the world use the amusing toy as a decoration. There have since been adaptions of the toy in forms of ornaments and bathroom furniture designs.

As time has moved on, we have been embracing other unusual concepts into our bathroom as well. For instance, there is the trend for using public restroom signs in our private bathroom.The possibilities are vast and if you want to add some fun and quirkiness into your bathroom, then take a look at the following five accessories…


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